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Result Content Idea Research
1 Guatever Episode 4 Part 1: “Reggaeton”
2 A Fresh Vision of Minimalism Foregrounds Female Artists
3 What Gen Z Latino Voters Want America To Know : Code Switch
4 Is Colombia's aviation agency trafficking for Sinaloa Cartel this time?
5 The ties between Colombia's government and organized crime
6 10 Colombian Artists Who Are Shaping Contemporary Art
7 The resurrected Medellin Cartel has the US government by the balls
8 Double lung transplant, one of the nation’s first, saves Houston-area COVID patient
9 The Month in World Photos
10 RBHS announces 1st quarter honor rolls for 2020-21 academic year
11 Jhon Jairo Velásquez, 57, Dies; Escobar Henchman Turned YouTube Star
12 Doggy deliveries help Colombians shop during pandemic
13 How to steal land the size of a small country | Part V: the Medellin elite
14 Colombia Reopens for International Tourism, New Protocols for Flights
15 Colombia Approves 15 Airports for the Restart of Operations
16 The agony of Colombia's quarantined sex workers
17 Colombia's government cornered over use of terrorism to quell protests
18 How to Prevent City Climate Action from Becoming "Green Gentrification"
19 Coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc on displaced Venezuelans
20 The Remarkable Rebirth Of Medellín
21 Meet Eros, the 8-year-old dog delivering groceries to his neighbors in Colombia
22 Surging Coronavirus Cases Push Latin America ‘to the Limit’
23 Ex Colombian cop has 'no sympathy' over death of Pablo Escobar's assassin 'Popeye'
24 Footprints guide social distancing on Medellin metro
25 Colombia to Reopen Its Borders to International Flights Starting Sept. 21
26 Colombia sees third day of declining deaths as Duque reactivates airports
27 Colombia hopes to have international air traffic normalized by November
28 Team Up Challenge Scholars Make An Impact
29 ‘Love for Medellin’: how state propaganda and terrorism instilled a culture of fear in Colombia’s 2nd largest city
30 Angel Di Maria comments on being snubbed from the Argentina national team
31 The best, most hilarious song of the coronavirus quarantine
32 In Wake of Hurricane Maria and Recent Earthquake Silicon Valley Software Engineering School Opens Campus in Puerto Rico
33 Uribe called to testify over 3 massacres 10 years after receiving Medal of Freedom for ‘opposing terrorism’
34 Colombia to extend international air travel ban until August 31
35 Coronavirus pandemic puts leadership in Colombia to the test
36 International travel will return to Colombia this month
37 Jessica Loudis · Krazy Glue for All Eternity: Mrs Escobar · LRB 18 June 2020
38 Here’s the 2020 batch of Founder Institute Medellin startups
39 Maria Victoria Henao bio: What happened to Pablo Escobar’s wife?
40 Duque's latest COVID-19 recovery plan for Colombia: bars without booze
41 Colombia's public enemy #1 are the mafia bosses who wouldn't smuggle a gram of cocaine
42 US Embassy: Spirit Air To Fly 2 Humanitarian Flights From Colombia To US MONDAY, APRIL 6
43 Colombian kidnapping victim says God is faithful
44 How one woman became the exception to her family’s Alzheimer’s history
45 Santa Maria Christmas Parade of Lights to celebrate 25th anniversary Saturday
46 Pablo Escobar's nephew finds £14m cash in wall of one of his houses
47 How Colombia's former president helped kick-start the Medellin Cartel
48 Colombian warlord: Release of death squad boss 'El Mono' from U.S. prison has Canadian victims seeking truth
49 Crossroads Honor Rolls: Let's brag about our brilliant children
50 SCC announces honor lists for 2020 spring semester
51 Pablo Escobar abused me at 14, married me at 15 but kept a bachelor pad in the garden where he had sex with
52 Medellin, Colombia sees 18% Tourism Growth from North America
53 “So Much Pain Still Exists”: Why Medellín Blew Up Pablo Escobar’s House
54 Colombians grapple with a big problem: wandering hippos
55 Quick Fire Questions: Angel Di Maria
56 The city of Medellin just blew up Pablo Escobar's house
57 Pots and pans ‘cacerolazo’ protests echo across Latin America
58 What happened to Pablo Escobar money after his death: Revealing
59 Hits Are Fleeting, but Crudo Means Raw Makes Messages That Last
60 An Increasingly Urbanized Latin America Turns to Electric Buses
61 Pablo Escobar's secret son has 'pretty good idea' of how to crack codes leading to missing millions
62 Was 'Señor T' One of Colombia's Invisible Drug Traffickers?
63 When even Miss Colombia calls to join anti-government protests
64 As the coronavirus drags on, Mexico's food prices soar
65 Coronavirus: Colombia to impose travel ban on all foreigners, except residents and diplomats
66 Pandemic Leaves Colombians Stranded in New York
67 The Women Who Travel Trips to Colombia Are a Foodie's Dream Itinerary
68 Female cartel boss known as 'Dame of Death' killed in shootout with Mexican state forces
69 Luis Gallo
70 Ellison appoints longtime advocate for racial equity to top spot in attorney general’s office
71 TAMUK students honored on presidents list, deans list, honor roll
72 Venezuela faces COVID-19 outbreak with hospitals that at times lack soap and water
73 Colombia Town Outside Medellín Sees Murders Rise Then Drop
74 How narco's 'great friend' became Colombia's counternarcotics chief
75 US, Colombian Governments Sign Cooperation Pact To Benefit Afrocolombians, US HBCUs
76 Puerto Rico faces uneven and underfunded recovery
77 Fear-mongering of Colombia’s ruling party backfires; senator apologizes
78 ColombiaModa Spotlights Medellin's Transformation Over 30 Years
79 Audio proves Duque’s party conspired with narcos to rig Colombia’s presidential election
80 In a Colombian Family's Dementia, a Journey Through Race and History
81 Pablo Escobar's Wife Apologizes to Colombia for Drug Lord, Says He Forced Her to Have Abortion at Age 14
82 Camilo Restrepo: the revolutionary architect of Medellín
83 Routes: United at SFO + Alaska, JSX, Philippine, JetBlue, Spirit, airport news at DEN, JFK
84 The Pablo Escobar Legacy: Virgin Auctions in Medellin
85 'El Montañero' Capture Shows Power of El Mesa Crime Group in Colombia
86 Colombia's transport minister clueless about restart international air travel
87 Uribe’s personal assistant resigns over Colombia’s 2018 election fraud scandal
89 Maria Emma Gaviria re-elected World Archery Americas President until 2022
90 Colombia was brought online by a young internet pioneer
91 Paul Castellano and Gloria Olarte: What Happened to the Lovers?
92 Students and teachers paralyze Colombia’s capital demanding more education, less police violence
93 Medellín: City of inclusive innovation
94 Hauser Jr. High names 1st trimester 2019 honors students
95 Cartels took Medellin cartel place after Pablo Escobar's death
96 ‘I’ve been through hell’: J Balvin on breakdowns, Escobar and Beyoncé
97 Griselda Blanco
98 Medellin Sees Strong Tourism Growth in 2018
99 J Balvin Wishes Ex-Girlfriend A Happy Birthday In An Emotional Message And Some People Are Feeling The Love
100 Flowers via a stranger: Chileans compromise on Mother`s Day cemetery visits