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1 The JA Student of the Week is Lily Mantlo
2 Marvel Just Revealed Immortal Hulk's REAL Weakness
3 Micronauts #1 CGC 9.8 On Auction Right Now On ComicConnect
4 Michael Mantlo, Brother of Rocket Raccoon Creator Bill Mantlo, Passes Away
5 King in Black Is Corrupting One of Marvel's Most Dangerous Heroes
6 Eustis woman jailed after clash with Gator Joe's manager
7 Every Main Hero In The MCU & Which Comic They Originated In | CBR
8 Kristen Mantlo, 34, executive director, Samantha Makes It a Little Easier | Top 40 Under 40
9 WandaVision Adds Comic Creator Credit for Monica Rambeau & Jimmy Woo
10 King in Black: Cloak and Dagger Return to Fight the Symbiote Invasion
11 The King In Black
12 How Rocket Raccoon Rescued My Brother, Famed Marvel Writer Bill Mantlo (Guest Column)
13 Getting Into WandaVision Comics: Best Scarlet Witch and Vision Storylines To Read, and in What Order?
14 Family of Bill Mantlo, Co-Creator of Rocket Raccoon and Cloak & Dagger, Create Fundraising Campaign for Medical Bills
15 John Byrne Gets His Credit In WandaVision
16 Marvel Reminds Fans Rocket Raccoon Was a Hero Before The MCU
17 Woodgod: The Marvel Comics Return No One Demanded! | CBR
18 Help 'Guardians Of The Galaxy's Rocket Raccoon Creator Bill Mantlo, A Hero In Need
19 Creator of ’Guardians of the Galaxy’ Rocket Raccoon, Bill Mantlo, needs help to get out of nursing home
20 Immortal Hulk #0 adds Marvel exclusive artist for interiors
21 The Best Comics to Read After WandaVision
22 Marvel Comics' May 2021 Solicitations
23 Now Michael, Bill Mantlo's Brother, is Asking For Your Help
24 In Loving Memory: Obituaries Of The Week April 18, 2021
25 Mantlo stepping away from CFCC men's basketball, to remain AD
26 SILBER LININGS: Five weird comics for the birthday boy
27 The 'Move Over, Superheroes' Comic Book Cover Trope
28 WandaVision: 10 Things Only Comics Fans Know About Quicksilver
29 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Makes a Mistake on the Statue of Liberty
30 Marvel Finally Calls Out The Origin of Rocket Raccoon's Name
31 Retro Reviews: Alpha Flight #29-66 By Mantlo, Mignola, Ross, Lee, Brigman & Others For Marvel Comics
32 When Even His Own Editor Didn't Get The Whole Woodgod 'Scream' Deal
33 10 Most Romantic Superhero Comics, Ranked | CBR
34 Private 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Viewing For Bill Mantlo
35 Laboratory technician graduates from Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital
36 Iron Man: Tony Stark Took Down One of His Armors With One Punch
37 Marc Guggenheim On The Influence Of Bill Mantlo
38 The Fans' Favorite: Celebrating the Work of Bill Mantlo
39 ‘I lost my heart:’ Mother pleads for help solving son’s murder two years later
40 Fantagraphics Finally Publishes Barry Windsor-Smith's Monsters OGN
41 Rom, Spaceknight Co-Writer Chris Ryall On The Influence Of Bill Mantlo
42 Greg Pak's Run On The Incredible Hulk Was Dedicated To Bill Mantlo
43 11 Influential '80s Comics That Aren't Watchmen Or The Dark Knight Returns
44 WandaVision: Vision & Scarlet Witch's First Comic Series Introduced Their Twin Sons
45 Will Mantlo named Lipscomb Academy basketball coach
46 WandaVision Leads Marvel to Reprint Scarlet Witch & Vision Comics
47 Bill Mantlo & Jackson Guice's Swords Of The Swashbuckler To Be Collected
48 Best Shots review: Immortal Hulk #37 will "make you want to go back and reread everything that's happened so far"
49 Ed Brubaker has “mixed feelings” about THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER
50 Two women arrested after special needs child found in dirty home
51 King in Black: How the God of Light Fits Into the Marvel Universe
52 Spider-Man: How Spider-Girl Helped Green Goblin's Grandson Move Past His Family Legacy
53 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Character Creators Fight for Cash and Credit
54 Fan Theory About Super Soldier Serum Could Impact The Hulk
55 "I'm dying inside" Mother hoping for justice in son's cold case
56 Rocket Raccoon Co-Creator Finally Returning Home 25 Years After Hit-and-Run Accident
57 Kanigher, Mantlo and Mendelsohn win the Finger Award for 2014
58 ROM Remix Project Fundraiser Recreates 'ROM' #1 For Mantlo
59 The Co-Creator of Rocket Raccoon From 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Is Drowning In Medical Debt | RELEVANT
60 Comics: Jane Foster is Marvel's new Valkyrie; Charlie's Angels/Bionic Woman team up
61 The X-Men Go Out For a Very Fateful Night on the Town on Christmas Eve
62 HULK's True Love Story Was Ruined By a Marvel Mistake
63 Lost 'Micronauts' Comics to Return to Print
64 Marvel is going back to print on comics that sold out thanks to WandaVision craze
65 Ryan Mantlo to take over as Cape Fear CC Athletic Director
66 The Hulk Dies After a Disgusting Attack that Flays the Skin From His Bones
67 Bill Mantlo's Birthday Gift From The Comic Book Community
68 Rocket Raccoon creator’s brother launches GoFundMe for bills (updated)
69 Lipscomb Academy names new boys basketball coach
70 Scarlet Witch: Who is Chthon, the Marvel Universe's Elder God?
71 Looking back on The Vision and the Scarlet Witch
72 Renovation of Schwartz Center taking shape
73 King in Black sends comic book collectors in search of obscure Steve Ditko-drawn Marvel back issue
74 WandaVision Popularity Makes Marvel Comics Reprint Scarlet Witch and Vision Books
75 Charity Shouldn't Have To Be Comics Creators' Only Option
76 In Loving Memory: Obituaries Of The Week July 26, 2020
77 Jenkins thinks Stallions have potential this soccer season
78 Howard The Duck's 10 Best Comic Storylines, Ranked | CBR
79 Knull’s Forgotten Creation Is at the Mercy of One of the MCU's Elders of the Universe
80 The JA Student of the Week is Clarence Calhoun IV
81 When Northstar Suffered From An Attack...That Didn't Happen Yet
82 Little League cuts ties with official
83 Hulk Almost Killed Thanos' Brother With A SINGLE Punch
84 SDCC ’17: Marc Guggenheim Attached to Swords of the Swashbucklers
85 Swords Of Swashbuckler Campaign Moves To Indiegogo
86 Marvel Unlimited Adds Classic Spider-Man and Silver Surfer in April
87 Maestro: Hulk Brings Back A Classic Marvel Enemy to Stop Hercules
88 Cape Fear Community College shows off newly renovated Schwartz Center
89 Sabra: Whatever Happened to Marvel's Israeli Mutant Hero? | CBR
90 Did a Writer Quit Mid-Issue Rather Than Write Black Costume Spider-Man?
91 Mister Fish: How the MCU Made Luke Cage's Most Ridiculous Villain Real
92 Cape Fear Community College men basketball team ready for title run
93 Marvel Comics Prepares For Wanda Vision In December
94 The Immortal Hulk Just Met His Most BRUTAL End Yet, Thanks to the U-Foes
95 Hoggard alum Traé Bryant gets head start on coaching career at CFCC
96 Knoxville Catholic assistant Kris White named Moore County football coach
97 The Comic Stash I Heroes Assemble! Marvel Team-Ups
98 CFCC mens hoops makes a few big changes
99 Marvel's Negotiations With 'Rocket Raccoon' Co-Creator Disclosed
100 Contrary to Initial Appearances, Peter's Proposal Affected Mary Jane