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1 Emmanuel Macron faces return of strikes in France
2 'French President Macron adds fuel to fire in E.Med'
3 Macron Wants France to Be a Power in the Middle East and Mediterranean
4 France's Macron calls Lebanese president over need to form cabinet
5 France’s Macron Pivots to Mideast, Triggering Speculation
6 France's Macron calls Lebanese leaders over cabinet plans
7 Macron's Burst Of Global Activity Isn't Boosting His Popularity At Home
8 Macron: Europe must have a 'more united and clear voice' with Turkey
9 With Macron's visit to Beirut, Lebanon's future is looking a lot like the past
10 Macron draws criticism on Twitter after removing mask while speaking to students
11 Erdoğan warns Macron: 'Don't mess with Turkey'
12 Macron marks 150 years of 'La République' by lauding French freedoms
13 Macron Replaces Under Armour As Welsh Rugby Sponsor
14 NGOs ask Macron to 'bury' EU-Mercosur agreement
15 France’s Macron Pledges Support to Iraq Against Islamic State as U.S. Cuts Presence
16 Le Pen Backs Macron's Support For Greece Against Turkey – Greek City Times
17 Erdoğan Launches New Tirade Against Greece And Macron
18 A plan to revive France and Emmanuel Macron's fortunes
19 Wales replace Under Armour with Macron in 'UK£31m' deal
20 Global report: Macron to lay out Covid plan as India sets another global one-day record
21 Macron berates reporter for unveiling Hezbollah talks
22 Merkel-Macron talks: France offers EU mediation in Belarus 'including Russia'
23 French President Emmanuel Macron Meets with State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi
24 Macron: France 'will adopt 5G' as a 'country of innovation'
25 Shed Light On Navalny's "Attempted Murder": Emmanuel Macron To Putin
26 Highlights of Macron's remarks in end of summer news conference
27 Macron to Lebanon's Leaders: Make Changes in 3 Months or Face Sanctions
28 France's Macron: I won't condemn cartoons of Prophet Mohammad
29 France Covid-19 update: Macron urges people to 'hold on'
30 Merkel, Macron Convene With Europe’s Virus Battle Unraveling
31 PM call with President Macron: 7 September 2020
32 Macron: We Need To Create A Pax Mediterranea To Stop Imperialist Turkey (VIDEO)
33 Macron Warns Against Pandemic-Caused Deflation in Nod to ECB
34 Macron become new WRU technical sponsor
35 France's Macron says Belarus' president reluctant with OSCE role
36 France's Macron says ready to give Russia's Navalny all support
37 Macron urged to calm down or risk trashing trade talks in row over Boris' Brexit bill
38 Turkey says France's Macron 'hysterical' over Syria, Libya, East Mediterranean
39 Merkel, Macron call for de-escalation in Eastern Med.
40 The Brief, powered by amfori
41 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
42 France's Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride
43 Macron Replaces France’s Prime Minister in Bid to Reinvigorate His Government
44 Emmanuel Macron is social distancing … from the media
45 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
46 France's Macron Faces Backlash Over Appointment Of New Ministers
47 Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.
48 FT Interview: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable
49 France's Macron loses majority as defectors form new party
50 Macron promises help, Beirut residents vent fury at leaders
51 French President Macron: No blank checks will be given
52 Macron Declares France 'at War' With Virus, as E.U. Proposes 30-Day Travel Ban
53 Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori: What are macrons and why are they so important?
54 French leader rejects racism but colonial statues to remain
55 The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron
56 France's Macron to embark on next phase of his presidency with ‘new team’
57 Macron Wrestles With a Pandemic – and Public Approval
58 Emmanuel Macron is using the coronavirus to reboot his presidency
59 Emmanuel Macron accosted by gilets jaunes as he takes Bastille Day walk
60 French President Emmanuel Macron’s Coronavirus TV Address Draws Record-Shattering 35M+ Viewers
61 Macron pledges €15 billion to make France’s economy greener
62 Inside Macron's coronavirus war – POLITICO
63 Tour French President Macron’s Chic Elysée Palace Office Refresh
64 France’s President Emmanuel Macron mulls a reshuffle
65 Macron teases plan to recast presidency after coronavirus crisis
66 Bastille Day: Macron outlines €100bn recovery plan as health workers honoured
67 How Macron's strategic balancing act is wobbling
68 Macron Stands by Contested Pension Plan, Despite Pressure From Marathon Strike
69 `We are desperate': French hospital staff confront Macron
70 The skies darken for France’s Sun King, Emmanuel Macron
71 As Emmanuel Macron’s Impact Grows, So Does French Disdain
72 France: Paris mayor wins reelection, Macron dealt blow in local polls
73 Macron Pledges Another $113 Billion to Revive French Economy
74 Macron's popularity climbs after signing EU pandemic stimulus, reshuffling gov't
75 Emmanuel Macron's Shock Doctrine
76 Emmanuel Macron visits Beirut: Can there be a 'French solution' for Lebanon?
77 An unknown prime minister reinforces Macron’s centralised presidency
78 Medics berate France's Emmanuel Macron over coronavirus
79 Emmanuel Macron shouts at Israeli security officers in altercation in Jerusalem
80 The Guardian view on Macron's reshuffle: taking back control?
81 Macron Urges World Leaders to Speed Aid to Lebanon After Explosions
82 France's Macron to Travel to Russia Soon
83 Little point prolonging EU talks into autumn, Johnson tells Macron
84 France's Macron Says Now Not the Time for Pandemic Probe
85 France's Macron set for Covid test in local vote
86 France's Macron tells global CEOs: we're open for business
87 Remarks by President Trump and President Macron of France Before Bilateral Meeting | London, United Kingdom
88 Macron Drops Idea of a Modern Spire for Notre-Dame
89 French President Macron unveils a new prime minister in major reshuffle
90 Prince of Wales and Emmanuel Macron to meet on quarantine exempt visit
91 Macron warns 'we are at war' as France unveils $50 billion in coronavirus measures
92 Macron Says France to Get $46 Billion From EU Stimulus Deal
93 Macron Taps Jean Castex to Be France’s New Prime Minister in Reshuffle
94 World responds to Lebanon's plight, France's Macron to visit
95 The More Macron Does, the More Unpopular He Gets
96 Emmanuel Macron faces tough choice over pension reform
97 France's Macron faces decisive test over economic policies
98 Problems for Macron as defecting MPs believe the party is over
99 Macron Visits Lebanon Promising Post-Blast Aid Yet Urging Reform
100 Macron announces 15-day lockdown in French 'war' on coronavirus