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1 Biden's NSA May Face Legal Fight Over Trump-Installed Lawyer
2 British judge set to rule on extradition of WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange to U.S.
3 Brian Murphy's Attorney On DHS Whistleblower Complaint
4 Lawyer who represents whistleblowers loses malpractice insurance because of 'high-profile' work
5 Insurer Drops Whistle-Blower Lawyer, Citing High-Profile Work
6 'A little disinformation goes a long way': Inside the whistleblower lawyer's fight against attempts to smear him and his client
7 Whistleblowers welcome: Mark Zaid represents Trump accuser, others with secrets to share
8 7. Insurer's decision to drop whistleblower lawyer raises concerns
9 Meet the LI native who is the whistleblower's lawyer
10 ‘We will hunt you down’: Man threatened attorney of Trump whistleblower, prosecutors say
11 DHS Whistleblower’s Attorney Accuses Trump Admin of ‘Smearing’ Him in Effort to Silence His Client: ‘A New Low…’
12 U.S. whistleblower was pressed to exaggerate leftist role in urban protests, lawyer says
13 Ukraine whistleblower lawyer threatens suit against Trump over ICC sanctions
14 Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lawyer Offers Free Legal Representation to Coronavirus Whistleblowers
15 Whistleblower’s Lawyer Responds to Firestorm Over Past ‘Coup Has Started,’ ‘We Will Get Rid of Him’ Tweets
16 Lawyers for U.S. Homeland Security whistleblower get security clearances
17 Meet the lawyer at center of whistleblower case: 'It is an everyday adventure' | TheHill
18 2nd whistleblower comes forward after speaking with IG: Attorney
19 Whistleblower's lawyer says his client was demoted at Homeland Security Dept. for political reasons
20 Mark Waid's Lawyer, Mark Zaid, is Representing the Trump Whistleblower
21 Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lawyer Calls for Mueller to Speak Out About Michael Flynn — and Much More
22 Deposition of U.S. Homeland Security whistleblower unlikely before election, lawyer says
23 Trump Critic Who Represented Ukraine Whistleblower: Prosecute the Unmasker Who Leaked Flynn Info
24 Bread Shortages In Sudan Mark A Fragile Period For The Country's Government
25 The U.S. government can’t sue someone just for making Melania Trump look bad
26 Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lawyer Says John Bolton Is in ‘Real Legal Jeopardy’
27 ‘Are you QAnon?’: One Trump official’s brush with an internet cult gone horribly wrong
28 Beaverton man remains in federal jail
29 GOP Smears Whistleblower Lawyer with Even More Misleading Version of ‘Coup Has Started’ Tweet
30 Homeland Security whistleblower not yet ready to testify
31 Mark Zaid, whistleblower lawyer, hostile to Donald Trump
32 Trump impeachment trial: Sekulow closes by misrepresenting Zaid tweet
33 Whistleblower’s Lawyer Gets Dumped By Malpractice Insurer After Trump’s Impeachment
34 10 senators propose new bill to help victims of 'Havana Syndrome'
35 John Bolton's Big Paycheck For His Book May Be In Jeopardy
36 Opinion | We Represented the Whistle-Blower. The Law Needs Urgent Help.
37 That Mark Zaid Hydra Quote That's Suddenly In The News
38 Whistleblowers' attorney went to Albany Law School
39 We represent the whistleblower. Their identity is no longer relevant.
40 Ukraine Whistleblower’s Lawyers Representing Alexander Vindman’s Brother in Retaliation Complaint Against Trump
41 Mark Zaid, the Whistleblower's Lawyer: 5 Fast Facts
42 Attorney in whistleblower case has ties to Rochester
43 Whistleblower's attorney says they drafted complaint 'entirely on their own'
44 Whistleblower Brian Murphy says he was demoted for refusing to alter reports on Russian election interference, white supremacist threats
45 Michigan man made death threat to Trump whistleblower’s attorney, feds say
46 No Self-Respecting Lawyer Should Touch Trump’s Election-Fraud Claims
47 Richard Meyer Has Voluntarily Dismissed Lawsuit against Mark Waid
48 DHS whistleblower testimony delayed again amid security clearance dispute
49 Watchdogs open probes into alleged misconduct and retaliation at US Agency for Global Media
50 How a C.I.A. Coverup Targeted a Whistle-blower
51 Ex-U.S. Homeland Security intelligence official to give congressional testimony
52 DOJ aims to stop publication of book in new lawsuit against John Bolton
53 Trump’s purge of inspectors general is a crisis. Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.
54 Covington teen Nick Sandmann's attorney threatens CNN, Washington Post with more legal action
55 Mark Zaid: Opposing Trump doesn't mean disclosing classified information is OK
56 Cliff Sims, who wrote tell-all White House memoir, joins spy office
57 Families sue Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar in U.S. court for death of relatives
58 Meet the Attorneys Representing the Trump Whistleblower
59 Laura Ingraham Walks Back False Claim That Whistleblower's Attorney Represented Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer
60 Congressional panel subpoenas top Homeland official in whistleblower probe
61 Whistleblower lawyer acknowledges client had 'contact' with presidential candidates
62 Palestinians Greet Our New Prexy With an Old Trick
63 Bloomberg
64 Navy Veteran Michael White Freed After Being 'Held Hostage' In Iran, Returning to U.S.
65 Trump wants whistleblower to do what he wouldn't: Answer questions in person
66 Lori Loughlin’s ‘unbelievable arrogance’: Experts mull huge ‘blow’ to star’s defense
67 'It's Frightening All Around.' Former Intelligence Officials Warn Trump's Debt Is a National Security Threat
68 Fact-checking claims about the whistleblower's legal team
69 Trump wins dismissal of wine bar's unfair competition lawsuit
70 A Top Prosecutor from Robert Mueller's Russia Investigation is Writing a Book
71 Official Claims Pressure to Alter Homeland Security Intel
72 Andrew Bakaj, a CT native, is impeachment whistleblower’s legal shield
73 Whistleblower’s attorney says team now representing ‘multiple’ officials as impeachment inquiry expands
74 Ex-CIA director Brennan writes in upcoming memoir that Trump blocked access to records and notes
75 Reality Winner isn’t a whistleblower — or a victim of Trump’s war on leaks
76 Allan Gerson, Attorney Who Helped Victims Of International Terrorism, Dies At 74
77 Trump loyalist Michael Pack plots final purge at federal media agency before Biden takes office
78 ‘Inaam’ a short film streaming on The Short Cuts is a treat to watch this Republic Day
79 Whistleblower's lawyer accuses Republicans of hypocrisy | TheHill
80 The Gravity of Michael Ellis' Promotion to Senior Director for Intelligence at the White House
81 Schiff delays deposition of Homeland Security whistleblower
82 Feds: Man accused of threatening Trump whistleblower's lawyer is suicidal, has violent past
83 Lawyer: US Navy veteran held in Iran sentenced to 10 years
84 Whistleblower’s lawyers say their client never worked for any political candidate
85 Trump Campaign Lawyer Comically Filed Election Lawsuit in Court That Had No Authority to Hear the Case
86 Intelligence community wrestles with a security threat: Coronavirus hardship
87 CNBC is just the latest news org to be embarrassed by a leak prosecution
88 SCOTUS on Trump Financial Documents: Trump v. Vance & Trump v. Mazars
89 Vets groups demand Dan Crenshaw investigation following VA IG report
90 Do Capitol Hill Interns Need Background Checks?
91 ‘Pot Calling the Kettle Black’: National Security Experts Call Out Fmr. George W. Bush Press Secretary’s ‘Unmasking’ Take
92 Homeland Security whistleblower delays House testimony
93 Rubio seeks additional care for CIA and State employees suffering the ‘Havana syndrome’
94 Trump Homeland Security pick denies intelligence meddling
95 Collector sues after rare $78K Pokemon card goes missing in the mail
96 ‘Flood’ of GOP Congressional Staffers Say They’re Being Forced to Work on Capitol Hill Without Masks: Report
97 Trial date set for Beaverton federal inmate
98 Intelligence Community Adapts to New Realities of Security Clearance Evaluation Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic | New York Law Journal
99 VA watchdog investigating allegations Wilkie sought to discredit aide who reported sexual assault | TheHill
100 Some Lawyers Think Covington Catholic’s Nick Sandmann Walked Away from Media Lawsuits with Peanuts