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1 New technology tracks role of macrophages in cancer spread
2 Tracking the role of macrophages in cancer spread with new technology
3 Novel super-activating macrophage receptor could explain hyper-inflammation in severe COVID-19
4 The PI3K pathway preserves metabolic health through MARCO-dependent lipid uptake by adipose tissue macrophages
5 Study better reveals the function and behavior of macrophages in cancer growth
6 Potential therapeutic strategy for obesity
7 Lung-on-chip provides new insight on body's response to early tuberculosis infection
8 Myocarditis Rare, Macrophage Infiltration Common at COVID Autopsy
9 New type of Immunotherapy could help develop better cancer treatments
10 New type of immunotherapy may pave the way for better cancer treatments
11 Study pinpoints target for managing inflammation, promoting tissue repair
12 Research progress on macrophage in radiation induced lung injury
13 Macrophage produce novel molecules to repair damaged tissues from inflammation
14 Potential new target to combat inflammatory diseases
15 Engineered probiotics biofilm enhances osseointegration via immunoregulation and anti-infection
16 Atypical monocytes in COVID‐19: Lighting the fire of cytokine storm?
17 T Cells May Tell Us More About COVID Immunity
18 Harnessing lipid signaling pathways to target specialized pro-angiogenic neutrophil subsets for regenerative immunotherapy
19 November 2020: Extramural Papers of the Month
20 Guanabenz modulates microglia and macrophages during demyelination
21 PI3K signalling pathway revealed as potential drug target for obesity
22 Bioinformatic analysis identifies key transcriptome signatures in temporal lobe epilepsy
23 Bexmarilimab (Clevegen) development update
24 Caspase-8–dependent gasdermin D cleavage promotes antimicrobial defense but confers susceptibility to TNF-induced lethality
25 Weill Cornell Researchers ID Specific Lung Changes in COVID-19
26 BeyondSpring to Present at Two Upcoming Scientific Conferences in December
27 Macrophages of diverse phenotypes drive vascularization of engineered tissues
28 SynOx Therapeutics raises €37M in Series A Financing | Antibodies | News Channels
29 Magnetic Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles-Aided Dual MR/NIRF Imaging to Identify Macrophage Enrichment in Atherosclerotic Plaques.
30 Capricor Therapeutics (CAPR) Begins Patient Dosing in Phase 2 Trial of CAP-1002 in Patients with Severe COVID-19
31 Protein That Pumps the Brakes on Macrophages in Immune Overreaction
32 Researchers Peer Inside Deadly Pathogen's Burglary Kit
33 Gimv : invests in SynOx Therapeutics which raises EUR 37 million to develop emactuzumab for treatment of tenosynovial giant cell tumors
34 PIONYR Immunotherapeutics Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Study Of PY314
35 Researchers Demonstrate How Chronic Alcohol Consumption Causes Inflammation in Brain
36 TRPML2 is an osmo/mechanosensitive cation channel in endolysosomal organelles
37 Immune-related biomarker risk score predicts prognosis in prostate cancer.
38 Two phenotypically and functionally distinct microglial populations in adult zebrafish
39 How two immune system chemicals may trigger COVID-19’s deadly cytokine storms
40 Natural polymorphism of Ym1 regulates pneumonitis through alternative activation of macrophages
41 Breast cancer–associated macrophages promote tumorigenesis by suppressing succinate dehydrogenase in tumor cells
42 MetrioPharm AG: COVID-19 Therapeutic Agent: MetrioPharm Prepares to Conduct a Phase II Clinical Tria
43 Peering Inside Deadly Pathogen's Burglary Kit to Find Ways to Block It
44 Autopsy Study Finds Most COVID-19 Patients Have Macrophages in Myocardium
45 Alveolar and lung interstitial macrophages: Definitions, functions, and roles in lung fibrosis
46 Small proteins regulate Salmonella survival inside macrophages by controlling degradation of a magnesium transporter
47 Researchers identify potential compound to inhibit inflammation
48 Functional heterogeneity of alveolar macrophage population based on expression of CXCL2
49 Reprogramming of tumor-associated macrophages by targeting β-catenin/FOSL2/ARID5A signaling: A potential treatment of lung cancer
50 Macrophages in Mice Shuttle Mitochondria to Neurons in Need
51 Cellular backpacks for macrophage immunotherapy
52 Salivary gland macrophages and tissue-resident CD8+ T cells cooperate for homeostatic organ surveillance
53 Macrophage subgroups may play pivotal role in COVID-19 lethality
54 Human interleukin-4–treated regulatory macrophages promote epithelial wound healing and reduce colitis in a mouse model
55 Global Roundup: Two Big Deals Highlighting Biopharma Growth in China and More
56 M2-like, dermal macrophages are maintained via IL-4/CCL24–mediated cooperative interaction with eosinophils in cutaneous leishmaniasis
57 Location of tumor-associated macrophages predicts lung cancer progression
58 Cytokine "Backpacks" Keep Macrophages in Cancer-Killing State
59 CAR T-Cell Approach Brought to Once-Resistant Macrophages
60 Targeting actin-bundling protein L-plastin as an anabolic therapy for bone loss
61 IRF5 guides monocytes toward an inflammatory CD11c+ macrophage phenotype and promotes intestinal inflammation
62 Could Newly Found "Peacekeeping" Cells Be a Weapon against COVID-19?
63 Phagocytosis of Wnt inhibitor SFRP4 by late wound macrophages drives chronic Wnt activity for fibrotic skin healing
64 Rate of replenishment and microenvironment contribute to the sexually dimorphic phenotype and function of peritoneal macrophages
65 Monocyte activation in systemic Covid-19 infection: Assay and rationale
66 Gasdermin D in macrophages restrains colitis by controlling cGAS-mediated inflammation
67 2nd Macrophage-directed Therapies Summit
68 AbbVie-backed Carisma's 'CAR-M' tech shrinks tumors in mouse models of ovarian cancer
69 Researchers Develop Macrophage 'Backpacks' to Combat Tumors in Mice
70 SARS-CoV-2 infects monocytes and macrophages, without cytopathic effect
71 Scientists use gold nanorod scattering to identify changes in macrophages
72 Study: Macrophage Reprogramming More Complex Than Previously Thought
73 CD1d1 intrinsic signaling in macrophages controls NLRP3 inflammasome expression during inflammation
74 Macrophages form a protective cellular barrier in joints
75 Gut-resident CX3CR1hi macrophages induce tertiary lymphoid structures and IgA response in situ
76 Affimed Announces Publication of Final Study Results of its Innate Cell Engager Candidate AFM13 in Combination with MSD's anti-PD-1 therapy KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab) in Blood
77 Pelareorep-based therapy improves glioblastoma patient survival
78 CNIC researchers uncover a mechanism explaining how macrophages regulate obesity
79 Genenta to Appoint Stephen Squinto, Experienced Biotech Executive and Investor, as Chairman
80 FDA clears IND for first CAR macrophage cell therapy for HER2-positive tumors
81 Protein that Keeps Immune System from Freaking Out Could Form Basis for New Therapeutics
82 A number of macrophages in tumor tissue enables prognosis of lung tumor progression
83 Savara Announces Participation in Fireside Chats at Two Upcoming Virtual Investor Healthcare Conferences
84 Another Win for Senolytics: Fighting Aging at the Cellular Level Just Got Easier
85 Locally renewing resident synovial macrophages provide a protective barrier for the joint
86 BioLineRx to begin trial of Motixafortide for Covid-19 related ARDS
87 BioLineRx Announces Initiation of Phase 1b Clinical Trial in Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Secondary to COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Viral Infections
88 Macrophage Pharma goes for gold with new funding round
89 Therapeutic blockade of granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor in COVID-19-associated hyperinflammation: challenges and opportunities
90 The myeloid type I interferon response to myocardial infarction begins in bone marrow and is regulated by Nrf2-activated macrophages
91 A minor population of macrophage-tropic HIV-1 variants is identified in recrudescing viremia following analytic treatment interruption
92 Macrophage response mechanism to pathogens revealed
93 BeiGene (BGNE) Reports RATIONALE 303 Trial of Tislelizumab in NSCLC Met Primary Endpoint of OS at Interim Analysis
94 Study With MS Implications Shows How Microglia Limit Macrophage Infiltration After Demyelination
95 Efficient blockade of locally reciprocated tumor-macrophage signaling using a TAM-avid nanotherapy
96 Supplementary Materials
97 Drugs targeting neutrophils could reduce ARDS in severe COVID-19
98 Reprogramming of immune cells enhances effects of radiotherapy in preclinical models of brain cancer
99 Removing macrophages shows success against ovarian cancer in mice
100 Lipid signaling from beta cells can potentiate an inflammatory macrophage polarization