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Result Content Idea Research
1 An artistic approach to designing medical devices
2 A method to assess Covid-19 transmission risks in indoor settings
3 Counting pedestrians to make pedestrians count
4 Fast-spinning black holes narrow the search for dark matter particles
5 An on-off switch for gene editing
6 Nine MIT students awarded 2021 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
7 MIT graduate engineering, business, economics programs ranked highly by U.S. News for 2022
8 Job connectivity improves resiliency in US cities, study finds
9 MIT Press launches open access collection of 34 classic architecture and urban studies titles
10 A robot that senses hidden objects
11 The MIT Press launches MIT Open Publishing Services
12 A better nasal swab for Covid-19 testing
13 How MIT OpenCourseWare became an educational resource to millions around the world
14 One-stop machine learning platform turns health care data into insights
15 MIT keeps a firm commitment to undergraduate student support for 2021-2022
16 Controlling bubble formation on electrodes
17 Synthetic mucus can mimic the real thing
18 ‘We will never stop exploring,’ MIT astrophysicist says after some ultralight bosons shown not to impact two black holes
19 MIT scientists study spider web structure by translating it into music
20 Vaccination by inhalation
21 A safer way to deploy bacteria as environmental sensors
22 MIT engineers make filters from tree branches to purify drinking water
23 Toward deep-learning models that can reason about code more like humans
24 NYC Breaststroker Kimberly Dutta Commits to MIT for Fall 2021
25 MIT Develops a Method to Assess COVID-19 Transmission Risks Indoors
26 Tactile textiles sense movement via touch
27 An artificial intelligence tool that can help detect melanoma
28 Design could enable longer lasting, more powerful lithium batteries
29 Cooling homes without warming the planet
30 Senior Nina Levine: Working toward a more secure world
31 Big data dreams for tiny technologies
32 How industrialized life remodels the microbiome
33 Matthew Vander Heiden named director of the Koch Institute
34 MIT scientists translated spider webs into music. It could help us talk to them
35 Powering the energy transition with better storage
36 MIT astronomers discover new galaxy clusters hiding in plain sight
37 Navigating uncertainty through song
38 Researchers' algorithm designs soft robots that sense
39 More transparency and understanding into machine behaviors
40 MIT Sloan MBAs Hit Breaking Point With Administration
41 3 Questions: Artificial intelligence for health care equity
42 Method offers inexpensive imaging at the scale of virus particles
43 Study reveals plunge in lithium-ion battery costs
44 MIT scientists launch Future Founders Initiative to help solve biotech's 'missing women' problem
45 MIT startup Pickle raises $5.75M for its package-picking robot
46 Homing in on longer-lasting perovskite solar cells
47 MIT juniors Yu Jing Chen and Max Williamson named 2021 Truman Scholars
48 The $1 billion Russian cyber company that the US says hacks for Moscow
49 Geoffrey Hinton has a hunch about what’s next for AI
50 Big Tech’s guide to talking about AI ethics
51 Facebook’s ad algorithms are still excluding women from seeing jobs
52 Forget Boston Dynamics. This robot taught itself to walk
53 MIT Crypto Professor Gary Gensler Confirmed as New SEC Chairman – Regulation Bitcoin News
54 MIT Technology Review's annual AI-focused event EmTech Digital begins March 23, 2021
55 Building a high-performance data and AI organization
56 MIT Engineers Make Low-Cost Filters From Tree Branches to Purify Drinking Water
57 MIT study finds labelling errors in datasets used to test AI
58 Google’s top security teams unilaterally shut down a counterterrorism operation
59 Physicists create tunable superconductivity in twisted graphene “nanosandwich”
60 No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19
61 Boosting the efficiency of carbon capture and conversion systems
62 Planning for summer and fall at MIT
63 Power-free system harnesses evaporation to keep items cool
64 Top MIT research stories of 2020
65 Fabricating fully functional drones
66 New “metalens” shifts focus without tilting or moving
67 Ultrasound has potential to damage coronaviruses, study finds
68 Researchers virtually open and read sealed historic letters
69 The MIT Press launches Direct to Open
70 MIT Solve announces 2021 global challenges
71 Researchers introduce a new generation of tiny, agile drones
72 Task Force 2021 and Beyond shares its initial compilation of ideas
73 3 Questions: Task Force 2021 and the future of MIT's finances
74 Could we recycle plastic bags into fabrics of the future?
75 A fall semester welcome to undergraduates
76 The (robotic) doctor will see you now
77 Eight from MIT named 2021 Sloan Research Fellows
78 Featured video: Covid-19 vaccines arrive at MIT
79 MIT convenes influential industry leaders in the fight against climate change
80 MIT announces plans for fall 2020 semester
81 Membrane around tumors may be key to preventing metastasis
82 3 Questions: Task Force 2021 and the future of working at MIT
83 System can sterilize medical tools using solar heat
84 How to prevent short-circuiting in next-gen lithium batteries
85 3 Questions: Task Force 2021 and the future of MIT education
86 Featured video: Lifeblood of the MIT community
87 Could lab-grown plant tissue ease the environmental toll of logging and agriculture?
88 Microsystems Annual Research Conference goes virtual, preserves human touch
89 Less-wasteful laser-cutting
90 MIT launches Center for Constructive Communication
91 MIT to share in $3.2 million grant to create a statewide technician-training program in advanced manufacturing
92 An origami-inspired medical patch for sealing internal injuries
93 Improving MIT life and learning during a pandemic
94 Designing customized “brains” for robots
95 Four MIT researchers elected to the National Academy of Engineering for 2021
96 An underwater navigation system powered by sound
97 “Liquid” machine-learning system adapts to changing conditions
98 Indigenous knowledge and technology at MIT: “Is it wise?”
99 MIT Staff Emergency Hardship Fund provides financial assistance to staff and postdocs
100 Learning with — and about — AI technology