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1 We're all inmates together…
2 Rush Limbaugh galvanised and embodied the modern American right
3 Seven years on, Yazidi survivor buries father slain by Islamic State
4 Architects take on climate change in For Those That Wish to Exist
5 Thirst vs hunger
6 Cao'an Manichean Temple Subjected to 'Sinicization'
7 Great American Stories: Vax Populi | Opinion |
8 The Problems With Populism Go Well Beyond Donald Trump
9 Victor Davis Hanson calls election 'a Manichean choice' about 'whether you want civilization'
10 At CPAC, Cruz and Hawley remain defiant about pro-Trump riot at US Capitol
11 Professor translates ancient Manichean papyrus manuscript
12 Trump wants to start a new super PAC headed by former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, report says
13 Lost and found literature: NAU professor translates ancient Manichean papyrus manuscript
14 How New Is the Threat to Individual Freedom in India?
15 In Major Speech, Biden Reveals Deep Misunderstanding Of Foreign Policy
16 Joe Biden Is Playing It Cool with Benjamin Netanyahu
17 Tony Blair’s anti-freedom project continues, but ‘War on Terror’ is replaced by ‘War on Covid’
18 Around the halls: Brookings experts analyze President Biden’s first foreign policy speech
19 Before the Capitol Attack, There Were the Abortion Wars
20 Ignorance and violence come from both sides of the political divide
21 The age of love
22 Augustine's Choice: The Lord of Light or the Light of the Lord? | Issue 71
23 Time for a Big Tech glasnost?
24 What’s that coming over the mountain? Be More Yeti!
25 Myanmar's embattled press faces a military coup
26 Betsy DeVos and the Manichean Impulse (Opinion)
27 A Manichean Luther
28 San Francisco's school renaming debacle is a timely mix of confused priorities and bad 'facts'
29 Biden’s view of the US is dangerously naive
30 Five reasons why it's not wrong to be Right
31 Biden vs. Trump Updates
32 The economics of love: Valentine’s Day’s unholy union of romance and finance
33 Giving up on politics is often tempting. It is also risky
34 Joe Biden's DNC speech made it abundantly clear that he means business
35 The Stand: New Trailer Reveals CBS' All Access Stephen King Series
36 Make America work again | TheHill
37 Opinion/Hanson: Will Trump ride out into the sunset?
38 Everything About Us, Except Us: The Psychology of Systemic Racism
39 Yazidi Iraqi keeps tradition alive of arak-making from dates
40 For Iraq's persecuted Yazidis, return plan is fraught with risk
41 Is Our Proud Boys Learning?
42 Manichaeism: The Ancient Religion that Rivaled Christianity
43 Avoiding the climate canard in US-China relations
44 When it comes to Trump, liberals can’t see shades of gray
45 University of Johannesburg: Zimbabwe wrestles with its moral conscience as Zanu PF leaders succumb to Covid-19
46 Trump and un-Americanism
47 Mellman: What happened after Ginsburg? | TheHill
48 Greek-German relations: Necessary to move forward
49 The Media's Nervous Breakdown Over Race –
50 Environmentalism as Religion
51 How Do You Tell an Authoritarian From a Fascist These Days?
52 What Barack Obama’s memoir leaves out
53 Trump the Barbarian
54 The irony of the canceling of Flannery O’Connor
55 Previous: EU vs GAFA: Round 26
56 Badrozzaman Qarib Museum opens at Academy of Persian Language and Literature
57 Roald Dahl, Ted Hughes and the postmodern inquisition
58 The good, the bad and the ugly plague
59 Why Christian Nationalists Merged Their Religious and Political Identities
60 Pompeo’s Surreal Speech on China
61 West 'got it wrong on China', warns MI6 boss
62 Is QAnon taking over America? Not so fast
63 Delaware Court of Chancery says no to expert's novel approach to beta calculation
64 Pope Francis makes surprise visit to Rome's Basilica of St. Augustine
65 The Republican Party has been taken over by 'an apocalyptic cult' of far-right insurgents
66 US imposes sanctions on Cuba citing human rights violations
67 Pope makes surprise visit to Basilica of St. Augustine
68 Visions of War, West Point, and Waywardness
69 QAnon cult shows America should fear the enemy within
70 COVID-19 creates heroes and villains among Britain's business elite
71 OPINION | VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: Will Trump ride off into the sunset?
72 Utopia Actor John Cusack Attacks Millions Of Americans For Voting For President Donald Trump
73 Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is treating gyms and fitness centers unfairly
74 A contest of extremes: Biden’s and Trump’s opposing positions on Russia
75 Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and the stories they tell
76 OPINION | Professor Nicoli Nattrass: Tumult at UCT Part 1
77 The GOP’s ‘Pre-Fascist’ DNA
78 If Islam Is a Religion of Violence, So Is Christianity
79 'The Anarchy' Of The East India Company | RadioWest
80 Friday, August 28
81 Ghost of past identities
82 Nuon Chea defence lashes out at court bias, 'Manichean narrative'
83 RBR Tailgating: Saturday Night Steak Salad
84 Is There Still Room for Debate?
85 An Air Force Combat Veteran Breached the Senate and Descended on Nancy Pelosi’s Office Suite
86 Miller Dismisses DACA in Emails, Mirroring Anti-Immigrant Extremists' Views
87 Donald Trump Is a Menace to American Democracy. But He Didn't Come Out of Nowhere.
88 #MeToo Is Dead. The New York Times Killed It
89 Let There Be Light – the Christian film taking on the secular-industrial complex
90 A Glimpse at the Intersectional Left’s Political Endgame
91 The Teleprompter Test: why Trump's populism is often scripted
92 For Iraq's Yazidis, Return Plan Is Full of Risk
93 Jordan Peterson's perfectly Petersonian health scare
94 On race and liberalism
95 Why Professor Cheeseman wishes for Ethiopia and Rwanda to burn
96 Revealed: the rise and rise of populist rhetoric | World news
97 China Isn't an Existential Threat to the United States
98 The Ghost of Conservatism Future
99 “Congratulations Again, Mr. President”: Trump and the Co-opting of the G.O.P.
100 The real victims of campus activism are the students