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1 Seismic Tests Hurt Whale More Than Thought, Enviros Say
2 Slim pickings on big federal workforce changes in 2021 legislation
3 An Influential Islander: Mark Anderson
4 Orca mother who carried her dead calf for weeks is pregnant again, researchers reveal
5 Pacific walruses haulout near Point Lay earliest on record, tribal government cautions travelers to prevent disturbances
6 Caught on cam: Tour guide saves dolphin in distress in Lemon Bay; FWC says, not so fast
7 AAAS Press Briefing: Protecting the Health of Endangered Whales
8 Despite its low cost to taxpayers, Trump's budget eliminates the Marine Mammal Commission
9 Trump's budget jettisons 'irreplaceable' marine mammals agency
10 Zero Dollars for Marine Mammals?
11 Seal-control argument misreads Marine Mammal Protection Act
12 Bottlenose Could Be NC's Marine Mammal
13 It's Time to Rethink the Practice of Whale Watching
14 Judge weighs shutting down Southeast Alaska Chinook fishery for Puget Sound killer whales
15 NOAA Fisheries sued for permitting Hilcorp seismic blasting in Cook Inlet
16 Sharks, seals, ecosystems and intrusion by humans
17 Information Management: Selected Agencies Need to Fully Address Federal Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements
18 The Controversial Plan to Move Five Captive Belugas
19 Endangered right whales act as environmental barometers | Cornell Chronicle
20 Massachusetts group wants to end federal protection for seals to mitigate Cape Cod sharks
21 Shot through the Head, and You're to Blame
22 Boaters broke the record for killing manatees in 2019
23 Lawsuit Challenges Hilcorp's Plan to Blast Cook Inlet Beluga Whales
24 Recovering the Southern Residents: lessons learned from other populations presentation on April 18
25 This is Hvaldimir: The ongoing debate around Norway's mysterious beluga
26 San Pedro’s Marine Mammal Care Center facing serious financial crunch
27 World's rarest seal finds refuge on notorious prison island
28 Whaling Museum’s new book explores past, present, and future of marine mammal sounds
29 Groups sue over rules they say could harm belugas in Alaska
30 Newport Beach is working on a plan to curb marine mammal entanglements in fishing lines and hooks
31 NOAA establishes final rule on marine mammal bycatch for seafood imports
32 EC demands marine mammal bycatch action from France, Spain, Sweden
33 Perspective: Thirty more marine mammal habitats awarded status as Important Marine Mammal Areas
34 Spillway opening foreshadows how dolphins may fare with planned river diversions, experts say
35 Two Rescued Manatees Released In Florida Keys Waters
36 Ganges Dolphin Census Shows Small Rise in Number in Uttar Pradesh
37 Trump Administration Says Companies Can 'Incidentally Harass' Marine Mammals
38 GSA Looking To Lease 126K SF In Suburban Maryland
39 San Pedro's Marine Mammal Care Center Hosts EDM-Filled Fundraiser At Aquarium Of The Pacific
40 Dolphin swimming ban under final review
41 Employee engagement in 2019 FEVS remains stable after tumultuous year, OPM says
42 Congress is willing to risk lives of dwindling whales and dolphins | TheHill
43 GSA Aims to Lease 126K-SF in Suburban Maryland
44 Faroes: Sustainable whaling and sealing in line with the SDGs
45 White House Order Shutters Some Key Advisory Committees
46 Cetaceans under threat in South China Sea
47 Mexican agency says gov't must pay fishermen to save vaquita
48 Take a Breath, Thank a Whale
49 Boy Scout creates role-playing game to teach youth about threats to marine mammals
50 Six dolphins taken to a secret location where they will be trained to search for undersea mines
51 Russia lists Caspian seals and orcas as endangered species after 'whale jail' controversy
52 Functional diversity of marine megafauna in the Anthropocene
53 A critically injured baby whale got a dose of medicine from marine mammal experts
54 Commission pledges $5 million in tourist funds to Mote | AMI Sun
55 Two dolphins with fatal injuries found off Florida coast
56 New 'beaked' whale species discovered off coast of Japan
57 Inslee signs bill package to protect, aid, grow orca and salmon population in Salish Sea
58 Marine mammal scientist remembered for contributions, and character
59 Dolphins are dying at an alarming rate off Louisiana's coast
60 Fishing Rule Aims To Do For All Marine Mammals What It Did For The Dolphin
61 Fishing line recycling at Balboa Pier gets OK from Newport Beach parks commission
62 A Path to Creating the First Generation of High Seas Protected Areas
63 Scientists Discover New Beaked Whale Species Off Japanese Coast
64 Navy's Plan To Protect Marine Mammals Under Scrutiny
65 New rules would make it easier to find oil — and endanger whales and dolphins
66 Worms in Raw Seafood Have Increased 280x, But It's Not Sushi We Should Worry About
67 First 'song' recorded from rare, lovelorn, right whale off Alaska
68 Manatee injured by boat on Imperial River rescued, recuperating at Sea World
69 Lawsuit claims Cook Inlet exploration would diminish endangered belugas
70 Endangered Puget Sound orca recovery depends on efforts to save salmon and the habitat
71 Cape gray seal population estimated at up to 50K
72 Wildlife Biologist Discovers Possible Factor in Cook Inlet Beluga-whale Population Decrease
73 Congress seeks to weaken the Marine Mammal Protection Act
74 Enviros Say Alaska Oil & Gas Seismic Tests Will Harm Whales
75 Scientists call for immediate EU action to protect dolphins and porpoises following NGO request
76 Permit process for Mid-Barataria Diversion delayed until April 2022
77 OPM on endangered species list, again
78 First veterinary TED Fellow speaks to the plight of an ocean in trouble
79 A Humane World
80 Rescue shows need for marine mammal hospital
81 FOLLOWUP: Investigation confirms sea lion was 9th pinniped shot dead in recent months
82 After 20 years, Washington tribe hopes to hunt whales again
83 New LNG project avoids pipeline debate, electing instead for ice breakers and a Bering Sea shipping route
84 Stevens wants 'scientific integrity' principles in COVID-19 legislation
85 American Lobster Fishery Impacts Endangered Right Whale
86 Why Are These Mine-Sniffing Dolphins in a Cargo Plane?
87 Trump's Plans For Exploration Of Oil And Gas Could Hurt Marine Life : The Two-Way
88 Influential Mote scientist Dr. John Reynolds III dies at 65
89 Solutions sought for whale entanglements
90 No one knows why decapitated sea lions keep turning up in Vancouver Island
91 In Photos: The World's Most Endangered Marine Mammal
92 Capturing wild animals for study can stress them to death. Is it worth it?
93 Kaktovik is crawling with polar bears. Now a man is going to prison for wasting one.
94 Endangered Efforts: Time to Bid Farewell to Vaquita? – The Log
95 Whale watching thrives, despite plight of Southern Resident orcas
96 Springtime Brings Fla. Manatees to NC
97 Underwater Cameras Tackle Tough Questions for Fishery
98 Tracking migration patterns of marine predators yields geopolitical challenges
99 An Unraveling Web
100 Six ways the new Old Spice ad violates the Marine Mammal Protection Act