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1 Macron follows a well-worn path of French presidents, by veering to the right
2 Emmanuel Macron Is Creating a Liberalism Without Civil Liberties
3 Brussels warns France over press freedom as Macron pushes draconian security bill | Daily Sabah
4 French parliament approves security bill that curbs identifying police | Daily Sabah
5 The road ahead for Macron is only getting rougher
6 Controversial security bill puts pressure on French interior minister
7 Helle Thorning-Schmidt is front-runner to lead conference on Europe’s future
8 Explained: What is behind the calls to ‘boycott France’ in Muslim world?
9 France's Macron loses majority as defectors form new party
10 French parliament discusses security bill amid protests
11 France split over ‘American’ mail-in ballots for 2021 regional elections
12 France’s President Emmanuel Macron mulls a reshuffle
13 Number 2 in Emmanuel Macron’s party steps down
14 Problems for Macron as defecting MPs believe the party is over
15 A rough road ahead for Emmanuel Macron
16 Emmanuel Macron's party in crisis after two chiefs resign saying it has run out of 'new ideas'
17 Former Macron allies ramp up pressure on green, social agenda
18 Emmanuel Macron may be about to lose in Paris
19 Ex-minister Castaner to lead Macron’s party in French parliament
20 Embattled Macron eyes government reboot
21 The role NATO is playing in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic
22 Alarm for Macron as deputy party chief steps down
23 Macron the disrupter fails to convince at local level
24 An uphill battle for Macron’s party in France’s municipal elections
25 France: More lawmakers jump ship from ruling party
26 Macron faces day of humiliation as local elections reconfigure French politics
27 France held elections under coronavirus. Here are four takeaways.
28 France’s decades-long feud over the hijab takes centre stage
29 Macron's candidate for Paris mayor quits over sexting row
30 Macron’s party kicks out defiant candidate for Paris mayor
31 What the municipal elections in France told us about the future of the French party system
32 After hearing birdsong during lockdown, French cities vote Green
33 Macron suffers fresh defections from ruling party in French parliament
34 Macron opponents claim victory in French Senate elections
35 France at war against the coronavirus: Politics under anesthesia?
36 France's Macron picks Jean Castex as PM after Philippe resigns
37 Strasbourg election face-off highlights Macron’s mixed signals on climate
38 France's Macron defies coronavirus lockdown with elections
39 Macron's new government: Five things to look out for in France in 2020
40 Macron and COVID-19: What are the aftereffects in France? | Daily Sabah
41 Emmanuel Macron's pension reform plan introduced to parliament
42 France's Macron set for Covid test in local vote
43 France’s Macron aims to chart path out of crisis in televised address to nation
44 Macron crisis: French President’s deputy quits role within party
45 ‘Stop stigmatising us’, French Muslims tell Macron
46 Macron Braces for Setback in France's Local Polls
47 5 takeaways from France’s ‘coronavirus elections’
48 Macron government survives no-confidence votes over use of '49.3'
49 France: Paris mayor wins reelection, Macron dealt blow in local polls
50 Three years of Macron: A presidency of reform, protest and renewal
51 Macron's Upstarts Have Become the Establishment
52 ‘Cold technocracy’: Bereavement law fiasco plunges Macron’s party into turmoil
53 US press praises President Macron's Covid-19 response
54 Voters set to punish Macron's party in French municipal elections
55 France debates immigration as rebels in Macron's party break ranks
56 French President Emmanuel Macron's LREM party wins majority in parliament
57 Maths wizard Cédric Villani adds to Macron woes in Paris mayoral equation
58 En Marche: From a Movement to a Government
59 Emmanuel Macron’s party braces for a kicking in mayoral elections
60 French MP expelled from Macron’s party for voting against government’s lockdown exit plan
61 Macron's Party Does Poorly in France's Postponed Local Elections
62 Spiderman Paris Mayor hopeful faces expulsion from Macron’s party
63 Macron's LREM wants to turn EU elections into duel with Rassemblement National
64 Macron’s glue-hunting ban threatens France’s powerful lobby
65 How kompromat on a close Macron ally went viral
66 Defying Macron, maths genius splits French leader's camp in Paris
67 Sexting scandal leaves Macron’s party in disarray in Paris
68 Macron's lead candidate opens European campaign with Brexit swipe
69 Renaissance reborn again — as name of Macron’s campaign
70 Beyond green waves and new governments : France's political landscape in 2020 – Le Taurillon
71 Storming France's City Halls
72 Five big challenges facing Emmanuel Macron in 2020
73 A Political Opposition for Macron
74 Emmanuel Macron woos mavericks fearing emergence of a French Trump
75 Macron sets sights on France's town halls for power base
76 Wave of vandalism targets Macron MPs’ offices
77 Party discontent risks undermining Macron’s agenda
78 Picking low-profile French PM, Macron bets big on himself
79 EU polls show Macron's LREM behind Le Pen's National Rally
80 Macron was the great hope for centrists. Despite his struggles, the hope is not lost
81 French MP behind online hate speech law accused of 'racist' comments
82 Explainer: How do France's local elections work, who are the parties and where are the key battles?
83 Macron's party presents election programme in Berlin
84 Macron’s hard line on migration alarms rights groups
85 French farmers dump manure outside office of Macron party lawmaker
86 Macron’s party rejects Spitzenkandidat process
87 Griveaux scandal revives France’s will to regulate social media
88 Why the proposed new French law on leave after a child's death is controversial
89 Macron’s coronavirus tracking app sparks controversy in his camp
90 France's Green Party Leader: The Left Has to Unite Behind an Environmental Agenda
91 Emmanuel Macron Has No Mandate for His Attack on Pensions
92 Macron and Le Pen's MEPs to be on equal footing after Brexit
93 French conservatives retain Senate majority as Macron's party suffers setback
94 Macron’s party picks new leader amid internal wrangling
95 Macron government forces through French pension reforms by decree
96 Macron wins a battle, but faces long war over reforms
97 Farmers protesting at trade deal vandalize office of Macron party lawmaker
98 Emmanuel Macron faces shock challenge from within own party in battle for Paris Mayor
99 Macron’s party hosts centrist gathering ahead of election
100 France’s President Emmanuel Macron Is Ready to Reset His Troubled Presidency