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1 2021 budget plan: Spain's minority government relies on controversial allies
2 Mariano Rajoy ousted as Spain's prime minister
3 No Shame as Spain’s Former Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, Breaks Quarantine Rules and Goes Out to Do Exercise
4 Mariano Rajoy to step down as leader of People’s party
5 Nobody Likes Mariano Rajoy – Foreign Policy
6 Mariano Rajoy Fails to Gain Backing for Spain’s New Government
7 Mariano Rajoy Re-elected as Spain’s Prime Minister
8 Former PM Mariano Rajoy goes back to his old job as property registrar
9 Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government
10 Spanish spying probe points at top Popular Party ex-officials
11 Catalonia independence: Rajoy dissolves Catalan parliament
12 Mariano Rajoy tells Spain: Choose me or the hard-left
13 Spanish socialists file no-confidence motion against Mariano Rajoy
14 Readout of the President's Call with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of Spain
15 Mariano Rajoy: Spain’s ‘safe pair of hands’ risking it all on Catalonia
16 Spanish prime minister to face confidence vote on Friday
17 Profile: Mariano Rajoy
18 Mariano Rajoy: "I wouldn't like to see Neymar at Real Madrid"
19 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy inadvertently reveals ‘private lunch’
20 There was no independence referendum in Catalonia today: Spain PM
21 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy keeps counsel as corruption allegations fly
22 Rajoy takes refuge in restaurant, as Congress debates his ouster
23 Former PM Rajoy named in police report as part of “Operation Kitchen”
24 Conservative Mariano Rajoy is sworn in as Spain's new prime minister
25 FACTBOX: Five facts about Spain's Mariano Rajoy
26 President Trump repeatedly calls Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ‘president’ during joint press conference
27 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Calls for Aggressive Push Against Populism
28 Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy takes Catalonia's reform to court
29 Spanish PM Rajoy rebuffs Catalonia over budget powers
30 Mariano Rajoy given date for corruption scandal hearing
31 Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Appears in No Rush to Form Post-Election Government
32 Mariano Rajoy, solidly in charge in Spain
33 Spanish conservatives pick Pablo Casado to replace Rajoy
34 Catalonia: Mariano Rajoy demands restoration of democracy
35 Mariano Rajoy says new government is wishful thinking
36 From PM to pushing papers: the new life of Spain’s Mariano Rajoy
37 'They were fully aware I wasn't going to authorise a referendum': Rajoy speaks at Catalan trial
38 Catalonia election: Spain's Mariano Rajoy rules out new national vote
39 What just happened to Spain’s prime minister, and what’s the fallout?
40 Actually, Trump Was Right to Call Rajoy 'President' of Spain (Sort of)
41 Catalan crisis: Spain's Rajoy vows to end 'separatist havoc'
42 Mariano Rajoy seizes on Spain’s falling jobless figures
43 Mariano Rajoy must solve Catalan crisis or step aside, says former PM José María Aznar
44 Spain: PM Mariano Rajoy threatens Catalonia's autonomy
45 Most people in Spanish public life are honest, says Mariano Rajoy
46 Spain’s Ciudadanos opens door to coalition talks with Mariano Rajoy
47 Migrants are paying the price of Mariano Rajoy’s ‘state of emergency’
48 Spain avoids third election and ends 10-month political impasse
49 The strain in Spain: Catalans seize on Mariano Rajoy's moment of May‑ness
50 Spain's Abortion Battle Pits Conservative Prime Minister Against Public Opinion
51 Spain's Mariano Rajoy refuses to step down
52 Rajoy has an issue with Western Balkans summit in Sofia
53 Mariano Rajoy: “May the best team win”
54 Rajoy vs Puigdemont: A profile of two leaders
55 Mariano Rajoy announces abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain
56 Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he expects a "new era based on dialogue" will open in Catalonia
57 Spain corruption scandal turns up heat on PM Rajoy
58 Spanish PM Rajoy to ask constitutional court to suspend Catalan referendum
59 Kosovo is not Catalonia, Kosovo's Thaci tells absent Spanish PM Rajoy
60 Rajoy offers to serve as Trump's bridge to Europe and Latin America
61 Adiós, Rajoy: Spaniards can’t stomach the stench of corruption in ruling party
62 Scottish independence: Spain blocks Alex Salmond's hopes for EU transition
63 Mysterious Mariano
64 Why Ciudadanos' Albert Rivera is the candidate best placed to oust Mariano Rajoy as Spanish PM
65 Spanish PM plans to meet with Donald Trump at White House in September
66 Spain’s León province upset at Rajoy for calling UK “cradle of parliamentarism”
67 Mariano Rajoy: Keep calm and do nothing
68 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy’s Carnival double is a hit on Twitter
69 Fighting talk from Spain PM Rajoy on Catalan breakaway
70 Spain Barcenas affair: Documents 'implicate PM Rajoy'
71 Rajoy’s letter proves he has a hidden agenda, claims Spanish opposition
72 No joke: Spanish prime minister's party suggests ban on internet memes
73 Spain King Felipe VI tasks acting PM Mariano Rajoy with forming new government
74 Mariano Rajoy Sticks to his Working Reform – Escambray
75 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy re-elected as Popular Party leader
76 Obama praises Rajoy but warns that jobs remain biggest challenge