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1 Sarasota candidate touting MAGA views once called Trump wretched and his supporters bigots
2 Millennial MAGA Moderate Replaces Liz Cheney
3 MAGAworld pans Stefanik
4 Kate McKinnon's Anthony Fauci Unmasks Mask Rules With A MAGA Dig On 'SNL'
5 Buckingham Palace Wants Picture Of 'MAGA' Queen Elizabeth Removed From 'Trump Train'
6 This is why MAGA nativists are in a panic
7 Trump expected at $250K per person MAGA fundraiser at his N.J. golf club, report says
8 MAGA fan accused of murdering his wife and using her ballot to vote for Trump
9 Owner of Trump supporter bus asked to remove image of Queen Elizabeth II wearing a fake MAGA hat
10 DEP: 'MAGA' tag can't be safely removed from Wildcat Ridge's infamous Graffiti Cliffs
11 Delegation for 5.14.21: MAGA lives — masks — border crisis — Pulse memorial
12 Former US President Donald Trump to reportedly restart 'MAGA' rallies in June
13 Ally of MAGA Rep. Gaetz to cooperate and plead guilty to sex crimes
14 Liz Cheney vs. MAGA
15 “This Is the Center of the MAGA Universe”
16 Don Lemon Tears Up After Watching Brutal New Footage From MAGA Riot (Video)
17 MAGA Moron Mo Brooks Proves Alabama Isn't Sending Its Best
18 Trump discussing resumption of MAGA rallies: report | TheHill
19 Josh Hawley Is Basically Making Meth for MAGA Nation
20 Brace yourselves, folks: Trump's MAGA rallies are coming back
21 Cheney: Trump Must Be 'Investigated Criminally' Over MAGA Capitol Riot
22 McCarthy responds to MAGA caucus: GOP isn't party of 'nativist dog whistles'
23 MAGA + Money Wins Virginia’s GOP Gubernatorial Race
24 MAGA Attorneys General Are Winning a GOP Civil War
25 Trump’s GOP Enemies Try 3 Strategies for Survival
26 Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene Hit Road to Needlessly Rally MAGA Base
27 Gaetz and Greene Rile Up the MAGA Faithful With Talk of Guns and Election Lies at Florida Rally
28 Josh Hawley has no regrets about his MAGA fist pump ahead of the Capitol riot
29 MAGA Lawsuit: SCGOP Wins
30 The stampede away from the GOP begins
31 Greitens Tries the Maximum MAGA Strategy in Comeback Bid for Senate Seat
32 MAGA-hat wearing Brooklyn man busted for storming Capitol
33 Letter: The MAGA crowd could never appreciate a decent, competent, honest president like Biden
34 Truth-telling Republicans will have a lot of hard questions to answer
35 Jordan Klepper Tackled the MAGA Mindset in Comedy Central Special
36 In Case You Wanted To Listen In On South Carolina's 'MAGA Lawsuit' Hearing ...
37 Comedian Jordan Klepper talks ‘Into the MAGA-verse’ special
38 Pete Hegseth: Meet Bishop Garrison, the Pentagon's 'newly minted MAGA purge man'
39 Trump to attend MAGA super PAC event at Bedminster golf club, with tickets starting at $250,000
40 Why MAGA-World's Election Reversal Hopes For A NH Audit Are Not Rooted In Reality
41 Red MAGA hats and a ticked off Trump will be making its way back to center stage in a city near you
42 Nigerian hip hop songs glamorize cybercrime
43 'You left us bloody and alone!' Feds reveal MAGA rioter's anguished message to Trump after realizing he wasn't getting pardoned
44 ‘MAGA Moron No. 1’: This Trump-loving lawmaker may be the ‘stupidest, nastiest Republican’
45 Active-duty Marine Corps officer arrested for assaulting multiple police officers during Jan. 6 riot
46 Trump fans are coming for Starbucks with conservative coffee companies
47 The Right Is Very Excited an Unelected Monarch Announced a New Voter Suppression Policy – Mother Jones
48 Distinguished pol of the week: Another strong Republican woman
49 Trump-loving congressman Paul Gosar rants about MAGA rioter Ashli Babbitt being 'executed' by Capitol cops
50 Liz Cheney: Trump 'has got to be investigated criminally' for inciting MAGA mob
51 With Cheney out, the GOP’s cowardice is on display
52 MAGA lawyer Lin Wood claims Trump is still in the Oval Office in bizarre series of Telegram messages
53 MAGA congressman claims cops ‘EXECUTED’ Capitol riot victim Ashli Babbitt as she stormed Congress wrapped i...
54 How Trump Cronies Turned New Hampshire Into a Big Lie Battleground – Mother Jones
55 New Hampshire is the next ground zero for MAGA world's conspiracy theories of mass voter fraud: report
56 Buckingham Palace Demands 'Trump Train' Remove Image of Queen Wearing a MAGA Hat From Campaign Bus
57 Jordan Poyer's MAGA Wife Rachel Bush Tells Bills Fans To Shut Up And Just Support The Players After Cole Beasley Says He's Anti-Mask
58 MAGA Pastor: Facebook Banning Trump Is Exactly Like Satan Killing Jesus
59 Christian Ministry Fires MAGA-Loving “Prophet” for “Unbiblical Behavior”
60 'You were AWOL!' Dem lawmaker hammers former Trump defense chief during tense MAGA riot hearing
61 MAGA rioters' 'Foxitis' defense mocked by CNN legal analyst: 'Not going to be persuasive'
62 ‘Great day for America’: Vaccinated can largely ditch masks
63 New nationwide survey shows MAGA supporters' beliefs about the pandemic, the election and the insurrection
64 What Does the MAGA Hat Mean After Trump's Defeat?
65 Million MAGA March Draws Trump Loyalists And Far-Right Extremists
66 MAGA Isn’t a Typical Protest Movement
67 MAGA voters discovered a new home online. But it isn't what it seems.
68 'Coward': MAGA internet turns on Trump
69 'The MAGA Movement': Expert on white nationalism weighs in on D.C. protest crowd
70 Oklahoma schools punish elementary students for wearing Black Lives Matter shirts.
71 Fat White Woman Resist Arrest, But Black Female Cop Doesn't Shoot Her
72 MAGA marchers plot final D.C. stand on Jan. 6
73 Million Maga March: Trump fans rage against dying of the light
74 Trump Says MAGA Movement Has ‘Only Just Begun’ In Celebratory Post-Acquittal Statement
75 What’s next for the MAGA merchants of Etsy? More Trump.
76 TikTok Played a Key Role in MAGA Radicalization
77 Third MAGA Rally Planned In DC On January 6
78 MAGA activists plot revenge on Republican ‘traitors’
79 ‘Trump’ and ‘MAGA’ spray-painted on gravestones in Michigan Jewish cemetery
80 Trump leaves QAnon and the online MAGA world crushed and confused
81 Why tearing down Fauci is essential to the MAGA myth
82 After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls
83 The 'MAGA' ETF is trailing the market for one major reason
84 Pennsylvania GOP launches ‘super MAGA Trump’ primary
85 New UW study examines Trump followers' MAGA beliefs
86 Fact check: Official MAGA hats are made in America; unofficial vendors may make them elsewhere
87 Port Charlotte veteran forms the MAGA Patriot Party
88 Will New York’s Legislature Cancel a MAGA Park?
89 Several Biden supporters show up to MAGA rally
90 Here's What We Know About The MAGA Rallies Planned In DC This Weekend
91 Opinion | The MAGA Revolution Devours Its Own
92 Trump asks nation to 'pray' for Biden administration, says MAGA movement 'only just beginning'
93 Was the Capitol Attack a Last Gasp of MAGA Violence or the Beginning?
94 What the MAGA Mob at the Capitol Had to Say for Itself
95 The MAGA movement behind Trump's presidency | Pictures
96 MAGA nation tries to rally around Trump with MAGApalooza
97 Biden isn't waiting for Trump's help to persuade MAGA supporters to get vaccinated
98 The Trump brand is bigger than its social media presence
99 Trump Supporters Begin To Gather For 'Million MAGA March' In DC
100 MAGA Caravans Are Making Their Way To Protest in DC