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1 Le Pen Tells Macron He Risks 'Civil War' After Military Letter
2 France: Head of Macron’s party slams Muslim candidate’s headscarf
3 'Napoléon is a part of us', French President Macron says
4 ‘A European model’: Macron lauds EU response to pandemic at Strasbourg conference
5 Macron's climate referendum initiative stalls as Senate waters down bill
6 Why Macron’s decision to commemorate Napoleon is an insult to France and its people
7 The candidates who want to take Emmanuel Macron's job as president of France
8 French President Emmanuel Macron says international community must draw "clear red lines" with Russia
9 Transcript: French President Emmanuel Macron on "Face the Nation," April 18, 2021
10 French President Macron on racism on both sides of the Atlantic: "We have to rebuild the unity of our societies"
11 Macron to outline plans to ease Covid-19 restrictions in Friday address
12 Macron puts European journalists on the couch
13 In tribute to friend Deby, Macron says France will not tolerate threats to Chad
14 Macron's party teams up with conservatives for regional elections in south
15 France's Macron opposes breakaway European Super League
16 France's Macron charts way out of third COVID-19 lockdown
17 EU leaders confront US over vaccine patent waiver demands
18 French conservatives reeling after Macron’s kiss of death
19 Macron says nations must 'define red lines' with Russia PARIS (AP)
20 French Presidential Election: Marine Le Pen Doubles Macron's Pandemic Pressure
21 Macron’s crime-fighting record under scrutiny after killing of policeman in Avignon
22 Macron's charter bans talk of Jerusalem events in mosques | Daily Sabah
23 France's Macron plans to donate 500000 COVID vaccine shots
24 How the far-right has shifted France’s political center of gravity
25 The Macron Factor by Melvyn B. Krauss
26 France Advances Climate Bill Backed by Macron
27 Technical glitch interrupts Macron speech to climate summit
28 French President Macron: condemns treatment of protesters in Chad
29 Russia's Putin, France's Macron discus Ukraine, Kremlin critic Navalny
30 Read more: Macron to confirm reopening dates for France this Friday
31 Macron visits Notre Dame 2 years after devastating fire PARIS (AP)
32 French President Macron will go to funeral ceremony of late Chad leader Deby
33 Why is Macron abolishing France’s school for the political class?
34 In the Sahel, Macron faces his Afghanistan
35 Macron Is Getting Worried About Le Pen: Brussels Edition
36 Macron urges law change after Jewish woman's killer avoids trial
37 Macron’s government unveils plans for new anti-terrorism legislation, in part to ward off criticism from the right
38 Attacker fatally stabs police employee near Paris, Macron calls it terrorism
39 Macron says “count on me” for EACOP support
40 Macron's climate referendum in doubt amid opposition
41 France: 20 ex-generals warn Macron of chaos, civil war
42 Macron crushed as Brittany and Hauts-de-France rely on UK waters for 50 percent of catches
43 India deaths top 4,000 as Macron urges end to vaccine export limits
44 China's Xi slams EU carbon tax plan in call with Macron, Merkel
45 Leading medics condemn Macron's timetable for ending Covid lockdown
46 Macron urges end to vaccine export limits; Africa receives from COVAX
47 France to ban some domestic flights where train available
48 French President Emmanuel Macron has contracted coronavirus
49 Emmanuel Macron Has Had a Bad Pandemic But He's Not Sorry
50 Eyeing Re-election, Macron Walks a Tightrope Above Swirling Crises in France
51 French President Macron, Free of Covid Symptoms, Leaves Isolation
52 Emmanuel Macron: From celebrated centrist to divisive leader
53 France's Macron: No regrets for rejecting new virus lockdown
54 Macron Moves Right As Next French Presidential Election Looms
55 Macron 'Playing with Fire,' Says France's Leading Left-wing Newspaper
56 France to close schools, ban domestic travel as virus surges
57 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
58 France's Macron under fire for political lurch to the right
59 Emmanuel Macron and the Woke
60 Macron says he understands Muslims’ shock over Prophet cartoons
61 Anger towards Emmanuel Macron grows in Muslim world
62 French President Macron Calls For European 'Strategic Autonomy'
63 Emmanuel Macron's Doctor Calls His Condition Stable
64 Macron accuses English-language media of 'legitimising' violence in France
65 France's President Emmanuel Macron has COVID-19
66 France considers envoy to explain Macron's ideas to Muslim states
67 On Islam, Macron isn’t flirting with the far right
68 'We must do everything to avoid a third wave and lockdown,' says Macron
69 Johnson or Macron: Who's the Real 'Emperor with No Clothes'?
70 Emmanuel Macron's plan to rebuild US-Europe relations
71 Macron calls for 'hope' in New Year's Eve address to French nation
72 Macron on authoritarian claims: ‘We’re not Hungary, Turkey’
73 Covid-19: Macron defies scientific advisers and says 'non' to lockdown
74 Macron steps up fight against radical Islam (and his critics)
75 Macron and Biden: “Friends, allied, but not aligned”
76 Macron’s illustrated obstacle course to reelection
77 Macron outlines plan to fight ‘Islamist separatism’ in France
78 Macron Says Images of French Police Beating Black Man ‘Shame Us’
79 Macron: EU shouldn’t gang up on China with US
80 Xi Jinping Speaks with French President Emmanuel Macron on the Phone
81 Macron under scrutiny after adviser's lunch with niece of Le Pen
82 Next Post: Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France
83 French President Macron Tests Positive for Covid-19
84 Is Emmanuel Macron pandering to the far right?
85 Macron says he would take AstraZeneca vaccine if it was offered
86 Emmanuel Macron urges Europe to send vaccines to Africa now
87 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
88 Macron: Europe needs its own sovereignty in defence, even with new U.S. government
89 Macron orders France back into Covid-19 lockdown amid surge in cases
90 Macron’s unfair reelection advantage: His opponents
91 Macron Approval Rating Stable as France Awaits Virus Measures
92 French President Macron: confident in strength of U.S. democracy
93 After bold promises, Macron on the defence over his climate policies
94 Covid-19 restrictions to remain in place, Macron warns protesting students
95 France's Macron calls for 'urgent' police reform following protests
96 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
97 Macron Closes ENA, in Bid to Diversify France's Public Service
98 ‘The end of naivety’: Macron backs EU vaccine export curbs
99 France’s Macron Pivots to Mideast, Triggering Speculation
100 After gambling France could dodge new COVID lockdown, Macron forced to back down