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1 HRW: Al-Werfalli is still at large despite committing war crimes in Libya
2 ICC-wanted Al-Werfalli storms HQ of Toyota car dealer in Benghazi
3 Rights group: Libya fails to hold war criminals accountable
4 Rights group says Libya has failed to hold war criminals accountable
5 Libya: Haftar assigns war criminal to recruit soldiers
6 Libya: Ten years after uprising abusive militias evade justice and instead reap rewards
7 Libya's Haftar promotes accused war criminal wanted by international court
8 EU sanctions ICC-wanted Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, three firms over Libya violations
9 Libya: Khalifa Haftar ally Mahmoud al-Werfalli arrested
10 Case of commander wanted by ICC opens rift in east Libyan forces
11 ICC warrant for Khalifa Haftar ally Mahmoud al-Werfalli
12 Libya: Videos Capture Summary Executions
13 Government must halt arm sales to Libya and countries fuelling the deadly civil war, says human rights group
14 Libyan commander wanted by ICC freed after protests: source
15 Libya's Haftar promotes war criminal Werfalli – Middle East Monitor
16 Libya: Special Forces commander apparently filmed committing extrajudicial executions must be handed over to the ICC
17 ICC-wanted criminal Mahmoud Al-Werfalli gets promoted military rank from Haftar
18 Libyan commander wanted by ICC 'hands himself in' to military police: source
19 Sudanese girl accuses ICC-wanted Mahmoud Al-Werfalli of torturing, killing her mother
20 Fresh footage of Libya executioner at work, in spite of international arrest warrant
21 Military Prosecutor under Haftar's command refuses to surrender Al-Werfalli to ICC
22 US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on pro-Haftar commander al-Werfalli
23 International Criminal Court: Saif Gaddafi, Mahmoud Al-Werfalli must surrender
24 What Werfalli Did — Haftar's Commander Continues Executions in Defiance of ICC Arrest Warrant
25 HRW Calls On Libya's Haftar To Probe Alleged War Crimes By His Men
26 Social media evidence a game-changer in war crimes trial
27 Social-media platforms are destroying evidence of war crimes
28 ICC fugitive Mahmoud Al-Werfalli makes a cinematic prison break
29 The key militias who fight alongside Haftar in Libya
30 ICC: Forces in Libya's failed offensive booby trapped homes
31 EU sanctions Turkish company accused of breaking Libya embargo
32 Interpol issues Red Notice for Libya eastern killer Mahmoud Al-Werfalli
33 Libya: Apparent War Crimes in Tripoli
34 Libya's Benghazi court removes arrest warrant of Al-Werfalli
35 ICC Prosecutor renews call for surrendering Saif Gaddafi and Mahmoud Al-Werfalli
36 ICC urges Saif Gaddafi to surrender himself to Libyan authorities
37 Family of ICC fugitive Al-Werfalli calls him a hero, demands his release from Haftar-loyal prison
38 ICC issues second warrant of arrest for Libya's Werfalli
39 East Libyan forces say have arrested commander sought by ICC
40 Attacks on civilians, arbitrary arrests, top list of abuses in Libya: ICC Prosecutor
41 No evidence against Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, Khalifa Haftar claims
42 Benghazi's court-martial removes arrest warrant on serial killer Al-Werfalli
43 Mahmoud Al-Werfalli will not be handed over to ICC, says Al-Mismari
44 Despite New Ceasefire in Libya, Justice for Atrocity Crime Victims Thwarted by Failure to Arrest Fugitives, International Criminal Court Prosecutor Warns Security Council
45 ICC renews call for Mahmoud Al-Werfalli's surrender
46 U.N. Expresses Horror at Mass Graves in Libya
47 ICC prosecutor renews call for arrest of Libya war crimes suspect Werfalli
48 Interpol issues Red Notice for LNA Special Forces officer Mahmoud Werfalli |
49 Libyan warlord faces ICC warrant: Is this a new era of open-sourced justice?
50 Haftar and the PR firm: Ex-UK diplomat was involved in plan to improve Libya warlord's image
51 US Treasury Department sanctions Libyan ICC-wanted criminal for human rights abuse
52 Libya war criminal Werfalli escapes Haftar prison – Middle East Monitor
53 To End the Killings in Libya, the Cost Balance Needs to Change
54 A violation of sovereignty: UN says 20,000 foreign fighters exist in Libya
55 'Leave no men': The killing fields of Libya's Tarhuna
56 LEAKED: ICC fugitive Al-Werfalli is carrying out military arrest operations
57 ICC warns Libya rogue general Haftar to hand over war criminal
58 ICC latest report to UN Security Council on Libya: Military commanders responsible for crimes committed by their forces |
59 Disturbing video shows children mimicking Libya ICC-wanted killer Al-Werfalli
60 Bestial video shows Libyan eastern executioner Al-Werfalli conducting summary execution of captives
61 LIBYA : Will Trump grant Haftar immunity in war crimes trials?
62 New ICC Arrest Warrant Indirectly Implicates Libyan Warlord, a US Citizen
63 'Violence, atrocities and impunity' reign throughout Libya, ICC prosecutor tells UN Security Council
64 ICC issues second arrest warrant for Libyan militia chief accused
65 New ISIS-inspired execution by Dignity Operation killer Al-Werfalli looms
66 Arrest of three Libyans wanted for grave crimes 'would send strong and necessary message' to victims, urges top Prosecutor
67 'Lost memories': War crimes evidence threatened by AI moderation
68 Benghazi's serial killer Al-Werfalli strikes again
69 Big Tech Can Help Bring War Criminals to Justice
70 Social Media Firms Deleting Evidence of War Crimes, Human Rights Watch Says
71 ICC prosecutor urges Libyan authorities to hand over 'executioner'
72 ICC prosecutor urges handover of Al-Saiqa brigade commander, others wanted for alleged crimes in Libya
73 Libya: Reckless Fighting Endangers Civilians
74 ICC wanted criminal Al-Werfalli to blame for 36 bodies in Libya's Benghazi
75 Social media giants 'delete evidence of atrocities' | World
76 Saiqa Force of ICC fugitive Al-Werfalli takes over Benghazi Port
77 Libya: Haftar's army of foreign mercenaries growing
78 Libya's warlord Haftar orders arrest of ICC fugitive Al-Werfalli
79 UN demands eastern forces probe summary executions and suspend Al-Werfalli for his crimes
80 The Interview
81 ‘Simply for doing their jobs’: International monitors condemn attacks on U.S. press freedoms
82 Haftar's forces attack political activist at home in Bani Walid
83 ICC demands Haftar hand over war criminal he promoted
85 Warlord Khalifa Haftar promotes war criminal Al-Warfali to Lieutenant Colonel
86 Ex-British diplomat worked for PR firm to improve Haftar's image, documents reveal
87 Berkeley Protocol on Digital Open Source Investigations
88 Executions, torture and slave markets persist in Libya: U.N.
89 The Potential and Hurdles of Fighting Atrocities in the Age of Social Media
90 Libyans deserve justice, as war crime suspects remain at large: Prosecutor
91 The ICC's New Libya Case: Extraterritorial Evidence for an Extraterritorial Court
92 Atrocity Alert No. 208: Children and Armed Conflict, Nigeria and Libya
93 Is the Syrian regime becoming Russia's new proxy in the wider region?
94 Urgent Action Needed to End Hostilities in Libya, Ensure Return to Talks, International Criminal Court's Chief Prosecutor Tells Security Council
95 Trailing from Behind: France at the United Nations Human Rights Council
96 The Histories Of Today's Wars Are Being Written On Facebook And YouTube. But What Happens When They Get Taken Down?
97 Does France deserve to have a seat on the Human Rights Council?
98 BBC: War crimes committed by Haftar's forces shared on Facebook, YouTube
99 ICC's investigation of Libya war crimes in dock even before male rape cases
100 ICC prosecutor renews call to hand over Benghazi butcher