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1 Tippecanoe and Lapid too: US pollsters import American-style campaigns to Israel
2 Divides on Israel among Democrats highlighted in Ohio special congressional race
3 Mellman: The likely voter sham | TheHill
4 Polling isn’t broken. But we too often miss its hidden signals.
5 Mellman: The folly in questions people can't answer | TheHill
6 Mellman: Mired in Partisanship | TheHill
7 ‘The stakes in this race are high’: pro-Israel lobbying group attacks Nina Turner for not condemning BDS
8 Centrist Democrat Mark Mellman's Pro-Israel Group Attacks Sanders
9 We're not safe while Trump is president. Remove him now to protect us and our future.
10 Mellman: Do debates matter? | TheHill
11 Mellman: The 2016 and 2020 races: What's different? | TheHill
12 Mellman: What happened after Ginsburg? | TheHill
13 Mellman: Is Biden really ahead of Trump? | TheHill
14 Mellman: Battle of the suburbs | TheHill
15 DMFI rejects claim it received GOP funding
16 Mellman: Is it Trump or the virus? | TheHill
17 Mellman: The Democratic deficits | TheHill
18 Mellman: Do party platforms matter for candidates? | TheHill
19 Mellman: Geography and gerrymander | TheHill
20 Mark Mellman: A failure of GOP leadership | TheHill
21 Democrat group pans lawmakers who called Palestinian hamlet’s razing illegal
22 Mellman: The next American revolution | TheHill
23 Mark Mellman: Are we doing it all wrong? | TheHill
24 Fighting Netanyahu and Ilhan Omar at the same time: The strategist working both Israeli and U.S. elections
25 DMFI taking a step back from presidential race
26 DMFI poll shows overwhelming Democratic support for pro-Israel DNC platform
27 No, the Democrats aren’t abandoning Israel. This election proved it.
28 Lapid jets back from US after pre-election parley with Democrat advisers
29 Mellman: Race and empathy | TheHill
30 #SocialDistance Arts & Entertainment: March 4–7
31 Money in politics is not like it once was. Will pro-Israel donors adapt?
32 Mellman: Roberts rescues the right? | TheHill
33 New Iowa ad questions Bernie Sanders' electability, references his heart attack
34 Can Richard Neal avoid the same fate as Eliot Engel?
35 Democratic Majority for Israel PAC endorses Raphael Warnock, who is under fire for his past Israel views
36 After a year of pandemic and protest, and a big election, America is as divided as ever
37 Mark Mellman: Watergate Republicans vs. Trump Republicans | TheHill
38 Dems fear another rural wipeout will reelect Trump
39 DMFI releases new round of congressional endorsements
40 Pro-Israel group warns Israeli leaders that West Bank annexation would damage US-Israel alliance
41 Senate Democrats likely to face key test of unity on 2022 budget | TheHill
42 Biden to nominate four-star retired Gen. Lloyd Austin as defense secretary
43 DMFI congratulates Bowman, defends its $2 million spend to boost Engel
44 Born on the 4th: Israeli parties look to US playbook for pandemic-era campaigns
45 Pro-Israel groups react to Rep. Dan Lipinski's primary loss in Illinois
46 Pro-Israel groups backing Cuellar celebrate primary victory against progressive opponent
47 Center-left, pro-Israel PAC backs Georgia candidate criticized for Israel views
48 Mellman: Seeing the seduction of science | TheHill
49 Netanyahu fails to secure loyalty in his bloc, but so do his rivals
50 Democrats launch group to keep party in pro-Israel camp
51 Daily Kickoff: Josh Mandel on his latest Senate run + Trump attorney David Schoen takes us behind the scenes
52 Trump Goes Unmentioned in Most TV Ads for House, Senate Campaigns
53 Pro-Israel PAC endorses Joe Biden for president
54 The Memo: In defense of the 2020 presidential polls | TheHill
55 Mellman: What's socialism anyway? | TheHill
56 As Santa Trump goes, will Netanyahu seek Biden rifts in place of election gifts?
57 Democratic lobby group defends Israel's demolition of Palestinian hamlet
58 The Memo: Biden landslide creeps into view | TheHill
59 These Democratic Insiders Want to Keep the Party From Moving Left on Israel-Palestine
60 Amid pandemic and polarization, voters break turnout records in some key states
61 Trump, Republicans’ fallacy about Dems, Israel | Opinion
62 Mellman: Should the majority rule? | TheHill
63 Pro-Israel groups say new congressional makeup bodes well for bipartisanship
64 The Pro-Israel Progressive Movement Notches a Win
65 Ocasio-Cortez withdraws from event to commemorate Yitzhak Rabin
66 How and where the Democrats and Republicans are trying to woo Jewish swing voters
67 Mellman: The 'lane theory' is the wrong lane to be in | TheHill
68 The dirty little secret pollsters need to own up to
69 Trump and Netanyahu Put Bipartisan Support for Israel at Risk
70 Pro-Israel Democratic Super PAC to Air Attack Ads Against Bernie Sanders
71 Is there a need for another big Washington pro-Israel group?
72 Blue and White chances of joining next Knesset fall, mergers rejected
73 Mark Mellman: The crisis of police legitimacy | TheHill
74 DMFI defends attack ads against Bowman despite Engel's objections
75 How Harry Reid's pollster got it right
76 Nov. Election: How Much Does Fundraising Matter?
77 Mellman: Trump, the Andrew Johnson of our time | TheHill
78 Bronx dumps pro-Israel Engel for Bowman, a progressive critic of Israel
79 Biden lost Florida because of Orthodox Jews in Miami — Democratic pollster
80 A pro-Israel lobby group has launched a campaign against Jewish candidate Bernie Sanders
81 Far-right views of Jewish candidate Loomer cause concern post-primary win
82 Spending in New Mexico primary highlights dark money at work
83 Mellman: Changing views of transgender rights | TheHill
84 Moderates Search for a Savior
85 Why Trump's lies aren't the sort this democracy usually tolerates
86 Massachusetts Dems say Israel a factor in their voting, new poll shows
87 Exclusive: Nevada poll shows Biden-Sanders showdown in a tightening Democratic race
88 How Defining Biden Has Become a Struggle for Trump
89 Sara Gideon could flip Susan Collins' Senate seat blue. She's building a wide base of Jewish support to do so.
90 Odd bedfellows converge in San Diego congressional race
91 Jewish Democrats welcome Meeks’ appt. as chair of Foreign Affairs Cmte.
92 Two-Thirds of US Voters View Themselves as Pro-Israel, New Poll Finds
93 Mellman: Which is the right question? | TheHill
94 AIPAC Is Helping Fund Anti-Sanders Super PAC Ads in Nevada
95 Mellman: How well does Congress represent America? | TheHill
96 Biden's lead over Trump widens – but strain on his virtual campaign grows
97 Mellman: How important is candidate age? | TheHill
98 As seniors turn against Trump, are old Florida Jews among them?
99 On Biden to-do list: Stop talk that he starts as a lame duck
100 New Democratic Majority for Israel to establish PAC