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Result Content Idea Research
1 DR Congo: Dozens detained in Beni during anti-UN protests
2 Briefing Security Council, Special Representative Reports Challenges, Opportunities in Lead-up to Democratic Republic of Congo Elections
3 UN peacekeeping is hamstrung by national rules for its troops
4 ‘Stray bullet’ kills DRC protester in anti-UN rally, police say
5 UN chief appoints Marcos De Sa Affonso Da Costa as force commander of MONUSCO
6 Anti-MONUSCO Protests Flare Up In North Kivu
7 United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
8 Prioritization and Sequencing of Security Council Mandates: The Case of MONUSCO
9 DR Congo still gripped with violence despite new government
10 Bishops warn of threat of Islamism in East Congo
11 AfricaAt least one killed in anti-UN protest in eastern Congo
12 Social Media Monitoring: Democratic Republic of the Congo
13 One death in DR Congo UN protests
14 Yes, MONUSCO Needs To Stay in the DRC
15 Congo-Kinshasa: DR Congo Still Gripped With Violence Despite New Government
16 Democratic Republic of Congo: MONUSCO, February 2021
17 Wounded from anti-UN protests flood DR Congo hospitals
18 DR Congo's fragile detente 'could yet unravel', Security Council warned
19 The US has placed sanctions on ISIS-DRC, but does the group even exist?
20 Implementing UN Strategy for Peace Consolidation, Conflict Prevention and Conflict Resolution in Great Lakes Region
21 Democratic Republic of Congo: MONUSCO, September 2020
22 Security Council Grants One-Year Mandate Extension for United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo
23 UN: Burundi refugees in Tanzania living in fear
24 UN condemns killing of Indonesian peacekeeper in DR Congo
25 Bintou Keita Announces Deployment of 4 UN units in Beni
26 After Strategic Review, What Should Be Done With MONUSCO?
27 Protecting civilians in DRC and ensuring an effective exit strategy for MONUSCO
28 MONUSCO drawdown plans on track
29 Democratic Republic of Congo: MONUSCO, June 2020
30 DR Congo: COVID-19 slows pace of reform, exacerbates fragile security situation
31 The UN's peacekeepers are under pressure to quit Congo
32 Transitioning from stabilization to peace: An independent strategic review of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2019/842)
33 DRC/UNITED STATES/UNITED NATIONS : MONUSCO number two David Gressly heads to Yemen
34 Senegalese heads up MONUSCO protection and operations
35 Focus
36 New MONUSCO Boss Bintou Keita Starts Work
37 Beni: MONUSCO supports local masks-production initiatives against Coronavirus
38 MONUSCO at a Glance (September 2018)
39 DRC : Guinea's Bintou Keita favourite to take over MONUSCO
40 Official position of the Congolese Government on the situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the mandate of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2020/226)
41 MONUSCO: Repatriation of 60 Moroccan Peacekeepers from DRC
42 MONUSCO to “demilitarise and close offices”
43 Three killed in attack on UN World Food Programme convoy in DR Congo
44 COVID-19 exacerbating tensions in Democratic Republic of Congo's coalition government, compounding humanitarian woes, Stabilization Mission Head warns Security Council
45 Special Representative Calls for Continued International Support to Tackle Armed Groups, Political tensions in Democratic Republic of Congo
46 The Effectiveness of the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
47 Prioritizing and Sequencing Peacekeeping Mandates in 2019: The Case of MONUSCO
48 DR Congo: Bishops warn of new Islamisation threat | ICN
49 UN working to prevent attacks on civilians in eastern DR Congo
50 Tanzania's Ruling CCM Party General Congress Set For April 30
51 Assessing the effectiveness of the United Nations Mission in the DRC / MONUC – MONUSCO
52 MONUSCO Deployment Map, June 2019
53 Joint UN-Congolese strategy needed to address insecurity following deadly attacks
54 After Resisting, the UN Redeploys Peacekeepers to Protect Dr. Mukwege, Amid Death Threats
55 Escaping “Perpetual Beginnings”: Challenges and opportunities for local atrocity prevention in the Democratic Republic of Congo
56 Human rights: Widespread attacks in DR Congo may amount to crimes against humanity
57 Children and Armed Conflict Monthly Update – December 2020
58 Mass-graves found of at least 535 killed during 'organized and planned' inter-communal attacks in western DR Congo
59 Democratic Republic of Congo: MONUSCO, February 2020
60 13 Dead, Over 21,000 Congolese Displaced in Kasaï Region
61 MONUSCO deploys troops to protect civilians in Uvira
62 UN peace mission to gradually exit Congo – Guterres
63 UN extends peacekeeping mission in DRC, while initiating drawdown
64 DR Congo protesters storm MONUSCO camp, accuse peacekeepers of inaction after Beni attacks
65 UN’s DR Congo mission faces budget cuts but military component unaffected
66 MONUSCO Deployment Map, September 2019
67 Attacks on UN troops in Congo 'not the solution': Denis Mukwege
68 President Tshisekedi More Powerful Under New Government
69 UN mission in Congo downplays closure of five bases
70 Massive Human Rights Violations in DRC Linked to Armed Conflicts, Report Finds
71 UN Peacekeepers Must Stay the Course | United Nations
72 Special report of the Secretary-General on the strategic review of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (S/2017/826)
73 With DRC election in December, MONUSCO, squeezed by political and budgetary pressures, labors on
74 President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi & UN Discuss Exit Of Monusco
75 Tanzanian women peacekeepers on the front line in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
76 DRC : MONUSCO concerned by rising inter-ethnic tensions in Nyunzu
77 MONUSCO calls on all political actors in the DRC to act with restraint
78 DRC crisis worsens as UN mulls MONUSCO’s mandate
79 UN DR Congo peacekeeping force repels attack on Biakato base
80 UN peacekeeping radio wears multiple hats in fight against COVID-19 | United Nations
81 Asking the right questions about the Force Intervention Brigade
82 DRC : Moroccan peacekeepers from MONUSCO repatriated to Morocco
83 The Dynamics of Peacekeeping Budget Cuts: The Case of MONUSCO
84 UN supporting investigation into fatal DRC attack
85 UN envoy in Beni as anti-MONUSCO sentiment, rebel attacks persist
86 SADC reiterates its position for a stable and peaceful DRC
87 Congolese Protest Against The UN Peacekeeping Mission MONUSCO
88 "MONUSCO has no hidden agenda!"
89 Assistance ramped up to DR Congo's South Kivu as floods kill dozens
90 UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
91 Security Council renews UN mission in DR Congo
92 Note to Correspondents on the findings of the Special Investigation on recent attacks against MONUSCO peacekeepers
93 Thousands Forced to Flee Violent Interethnic Attacks in Eastern DRC
94 U.N. chief meets DRC president: Ebola, MONUSCO top agenda
95 UN peacekeeping mission in DR Congo warns M23 armed group over helicopter attacks
96 MONUSCO strongly condemns the intrusion of FARDC troops into its Kananga base
97 DRC Elections and the Fate of the UN MONUSCO Mission
98 DR Congo: Massacre Trial Puts Focus on Justice
99 UN Peacekeeper Killed in Democratic Republic of the Congo
100 U.S. wants quarter cut to U.N. Congo troop cap, others warn wrong time