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1 Man with Cuban Revolution hallucinations threatens Sen. Marco Rubio, police say
2 Senator Marco Rubio, be consistent on the Supreme Court | Editorial
3 Sen. Marco Rubio Supports Senate Considering President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
4 A Conversation with Sen. Marco Rubio
5 Watch Marco Rubio at The Texas Tribune Festival
6 Rubio's hypocrisy is all too common in Supreme Court fight
7 Senator Marco Rubio pushes to keep daylight saving time
8 Marco Rubio Supports Filling Ginsburg's Supreme Court Seat
9 Marco Rubio, Rick Scott make the case for Barbara Lagoa directly to Donald Trump
10 Is Little Marco a big hypocrite? His Supreme Court vote will tell | Commentary
11 Stand by your word, Sen. Rubio, and against the mad dash for a Supreme Court appointment | Editorial
12 Marco Rubio among senators pressing to extend Daylight Saving Time
13 Rubio on peaceful transfer of power: 'We will have a legitimate & fair election' | TheHill
14 Florida US Senators Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Push To Keep Daylight-Saving Time
15 Sen. Marco Rubio talks PPP, rapid testing for Florida
16 Florida Senators Continue Efforts to "Lock The Clock"
17 Sen. Rubio could have done something | Letters
18 'Sick': Marco Rubio blasts Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi for putting politics over virus aid
19 U.S. Sen, Marco Rubio to join GOP event with Gardner in Sedalia
20 Hurricane Sally: Sen. Marco Rubio meets with Pensacola community and officials
21 Sen. Marco Rubio: Biden's economic plan is inconsistent, outdated and weak. This is not a serious blueprint
22 Marco Rubio Challenges '1619 Project,' Says Trump's Defunding Threat Hurts Kids
23 Florida Sen. Marco Rubio calls for Treasury investigation of proposed sale of GNC to China-based investor
24 Cyberattack on Miami schools prompts Marco Rubio to request DHS briefing
25 Senators: Intel community weighs more disclosures on foreign meddling
26 Marco Rubio, Bob Menendez Team Up on Combating Trafficking of Cuban Doctors Act
27 Rubio says Senate Intel will get election briefings despite Ratcliffe order
28 Rubio on potential TikTok deal: If CCP continues to control coding, company location doesn't matter
29 On Heels of Nomination, “Notorious ACB” T-Shirt Draws Criticism
30 What every Republican senator has said about filling a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year
31 Dialogues on American Foreign Policy & World Affairs: A Conversation with Sen. Marco Rubio
32 Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Ready to Vote on Trump's Supreme Court Nominee
33 Marco Rubio Won't Boycott NFL Games Over Anthem Demonstrations, It's Their Right
34 Senate Republicans renounce Trump's claim that election results 'may never be' determined
35 Trump Protesters Remind Marco Rubio About Pope Francis’ Christianity Comment After Religion Video
36 Republican leader vows peaceful power transfer, splits with Trump
37 Rubio says congressional oversight of intelligence faces 'historic crisis' following DNI announcement | TheHill
38 GOP senators' own words convict them | Letters to the Editor
39 WTAS: Support for President Donald J. Trump's Nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
40 DeSantis rolls out election-year crackdown on protesters — Rubio flips on voting for SCOTUS nominee — Charges likely to be dropped against Patriots owner
41 As Stimulus Talks Break Down Again, Rubio Ramps Up PPP Loan Query
42 Analysis: Political fundraising, Covid style
43 Why South Carolina might not 'fall back' this year from Daylight Saving Time
44 Rubio says Senate should weigh Trump nominee
45 Letters: We can't defeat COVID-19 with selfishness
46 Voters want candidates to take high road in debate
47 Brock Pierce is a former child actor and a cryptocurrency billionaire. He wants you to vote for him for president.
48 REUTHER: An American dream, or nightmare? | Opinion
49 Schumer invokes "two-hour rule" to block Senate committee hearings
50 Letters to the editor for Sept. 27, 2020
51 The Shows: Sunday listings for Sept. 27, 2020
52 Feds target predatory lenders to small business, but Pennsylvania remains a haven for the industry
53 All U.S. citizens are entitled to stimulus relief, even if they are married to foreign nationals
54 Lincoln Project ad ties Republican Senators to 'the most dangerous President'
55 ‘Veep’—Like ‘Parks And Rec’ And ‘The Princess Bride’—Announce Cast Reunion To Raise Money For Democrats
56 Florida Politicians React to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death
57 Senators Rubio and Scott Push For Daylight Savings Time Extension
58 GNC sale to China-based Harbin Pharmaceutical for $770 million approved by bankruptcy judge
59 U.S. Sen. Collins visits Pleasant River Lumber in West Enfield
60 Leonard Pitts Jr.: Can we still be a country?
61 OPPENHEIMER: President's trademark in Cuba is trademark Trump. His tough talk is all an act
62 Mitt Romney wants to punish Russia for poisoning of opposition leader
63 Ex-Radio Free Europe official: Trump-appointed agency chief brought 'chaos and uncertainty'
64 Escambia pleads directly to Trump for Hurricane Sally individual assistance
65 McConnell subtweets Trump's election fraud speculation: 'There will be an orderly transition'
66 Romney, Rubio Reject Trump’s Refusal to Commit to Peaceful Power Transfer
67 March for Our Lives to Picket Senators' Offices Over Justice Pick
68 Marco Rubio named acting Intelligence chairman after Burr steps down amid investigation
69 GOP Sen. Marco Rubio blames 'bad disconnect' with Trump administration for reported remdesivir shortage
70 Marco Rubio's mind-blowing explanation of his impeachment vote
71 Marco Rubio: The Coronavirus Shows We Need a More Resilient American Economy
72 Florida Senator Marco Rubio Says We Have A New Top Priority As Coronavirus Case Numbers Rise
73 Why Trump is focused on making Marco Rubio happy
74 Money laundering fuels ‘rampant criminality,’ senator says. Will lawmakers do something?
75 Marco Rubio misidentifies John Lewis in tweet
76 Marco Rubio, Richard Gere among 500 warning democracy under threat due to coronavirus
77 China bans Senators Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio from entry
78 Sen. Marco Rubio wants prep football in ‘20, and recommends how to do it
79 Marco Rubio finds his next act
80 The Daily 202: Marco Rubio warns of instability without structural changes to help minorities in coronavirus recovery
81 Sen. Rubio introduces bill allowing NCAA athletes to cash in on name, image, likeness
82 China Sanctions Florida Senator Marco Rubio, 5 Other Lawmakers
83 Marco Rubio tweets Chinese Consulate in Houston is a 'massive spy center'
84 Marco Rubio On COVID-19 Crisis: ‘I Don’t Think There’s Any Evidence That Restaurants Or Disney World Are Cause Of Surge’
85 Marco Rubio’s curious summary of his committee’s Russia report
86 China capable of accessing political figure emails, Marco Rubio warns
87 Rubio went all-in on small-business program that has become the centerpiece of an economic-revival push
88 Dear Marco Rubio: No, journalists are not happy to see U.S. coronavirus cases spike
89 Rubio says Democrats want to hurt Trump more than Covid aid
90 Sen. Marco Rubio says another round of loans, stimulus checks may be needed
91 GOP senators attack Lincoln Project co-founder after he invokes Marco Rubio's Cuban heritage
92 Marco Rubio in line to lead a high-profile Senate committee after Burr resigns
93 Marco Rubio Endorses Steve Bovo in Miami-Dade Mayor's Race
94 How Clueless Is Marco Rubio? He Just Mocked Democrats for Spotlighting Celebrities at the DNC
95 US Navy ‘UFO task force’ exists, and Sen. Marco Rubio wants its data on ‘aerial phenomena’ threats
96 Marco Rubio Is a Lost Soul
97 Does Florida have enough Remdesivir? Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio have different takes.
98 Sen. Marco Rubio wants to offer small businesses money so they can keep paying their employees
99 Coronavirus Florida: Marco Rubio defends small business program roasted for loans to big companies
100 Rubio vowed to make PPP loans public. Now he asks if they are trade secrets