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1 Trial highlights shadowy past of Spain's conservative party
2 How former Spanish king Juan Carlos I’s affair with Corinna Larsen turned into ‘a matter of state’
3 Mariano Rajoy ousted as Spain's prime minister
4 Mariano Rajoy to step down as leader of People’s party
5 Former President of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, spotted breaking confinement laws by jogging outside his Madrid home during lockdown
6 Spanish spying probe points at top Popular Party ex-officials
7 Mariano Rajoy becomes first serving Spanish PM to testify in criminal case
8 Ten covert police operations that took place under Spain’s PP government
9 Spanish government investigates former PM Rajoy for alleged lockdown breach
10 Former PM Mariano Rajoy goes back to his old job as property registrar
11 Mariano Rajoy Re-elected as Spain’s Prime Minister
12 Spain’s Supreme Court confirms convictions in Gürtel graft case
13 Spanish prime minister to face confidence vote on Friday
14 Rajoy Government in Spain Is Threatened by Verdicts in Corruption Case
15 Mariano Rajoy, Spanish Prime Minister, Punched in Face by Teenager
16 Podemos to table no-confidence vote against Mariano Rajoy amid corruption scandal
17 Catalonia independence: Rajoy dissolves Catalan parliament
18 Mariano Rajoy: Spain’s ‘safe pair of hands’ risking it all on Catalonia
19 Rajoy takes refuge in restaurant, as Congress debates his ouster
20 Mariano Rajoy’s politics of inertia
21 Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy takes Catalonia's reform to court
22 Mariano Rajoy drawn into court case as corruption woes hit party
23 Mariano Rajoy
24 Coronavirus has shown us that there are new ways of improving ties between India and Spain
25 Conservative Mariano Rajoy is sworn in as Spain's new prime minister
26 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called to testify in corruption scandal
27 Spanish elections: Mariano Rajoy struggles to build coalition
28 Mariano Rajoy tells Spain: Choose me or the hard-left
29 Spain's ousted PM Mariano Rajoy to stand down as leader of the People's Party
30 Mariano Rajoy’s (non) strategy on Catalonia
31 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy ousted in no-confidence vote amid corruption scandal
32 President Trump repeatedly calls Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy ‘president’ during joint press conference
33 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy inadvertently reveals ‘private lunch’
34 Catalonia: Mariano Rajoy demands restoration of democracy
35 Spain’s Popular Party Elects Pablo Casado, a Hard Liner, to Replace Rajoy
36 Time to go Mr Rajoy? Latest poll reveals most voters want PM to quit
37 Catalonia election: Spain's Mariano Rajoy rules out new national vote
38 Spain: PM Mariano Rajoy threatens Catalonia's autonomy
39 Catalonia Showdown Tests Spanish Leader’s Instinct for Survival
40 Mariano Rajoy on Catalonia: ‘There won’t be a referendum’
41 FACTBOX: Five facts about Spain's Mariano Rajoy
42 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy keeps counsel as corruption allegations fly
43 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Leaves Leo Messi off His Ballon D'Or Top 3
44 Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Appears in No Rush to Form Post-Election Government
45 What just happened to Spain’s prime minister, and what’s the fallout?
46 Spain avoids third election and ends 10-month political impasse
47 Last polls before Spain election put Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in front
48 Mariano Rajoy: If UK leaves EU, so does Gibraltar
49 Rajoy warns France, Italy to watch out for independence movements
50 The strain in Spain: Catalans seize on Mariano Rajoy's moment of May‑ness
51 Merkel tells Rajoy of support for unity of Spain
52 Spain corruption scandal turns up heat on PM Rajoy
53 Mariano Rajoy of Spain Steps Up in Debt Crisis
54 Spain’s Ciudadanos opens door to coalition talks with Mariano Rajoy
55 One million call for Mariano Rajoy to resign
56 Corruption scandals threaten Mariano Rajoy’s future
57 Rajoy has an issue with Western Balkans summit in Sofia
58 Spanish PM Rajoy rebuffs Catalonia over budget powers
59 Governing Party in Spain Loses Majority in Parliamentary Election
60 Spain’s Interim Leader Bids to Form New Government
61 Most people in Spanish public life are honest, says Mariano Rajoy
62 Spanish PM Rajoy Forced Out of Office
63 Mariano Rajoy hopes for a rally-round-the-flag effect
64 Mariano Rajoy: “May the best team win”
65 May backed us on Catalonia. Brexit will not break our bond
66 Spanish PM says Eta's crimes will not go unpunished
67 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy Says Will Fight For Spain Unity Ahead Of Catalan Leader Vote
68 Spain's Prime Minister Rajoy falls victim to prank call
69 How the crisis in Catalonia is helping Rajoy consolidate power
70 Spain's Abortion Battle Pits Conservative Prime Minister Against Public Opinion
71 Spain’s PM Rajoy might run for a third term, but conditions apply
72 A new chapter
73 Migrants are paying the price of Mariano Rajoy’s ‘state of emergency’
74 Five takeaways from the Spanish four-way debate
75 Spain’s degree scandal hits at heart of government
76 Kosovo is not Catalonia, Kosovo's Thaci tells absent Spanish PM Rajoy
77 Mariano Rajoy: Keep calm and do nothing
78 Spain's Socialist leader Sanchez to become prime minister after Rajoy loses no-confidence vote
79 Spain’s Mariano Rajoy: “Catalonia will never be independent in any way”
80 Protesters in Spain call for ousting of premier Mariano Rajoy
81 Spanish PM plans to meet with Donald Trump at White House in September
82 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy opposes EU talks with Scotland
83 Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to Seek Re-Election in 2015 Spanish National Polls
84 Who is Pedro Sanchez, leader of Spain’s Socialist Workers’ Party?
85 Scottish independence: Mariano Rajoy says Scotland would be 'outside EU'
86 Spain, France upset Brussels’ Balkan plans
87 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy rebukes Catalan leader for not clarifying independence declaration
88 New poll: Spain’s PP retains lead as Socialists climb to second place
89 Opposition leader Pedro Sanchez takes the helm in Spain after Rajoy ousted in confidence vote
90 PM Rajoy skips Spanish election debate
91 Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy’s Carnival double is a hit on Twitter
92 Venezuelan leader blasts Rajoy, mocks Trump
93 Spanish PM urges Catalans to vote separatists out | ITV News
94 Cabinet reshaped by Spain's Rajoy draws strong opposition criticism
95 Spain King Felipe VI tasks acting PM Mariano Rajoy with forming new government
96 Rajoy offers to serve as Trump's bridge to Europe and Latin America
97 Catalonia vote: Spain PM Rajoy 'ready for dialogue'
98 Spain’s political parties combine to oppose Catalan secession
99 Spanish people's party reelects Mariano Rajoy to party leadership
100 Prime Minister Modi holds talks with President Mariano Rajoy of Spain