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1 MAXI J1820+070: Black Hole Outburst Caught on Video
2 AstroSat observations unveil properties of black hole binary MAXI J1820+070
3 Chandra Catches Relativistic Jets from Stellar-Mass Black Hole | Astronomy
4 New telescope observations shed new light on black hole ejections
5 Shedding new light on black hole behavior
6 Watch This Black Hole Blow Bubbles
7 Astronomers captured black hole emitting hot material into space
8 Caught in the act, a stellar mass black hole hurls jets into space at nearly light speed
9 Astronomers Have Filmed a Black Hole Blasting Out Jets Close to The Speed of Light
10 NICER Observes 'X-Ray Echoes' of Nearby Stellar-Mass Black Hole | Astronomy
11 A black hole spewed out material equivalent to 500 Empire State Buildings at nearly the speed of light — and N
12 Black-Hole Premiere –“Escaping the Event Horizon” (Chandra X-ray Observatory Movie)
13 State-of-the-Art Cameras Reveal Violent Flaring at the Heart of a Black Hole System [Video]
14 Black hole caught spewing jets into space at nearly the speed of light (video)
15 Iowa astrophysicist observes black hole's outburst
16 NASA observatory tracks matter at speed of light
17 Chandra Saw Two Black Hole Jets Gushing at 80% Light Speed
18 Astronomers Observe in Incredible Detail a Black Hole Flickering in Our Own Galaxy
19 Scientists created a high frame-rate movie of a growing black hole
20 Violent flaring revealed at the heart of a black hole system
21 Watch This Black Hole Spew Gas and Energy Into Space
22 Astronomers observe evolution of a black hole as it wolfs down stellar material
23 Student from Pune-based Astronomy Institution Captures Unprecedented Details of Black Hole in a Movie
24 Astronomers Map a Black Hole Using 'Echoes' of Light
25 Erupting Black Hole Shows Intriguing "Light Echoes"
26 NASA's NICER mission maps 'light echoes' of new black hole
27 Pune Student Discovers Violent Flaring at the Centre of Black Hole
28 Footage shows radiation blazing out of a black hole
29 NASA’s NICER mission maps light echoes of new black hole
30 Thermonuclear X-ray bursts and dips detected from the X-ray binary 4U 1323-62
31 Black holes devour nearby stars and spew brilliant X-rays during outburst phase
32 Researchers Animate Violent Flaring In A Black Hole 10,000 Light Years Away
33 Black holes are zooming around the universe at terrifying speed, scientists warn
34 If you attend the meal of a black hole, here is what you could see
35 Aliens Could Use Black Holes to Generate Energy
36 NICER Image of the Night Sky Than Ever Seen Before
37 Scientists are on the verge of imaging a black hole's shadow for the first time
38 Watch two jets burst from a black hole at 80% the speed of light
39 New Research Sheds Light On Black Holes
40 Chandra :: Photo Album :: CID-42 :: June 4, 2012
41 Emirati astronomer collaborates with NYUAD on black holes research
42 Murderous black hole seen viciously 'killing' pretty 'jellyfish galaxy'
43 NASA Captures Stunning Photo Of Entire Night Sky In X-Ray
44 The UAE is leading the Arab renaissance in space exploration
45 BSNIP project releases spectra of more than 200 Type Ia supernovae