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Result Content Idea Research
1 Mackinac Center on the Passing of Peter Secchia
2 Unanimous Epidemic Response Bills – Mackinac Center
3 State Budget Recovers From Pandemic – Mackinac Center
4 Statement from Mackinac Center on Michigan Supreme Court victory
5 How Many Michigan Families Are Fleeing Public Schools?
6 Mackinac Center Statement on MDHHS Emergency Orders
7 Expungement Bills Offer Hope – Mackinac Center
8 Alcohol Reform – Give Me Liberty and Give Me a Drink!
9 Michigan Voters Could Change How Land Resources Are Spent
10 Federal Court Strikes Down Unions' Challenge to Civil Service Rules
11 New Report Combats Charter School Myths – Mackinac Center
12 Civil Rights Commission Attacks Minority Parents' Choices
13 Epidemic Response Bills, Warning Systems and More
14 Did Gov. Whitmer Violate the Law? – Mackinac Center
15 Budget 2021: State of Corporate and Industry Handouts
16 Simple and Wrong: State Health Official Misleads Public
17 Expand Unemployment Benefits and Business Liability Protections During Epidemic
18 Forest Management is More Effective Than Climate Virtue-Signaling
19 State Should Drink Up Monopoly Profits from Beer and Wine Wholesalers
20 Think tanks square off over more government oversight of Michigan’s charter schools
21 Opinion | Michigan can bring privacy into the 21st century via Proposal 2
22 Dozens of new websites appear to be California local news outlets, but with a political slant
23 Unions drop lawsuit challenging rule requiring state workers to annually confirm dues
24 COVID-19 compromise: Workers, businesses get protections in new state laws
25 Charges dropped for Holland salon owner who opened during shutdown
26 Podcasts
27 Mackinac Center Joins State Aid and Accountability Coalition
28 Mackinac Island offers Artist-in-Residence programs, summer 2021
29 Mackinac Center Lawsuit Challenges Gov. Whitmer's Executive Orders
30 Mackinac Center Brief Supports Legislature's Lawsuit
31 Mackinac Center Statement on Court of Appeals Decision
32 School at Home: The Educational Options In Michigan This Fall
33 Mackinac Center Case Sent to Michigan Supreme Court
34 New Mackinac Center Brief Challenges Gov. Whitmer's Use of Emergency Powers
35 Mackinac Center Response to Mid-Michigan Flood
36 Michigan Supreme Court Hears Mackinac Center Case
37 Mackinac Center Releases 2020 Policy Recommendations
38 Legislators Should Support Bills to Reduce Overcriminalization
39 Michigan sets new daily COVID record with 2,030 cases reported
40 Whitmer Lifts Ban on Nonessential Medical Procedures Following Mackinac Center Lawsuit
41 Mid-Michigan dam failures: What happened and where do we go from here?
42 K-12 School Outbreaks Should Be Made Public Quickly
43 Budgets in the Time of Coronavirus – Mackinac Center
44 New Updates to Michigan Superintendent Compensation Database
45 New Report Tracks History of Michigan's 1945 Emergency Law
46 Mandated Workplace Safety Measures are Unconstitutional
47 Opponents claim discovery of ancient artifacts should stall Line 5 progress
48 Planning for Life: An Introduction to Estate Planning
49 Gov. Whitmer's Mystery Science and Theaters – Mackinac Center
50 Michigan Parents Want Educational Options – Mackinac Center
51 Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Mackinac Center Recommend Guiding Principles to Propel Michigan
52 Gov. Whitmer, Legislative Leaders Unite Behind Budgeting and Health Care Priorities to Address COVID-19 Crisis
53 Gov. Whitmer's Unconstitutional Executive Orders – Mackinac Center
54 Now is the Time to Start Downsizing ISDs
55 Michigan's Corporate Welfare Programs Are a Bad Investment
56 Lawmakers Need to Fix This Year's School Funding Formula
57 What Data is Driving Gov. Whitmer's Decisions?
58 Michigan Group Says Archaeological Findings Enough to Halt Enbridge Tunnel Project
59 Mackinac Center Praises the End of Ineffective Subsidy Program
60 Bills to Improve Transparency and Accountability of Corporate Handouts
61 Michigan Supreme Court Decision Spurs Widespread Changes to Government COVID-19 Response: Update for Week of October 12, 2020
62 Efforts to Implement Janus Decision Met With Union Pushback
63 State Employees in Michigan Want a Choice
64 Who Controls Michigan Schools? – Mackinac Center
65 Michigan Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Governor's Emergency Powers
66 New Report Card Ranks Michigan's Elementary and Middle Schools
67 Opponents claim discovery of ancient artifacts in Michigan should stall Line 5 progress
68 U.S. Supreme Court Gives Students Access to More Opportunities
69 New Report Shows U.P. Energy Recommendations are Misguided
70 Business Incentive Programs are Ineffective and Expensive
71 Joe Biden's extremist labor agenda | TheHill
72 Mackinac Center Represents “Operation Haircut” Hairstylist
73 Careers at the Mackinac Center
74 Mackinac Center Applauds Gov. Whitmer's Loosening of Health Care Regulations
75 Car Dealer Bill Restricts Competition and Limits Consumer Choice
76 New Data on Cigarette Smuggling Released – Mackinac Center
77 Jobs Program Creates Jobs at Killer Cost – Mackinac Center
78 Why is There so Little Conflict Over Zoning in Michigan?
79 Schools, Families Need More Flexibility – Mackinac Center
80 Mackinac Center Saddened by Passing of Alan Ott
81 Gov. Whitmer Calls for Eight Government Expansions in 'State of the State' Address
82 Court Ruling Against Executive Orders Gains Media Attention
83 Dickinson's virus toll rises to 14 | News, Sports, Jobs
84 Legislature Has a Role in Emergencies – Mackinac Center
85 New Study Shows 21st Century Jobs Fund a Bust
86 Private School Students Also Deserve Virus Relief Funds
87 Mackinac Center Leads Coalition Letter Against Bailouts
88 Right-wing media in Australia picking up on Trump rhetoric
89 Liquor to Go: An Idea Whose Time is Now
90 Mackinac Center Appeals in Lawsuit to Free Hundreds of Thousands of Airline and Rail Workers
91 Mackinac Center Sues UAW for Fake Union Scheme
92 New Report Shows Policymakers How to Analyze Occupational Licensing Laws
93 Renaissance Zones Brought No Renaissance in Michigan
94 The Right to Protest Should be Protected, Even During the Pandemic
95 Counting Your Blessings? Don't Forget Safe, Reliable, Affordable Energy
96 States Tempting Fate With Cigarette Bans – Mackinac Center
97 3 Lighthouse Day Trips for a Northern Michigan Fall Color Tour
98 Completing the Fix for Police Accountability – Mackinac Center
99 Blocking school options perpetuates educational inequality
100 Highly Rated Hamtramck Charters Rise to Challenge