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1 Have your say: Is Lisa's Marmite Hummus yum or yuck?
2 Marmite pasta: Disgusting or delicious?
3 Nigella Lawson trolled for Marmite pasta recipe that's branded an 'abomination'
4 Nigella Lawson fans 'recoil in horror' over bizarre Marmite pasta recipe
5 The real question of the election: how thick does your MP spread their Marmite?
6 Nigella Lawson divides fans with Vegemite pasta recipe: 'Italians, don't shout at me'
7 'We have been a marmite brand pretty much from day one': BrewDog co-founder responds to online criticism of Scottish brewery
8 Angling chat: Meet the Marmite of the fishing world
9 James Martin's legendary Yorkshire puddings | This Morning
10 In the name of science, I tasted the weirdest vodka shot chasers so you don't have to
11 Boss of troll hunting firm says Alex Scott is 'prime target' for abuse
12 'Two iconic Kiwi brands collide to create Lisa's Marmite Hummus'
13 Friday Debate – Xbox Series X or PS5, which next-gen console are you getting?
14 U.K. Suffers Marmite Shortage During COVID-19 Pandemic
15 Marmite says pub shutdown means no larger jars for now
16 Influencers, designers and celebs are loving one new trend…crocs
17 Love it or hate it, Marmite is having a massive foodie moment
18 Brewing slowdown hits Marmite production
19 Tom Hollander wife: Is Tom Hollander married?
20 Marmite suggests making a hot drink using yeast spread
21 'Like a mug of the River Styx': Hot Marmite Drink, reviewed
22 Marmite Facts You'll Either Love Or Hate
23 Marmite shortage blamed on low supply of yeast
24 Marmite restricts supplies due to shortage of brewer's yeast
25 Lockdown Larder: Five London chefs tell us how they cook with marmite
26 Love it or hate it: Marmite hummus hits UK shelves
27 Carlsberg steps in to combat lack of Marmite stocks by sending more brewer's yeast to Unilever
28 Marks & Spencer launches Marmite Cream Cheese
29 Marmite and Lynx unveil new body wash and spray collaboration
30 Lynx and Marmite social-distancing deodorant attracts nationwide coverage
31 Lynx Teams Up with Marmite for 'World's First Social-Distancing Deodorant'
32 BrewDog offers to help Marmite out
33 Tesco Is Selling Marmite Flavoured Houmous And We Don't Know How To Feel
34 Vegans lash out at Marmite for adding milk to new houmous concoction
35 Tesla – the marmite of stocks
36 You Can Now Get Marmite Flavoured Houmous In Tesco
37 Man finds emoji in a jar of Marmite
38 Peanut Butter and Marmite on Toast Will Fuel Extra Muscle Gain
39 'The Omnichannel Omnishambles': The Experiential Column in association with CircleSquare
40 Spread the word: Marmite just isn't kosher any more
41 Any Other Questions with... Rachel Chinouriri
42 How Marmite and Bovril ended up on breakfast tables around the world
43 Marmite: Americans wonder what's all the fuss over divisive British spread?
44 Bent claims Leeds ace who impressed at Anfield got ‘no credit whatsoever’ last season
45 The world is running out of Marmite? I need to panic buy! – Susan Morrison
46 Great Taste Awards 2020: the winners | Weekend
47 5 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Remote Meetings
48 Marston's brewery comes to the rescue of Marmite amid yeast shortage
49 Where To Buy Marmite Houmous By Aoife Hanna
50 Marmite lets nation decide on smooth or crunchy peanut butter via 'Nuterendum'
51 Marmite, 7Up, smoked butter … chefs on how to improve your cooking for £5
52 If Marmite is made from brewer's yeast, does it contain alcohol?
53 5 ideas to copy to make open plan living work for you
54 Love it or hate it? Marmite releases hummus flavour spread
55 Marmite’s Smooth Peanut Butter Is Here To Split The Nation
56 Love it or hate it: Marmite cream cheese is coming to a store near you
57 Marmite, mayhem and free will
58 Marmite cream-cheese toast with mushrooms recipe
59 Marmite and cheddar sticky buns recipe
60 M&S launch new Marmite range and it includes butter and cheese
61 Marmite Cheese Straws
62 ‘Sensational’: Some Arsenal fans react as Olivier Giroud’s linked with Euro giants
63 Marmite to launch second edition of its peanut butter and Marmite mash-up
64 Airport contraband: Leave the Marmite at home, aviation security warns
65 Marks and Spencer launches controversial Marmite Cheese Twist for just £1
66 'We send you Marmite, you send us Vegemite': Boris hails Australia trade talks
67 Introducing Marmite scented body spray and wash
68 UK unhappy Vegemites over Marmite shortage
69 Marmite tries to hypnotize haters with new 'Mind Control' ads
70 Comment: Unilever's London HQ move shouldn't be Marmite to investors. It's the right decision all round
71 The maker of Axe has a new Marmite-scented body spray – and it's called Africa
72 Marmite goes subliminal for Mind Control campaign
73 12 best tweets of the week, including beans and Keanu Reeves
74 Marmite and carrot soup
75 People are using Marmite to make ‘perfectly crispy’ roast potatoes & even haters are giving it a go
76 Love it or hate it? Marmite can help you decide
77 From Marmite to potato wedges – nine surprising and tasty superfoods to add to your cupboard
78 7 weird and unexpected things food photographers do to make their shots look perfect
79 Forgotten Liverpool transfer has become success nobody could have expected
80 'Kick in the teeth' as new Marmite cream cheese isn't on sale in hometown Burton
81 Cooking in Quarantine: Marmite's Bruce Naftaly Offers Soup for the Soul
82 Marmite smooth peanut butter hits UK supermarkets in controversial new launch
83 Marmite "AA x Marmite blipvert" by Adam & Eve/DDB
84 Tributes paid to former councillors
85 Poll: Do you prefer Marmite or Vegemite?
86 Finally, a Hack for Reaching Your Marmite
87 Marmite is hunting for its biggest haters
88 The Vegemite challenge: how does Vegemite compare to other yeast spreads?
89 Cheesy Marmite straws from Alvin Caudwell
90 Ten things you'll love/hate to know about Marmite
91 Why are Marmite adverts banned? Ads for salty foods could leave daytime TV!
92 CHOICE taste test ranks Vegemite salt reduced higher than original and Marmite
93 Marmite: A potted history of the British-born spread
94 Unilever Unveils Marmite Smooth Peanut Butter
95 Marmite haters are HYPNOTISED into loving the controversial spread
96 Pickle juice and Marmite: the 11 best hangover cures – by pub landlords
97 Love them or hate them, these are London's best marmite dishes
98 Zip it, Kim Kardashian – Taylor Swift is the Marmite we're all coming to love
99 The great Kiwi debate: Where do you keep your Marmite?
100 Stock up on your Marmite