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1 Macron’s Rightward Tilt in France Sows Wider Alarm
2 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
3 Macron eases coronavirus lockdown ahead of Christmas
4 Emmanuel Macron: From celebrated centrist to divisive leader
5 German defense minister expresses surprise over Macron criticism
6 As Trump Exits, France and Germany Squabble Again
7 France's Macron hosts Trump envoy after congratulating Biden
8 Macron accuses English-language media of 'legitimising' violence in France
9 Anti-France protests continue, as Macron seeks understanding
10 Macron under fire: German defence minister LASHES OUT at French President as EU splinters
11 What Macron can learn from Biden
12 President Macron: 3-step end of lockdown starts Saturday
13 Emmanuel Macron issues ultimatum to French Muslims
14 Macron and Kurz Flex Antiterror Muscles for Domestic Audience
15 President Macron interviewed by Le Grand Continent (12 Nov. 2020)
16 Coronavirus pandemic: France's Macron announces three-step reopening amid 'glimmer of hope'
17 Anger towards Emmanuel Macron grows in Muslim world
18 Emmanuel Macron: “Ah di put pressure make president Biya make peace inside e kontri”
19 France considers envoy to explain Macron's ideas to Muslim states
20 Algerian group calls Macron liar over no apology claim
21 Macron’s green democracy experiment gets political
22 Macron: Europe needs its own sovereignty in defence, even with new U.S. government
23 French shop owners pressure Macron to lighten virus lockdown
24 Macron Says EU Can’t Go Back to Relying on U.S. Under Biden
25 Brussels warns France over press freedom as Macron pushes draconian security bill | Daily Sabah
26 France's Macron congratulates Biden in first phone call to US president-elect
27 Why Macron will vote for Biden
28 French President Macron says second wave of COVID-19 pandemic is over
29 Ex French President Hollande asks Macron: 'How are you doing? Is it not too hard right now?'
30 Macron hails chance to 'make our planet great again' after Biden win
31 Macron Announces Gradual Easing of Lockdown From Nov. 28 (2)
32 France's Macron tells Biden ready to work together on climate, security: Elysee
33 Inside Macron’s diplomacy: Tension, turf wars and burnouts
34 Le Pen Is Silent, But Macron Will Welcome Trump's Demise
35 Macron, and France's complex relationship with Islam | France
36 Protesters rally in France against Macron's controversial bill
37 Macron Outlines France's Baby Steps Out Of Lockdown
38 France's Macron to Muslims: I hear your anger, but won't accept violence
39 Macron orders Boris Johnson to 'move' on fishing and hand French boats access to UK waters
40 Trudeau and Macron speak after cartoon remark controversy
41 Emmanuel Macron’s actions will only fuel rage
42 Watch: Macron leads Armistice Day commemorations in France
43 France's Macron congratulates Biden on election win
44 Pakistan's fight with Macron has taken a humiliating turn
45 UFC star Khabib Nurmagomedov slams France's Macron amid recent attacks in country
46 Macron orders France back into Covid-19 lockdown amid surge in cases
47 U.S. senator warns France's Macron over gas exports deal delay
48 A Biden presidency would offer Emmanuel Macron a tempting opportunity
49 Macron’s Clash of Civilizations Is Misguided
50 Macron Says Russia, Turkey Fueling Anti-French Sentiment in Africa
51 Putin, Macron discuss situation in Nagorno-Karabakh in phone call: Kremlin
52 France and Islam on collision course as Emmanuel Macron says republic's laws must be supreme
53 Macron remarks 'step toward moderation but not enough'
54 MediaWatch
55 Macron's Covid war goes from bad to worse
56 Emmanuel Macron: Free speech is much broader than mere cartoons
57 Is French President Macron Islamophobic?
58 Muslim Countries Denounce French Response to Killing of Samuel Paty, Urge Boycott
59 Macron policies criticised as being draconian and anti-Muslim
60 ‘The Mandalorian’: How to buy Baby Yoda macrons
61 What President Macron really means
62 France's Macron eases some lockdown rules
63 You Can Now Order The Child's Favorite Macrons from Williams Sonoma
64 Macron: UN security council doesn't provide 'useful solutions'
65 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
66 France’s Macron Pivots to Mideast, Triggering Speculation
67 In Lebanon, President Macron of France Demands Change
68 France's Macron Faces Backlash Over Appointment Of New Ministers
69 France's Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride
70 The Reinvention of Emmanuel Macron
71 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
72 Emmanuel Macron is social distancing … from the media
73 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
74 'We must react': France's Macron announces nightly curfews to control Covid-19
75 Macron teases plan to recast presidency after coronavirus crisis
76 France's Macron positioning himself as leader of the world
77 Macron calls on Europe to quit dependency on US arms
78 French President Emmanuel Macron’s Coronavirus TV Address Draws Record-Shattering 35M+ Viewers
79 France's Macron details plan targeting Islamist 'separatism'
80 Macron accuses Lebanon’s leaders of ‘betrayal’ for failures
81 Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.
82 Emmanuel Macron’s French language lessons
83 Macron Wants to Start an Islamic Revolution
84 French leader rejects racism but colonial statues to remain
85 Macron on Lebanon: ‘It’s a risky bet I’m making’
86 France's Macron 'refuses to see WHO locked into U.S.-China war': Elysee
87 Macron steps up fight against radical Islam (and his critics)
88 COVID-19 pandemic should be 'shock' to UN, revive multilateral order, France's Macron tells world leaders
89 Macron decries 'Islamic separatism,' defends blasphemy
90 The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron
91 Emmanuel Macron pledges €15bn to tackle climate crisis
92 'Lukashenko has to go,' says France's Macron
93 Does Emmanuel Macron have a women problem?
94 France's Macron to embark on next phase of his presidency with ‘new team’
95 France's Macron loses majority as defectors form new party
96 Macron Wins Acclaim in Beirut That He Doesn't Get at Home
97 Macron needs an economic miracle to save his presidency
98 Macron Wrestles With a Pandemic – and Public Approval
99 Trump gaffe demotes France's Macron from president to prime minister
100 Macron hints at post-coronavirus reset for presidency