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1 France’s Macron Seeks to Restart His Economic Agenda
2 Emmanuel Macron’s Reform Restart
3 Macron Drops Idea of a Modern Spire for Notre-Dame
4 Local Elections Deliver Blow to France’s Macron
5 France's prime minister is now more popular than President Macron — creating a 'dilemma'
6 France's Macron set for Covid test in local vote
7 France's Macron to embark on next phase of his presidency with ‘new team’
8 Boris Johnson welcomes Emmanuel Macron for talks and flypast
9 Emmanuel Macron outrage: Staggering amount French President spent on makeup revealed
10 The Guardian view on Macron's reshuffle: taking back control?
11 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
12 President Thomas Bach received by President Emmanuel Macron in Paris
13 Emmanuel Macron in search of renewed reformist zeal
14 Macron teases plan to recast presidency after coronavirus crisis
15 Real Sociedad extend Macron kit deal through 2026
16 Macron welcomed Vucic in the Élysée Palace PHOTO / VIDEO
17 Macron Braces for Setback in France's Local Polls
18 France: Paris mayor wins reelection, Macron dealt blow in local polls
19 Hoti after meeting with Macron: France supports Kosovo in dialogue with Serbia
20 Macron Taps Jean Castex to Be France’s New Prime Minister in Reshuffle
21 Prince of Wales and Emmanuel Macron to meet on quarantine exempt visit
22 Macron goes on TikTok for school leavers
23 France's Macron denounces Turkey's attitude in Libya
24 Macron's green-washing
25 Macron Lags His Prime Minister in Popularity, Latest Poll Shows
26 Macron hails 'first victory' against COVID-19 and reopens French borders
27 Macron condemns Turkey's 'criminal' actions in Libya
28 Kosovo visa liberalisation: 42 MEPs send letters to Macron and Rutte, ask for a positive decision
29 Turkey Has Eclipsed Emmanuel Macron's Libya Dreams
30 Macron’s Prime Minister wins Le Havre in local elections
31 Macron's visit to London to mark anniversary
32 With US sidelined, Macron's hubris and hypocrisy are on full display | TheHill
33 Hours after his resignation, French court opens investigation into prime minister
34 Macron ties up Real Sociedad kit supply rights to 2026
35 Macron's 'brain dead' comments were political: Analyst
36 Merkel and Macron show unity ahead of all-important EU summit
37 Churchill statue uncovered ahead of Macron visit
38 Turkish FM slams France's Macron for remarks on Libya
39 EU on the brink as 'inescapable' crisis threatens divide in Brussels
40 Macron: The summer of 2020 unlike any other
41 Italy warns EU single market faces obliteration as Merkel and Macron's masterplan on brink
42 Macron bets on Le Pen helping him win re-election
43 Macron told PM Johnson France still supports reaching a deal on Brexit: source
44 Alert: French President Macron says he stands firmly against racism, but that France won't remove colonial-era statues
45 Macron Beat Back the Coronavirus. France Is Not Impressed.
46 France's Macron loses majority as defectors form new party
47 FT Interview: Emmanuel Macron says it is time to think the unthinkable
48 Macron Declares France ‘at War’ With Virus, as E.U. Proposes 30-Day Travel Ban
49 Emmanuel Macron is using the coronavirus to reboot his presidency
50 Macron warns 'we are at war' as France unveils $50 billion in coronavirus measures
51 The skies darken for France’s Sun King, Emmanuel Macron
52 Remarks by President Trump and President Macron of France Before Bilateral Meeting | London, United Kingdom
53 France's Macron makes mask-wearing an act of national pride
54 French President Emmanuel Macron announces coronavirus lockdown extension until May 11
55 France’s President Emmanuel Macron mulls a reshuffle
56 `We are desperate': French hospital staff confront Macron
57 The Humbling of Emmanuel Macron
58 Macron Stands by Contested Pension Plan, Despite Pressure From Marathon Strike
59 Emmanuel Macron's Shock Doctrine
60 Inside Macron's coronavirus war – POLITICO
61 Emmanuel Macron shouts at Israeli security officers in altercation in Jerusalem
62 Macron Wrestles With a Pandemic – and Public Approval
63 As Emmanuel Macron’s Impact Grows, So Does French Disdain
64 France's Macron faces decisive test over economic policies
65 Macron Bypasses Lawmakers to Pass France Pension Overhaul
66 5 Takeaways From Emmanuel Macron’s Video Conference Announcing Plans to Support the Arts and Culture Industries in France
67 France's Macron urges better long-term relations with Russia
68 Emmanuel Macron’s Russian roulette
69 France’s Macron tells global CEOs: we’re open for business
70 Emmanuel Macron, France's precocious politician
71 Coronavirus: 'We are at war'
72 France's Macron Says Now Not the Time for Pandemic Probe
73 Will Coronavirus Help Re-Elect a Struggling French President Emmanuel Macron?
74 France’s President Emmanuel Macron Is Ready to Reset His Troubled Presidency
75 Emmanuel Macron Isn’t Gaullist. He’s Just Angry at Germany.
76 The More Macron Does, the More Unpopular He Gets
77 France's Macron tries the common touch to win back support
78 The EU stands 'on the edge of a precipice,' French President Macron warns
79 Macron pays homage to Battle of France
80 Emmanuel Macron Has an Algorithm for Taking Control of Europe
81 Macron announces 15-day lockdown in French 'war' on coronavirus
82 Macron urges calm after French minister contracts coronavirus
83 Macron was the great hope for centrists. Despite his struggles, the hope is not lost
84 With France in Uproar Over Pensions, Macron May Need One Early
85 Macron Steps Into a Leadership Vacuum in Europe, and on Some Toes
86 Macron’s Approval Rating Remains Stable After Surging in March
87 France pushes to save lives, with Macron at helm
88 Webinar: Emmanuel Macron — The last president of Europe
89 Emmanuel Macron Expounds as the World Burns
90 The Latest: Macron calls Amazon an issue for whole planet
91 Macron’s mission: Rescue France and unite Europe
92 How you can tell Emmanuel Macron is actually a populist – and why it matters
93 Macron Alone: Has the French President Overplayed His Hand? | Reporting Democracy
94 Macron: time to think the unthinkable
95 Macron to address French nation on Monday evening
96 Macron called 'president of the rich' in new study
97 Coronavirus crisis throws a lifeline to Macron’s troubled presidency
98 Why has French President Macron taken the lead in NATO-bashing?
99 Macron Fires Ambassador Who Attacked His Pension Plan
100 Macron’s Approval Rating Jumps Even as Concerns Over Virus Rise