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1 COVID-19 in malaria-endemic regions: potential consequences for malaria intervention coverage, morbidity, and mortality
2 Malaria Assays Use CRISPR for Point-of-Care Multispecies Detection
3 Spread of city-loving malaria mosquitoes could pose grave threat to Africa
4 A Rare Blood Type Variant Helps Prevent Malaria. Now We Finally Know How
5 Red blood cell tension protects against severe malaria in the Dantu blood group
6 Pandemic spells disaster for Uganda's young entrepreneurs combatting waste and malaria
7 Some mosquitoes already have resistance to the latest weapon against malaria
8 Climate Change May Affect Dengue and Malaria Disease Risks
9 How Dantu blood group protects against malaria, and how all humans could benefit: Higher surface tension of red blood cells prevents parasite from invading
10 People in Cape Verde evolved better malaria resistance in 550 years
11 Novel drug could be a powerful weapon in the fight against malaria and toxoplasmosis
12 Coronavirus rumours mar Burkina Faso's malaria fight
13 Mosquito Immune System Mapped To Aid Battle With Malaria
14 This map shows where malaria will increase because of global warming
15 Meet SHERLOCK, a field-ready diagnostic malaria assay!
16 Israel sends emergency supplies to malaria-stricken Chad
17 Mosquito immune system mapped to help fight malaria: This new cell atlas of mosquito immune cells offers opportunities for breaking the chain of malaria transmission
18 New Asian mosquito could bring malaria to African cities, warn scientists
19 Cases of Malaria reduce in Mumbai
20 Malaria Technical Advisor
21 Quality of clinical management of children diagnosed with malaria: A cross-sectional assessment in 9 sub-Saharan African countries between 2007–2018
22 Atlas of Malaria Mosquitoes' Immune System Assembled
23 More dengue fever and less malaria – mosquito control strategies may need to shift as Africa heats up
24 Global Drugs for Malaria Market Innovative Trends, Driving Factors and Growth Analysis 2020-2025
25 Malaria: new map shows which areas will be at risk because of global warming
26 Malaria is a deadly killer of children during coronavirus in CAR | MSF
27 Malaria: Artemisinin resistance emerges in Africa
28 How Covid-19's Spread Could Drive an Increase in Malaria Deaths
29 Malaria and its Relation to Epilepsy
30 Too hot for one mosquito, not so for another — Dengue overtakes malaria in Africa
31 Rare blood group called Dantu may provide protection against deadly malaria, study shows
32 Hurdles to prevention: Coronavirus rumours and regulations mar Burkina Faso's malaria fight
33 Coronavirus: What do we know about the artemisia plant?
34 Foods To Eat And Avoid While Treating Malaria
35 Mosquito-borne diseases: Causes, symptoms and prevention tips
36 Climate change may affect Malaria transmission, new study
37 COVID-19 isn't the only infectious disease scientists are trying to find a vaccine for. Here are 3 others
38 Rotary Against Malaria distributes nets
39 Private sector key in fight to end malaria
40 Clinical relevance of low-density Plasmodium falciparum parasitemia in untreated febrile children: cohort study
41 HemexDx’s one-minute, low-cost test for malaria undergoing regulatory review
42 Dengue, malaria a new threat for Covid patients
43 Malaria Vaccines Market 2020-2027 is Growing Globally With GlaxoSmithKline plc, Nobelpharma Co., Ltd, Sanaria, Zydus Cadila, VLP Therapeutics
44 JNU biologists blaze a trail in malaria fight, to find a novel therapy
45 Ebola, COVID‐19 and Africa: What we expected and what we got
46 UF professor honored for developing COVID-19 test
47 R20m Raised To Fight Malaria And All It Took Was A Bracelet
48 UF professor earns honors for smartphone-based COVID-19 test
49 Why humans can run marathons and apes cannot
50 Global Malaria Diagnostics Market 2020 Manufacturer Analysis, Technology Advancements, Industry Scope and Forecast to 2027
51 Mosquito menace: Look out for these symptoms, signs, stages to know it’s this vector-borne disease
52 Novartis ties bond sale to malaria treatment access in sustainability push
53 Central African Republic: Malaria Is a Deadly Killer of Children During Coronavirus in CAR
54 Dengue: don't you, forget about me!
55 Malarial drug not effective against Covid-19 for patients with rheumatological conditions
56 What Is Malaria?
57 Delhi: 24% rise in Dengue, Malaria cases in last one week
58 Impact of COVID 19 on Anti-malarial Drugs Market Detailed Research Study 2020-2027 | Merck KGaA Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline Plc., Cipla Ltd, Novartis AG
59 SMART researchers develop fast and efficient method to produce red blood cells
60 Biologists Create New Genetic Systems to Neutralize Gene Drives
61 Can COVID-19 inspire a new way of planning African cities?
62 NIH researchers discover new set of channels connecting malaria parasite and blood cells
63 Scientists worried the pandemic would cause malaria deaths to soar. So far, it hasn't happened
64 Experts nix use of anti-malarial drug to treat COVID-19 patients
65 #GoodbyeMalariaMask: from saving lives to saving livelihoods
66 Project Manager (Health Infrastructure and Equipment)
67 Malaria 'completely stopped' by microbe
68 A new way to manufacture human red blood cells (RBCs)
69 WHO urges countries to move quickly to save lives from malaria in sub-Saharan Africa
70 FDA Approves Only Drug in US to Treat Severe Malaria
71 Malaria: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
72 The "World malaria report 2019" at a glance
73 UK Conducting COVID-19 Treatment Trials
74 Comparative functional survival and equivalent annual cost of 3 long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) products in Tanzania: A randomised trial with 3-year follow up
75 Pandemic's fallout on malaria control appears limited so far
76 Race to find Covid-19 vaccine puts spotlight on big 3 of infectious diseases
77 Malaria Vaccines Market Research & Clinical Advancements by 2026 | GlaxoSmithKline plc, Sanaria Inc, Nobelpharma Co
78 Borno, WHO Administer Malaria Prevention Drug on 2.1m Children
79 WHO endorses African herbal medicines as potential treatments for Coronavirus, epidemics
80 World Malaria Day 2020
81 Revised Recommendations to Reduce the Risk of Transfusion-Transmitted Malaria
82 Massive Sexual Conversion of the Malaria Parasite Achieved in a Dish
83 Novel compound sparks new malaria treatment hope
84 Genetic Diversity of Malaria in a Single Mosquito Bite May Be Huge
85 Malaria cases are falling worldwide
86 A lipocalin mediates unidirectional heme biomineralization in malaria parasites
87 The malaria parasite has an intrinsic clock
88 Scientists Engineer Mosquitoes That Resist Malaria Parasite with Combination of Anti-Parasite Molecules
89 Malaria in Africa: Parasite 'resistant to artemisinin'
90 NIH study supports new approach for treating cerebral malaria
91 Mobile phone-based saliva test wins NIH prize | Cornell Chronicle
92 Novel Malaria Vaccine Candidate Triggers Pathogen to Self-Destruct
93 First human trial of monoclonal antibody to prevent malaria opens
94 DOH says use of malaria medicine to cure COVID-19 'not recommended'
95 New vaccine for malaria
96 Trump-backed hydroxychloroquine doesn't treat Covid-19 and raises the risk of death
97 COVID-19 is not the only infectious disease right now
98 Deadliest malaria strain protects itself from the immune system
99 Recent Progress in the Development of New Antimalarial Drugs with Nove | DDDT
100 Lusitana and the world's first malaria vaccine