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1 Will Law And Order Need To Be Enforced During Election Day Polling?
2 How Endorsement Of Trump Could Affect Legitimacy Of Police
3 How Police, National Guard And Military Are Preparing For Election Day Tensions
4 Seattle Officials Shut Down Police-Free Zone Known As 'CHOP'
5 NPR Correspondent Looks Back At The Decade In Policing
6 How Seattle's Police Chief Has Navigated The City's Protests For Racial Justice
7 Martin Kaste
8 Why Experts Say The Police Don't Need Militias' Help
9 Oregon Law Enforcement Turns Down Governor's Help Request
10 Seattle Police Forcibly Clear Protest Zone
11 How To Stop Police Officers From Getting New Police Jobs After Misconduct
12 Customs And Border Protection Officers Criticized For Being In Portland
13 NYPD Study: Implicit Bias Training's Effect On Policing Unclear
14 Who Are The Protesters Who Make The Anti-Police Movement Not Entirely Peaceful?
15 The Pandemic Creates A Perfect Environment For New Types Of Fraud
16 New Orleans Police Program Aims To Stop Police Misconduct, Reduce Burnout
17 Suspect In Portland, Ore., Shooting Is Killed By Law Enforcement
18 'We Recognize That There's A Need To Change': What Police Think About Civil Unrest
19 Examples Of Reimagining Police Departments That Show Promise
20 'Qualified Immunity': A Doctrine That Made It Much Harder To Sue The Police
21 Restraint Case From 2010 Echoes Method Used To Hold George Floyd
22 Why Police Departments Across The U.S. Use Different Tactics To Handle Protests
23 Reopening Sparks The Debate About Who Should Enforce Social-Distancing Rules
24 Portland, Ore., Had A Long Weekend Of Dueling Protests And Rallies
25 Washington State Hit Hard By Unemployment Fraud
26 Coaxing Cops To Tackle Cybercrime? There's An App For That
27 What It's Like Inside The 'Autonomous Zone' Near A Seattle Police Precinct
28 US Sees 1st Coronavirus Death
29 U.S. Hospitals Prepare For A COVID-19 Wave
30 After Coronavirus Deaths Near Seattle, Growing Concern About Illness In Nursing Homes
31 'I Felt Like Rip Van Winkle': One Of The 1st U.S. Doctors With COVID-19 Is Back Home
32 If Critical Supplies Run Out, Here's How Hospitals Will Make Tough Choices
33 Trump Administration Targets Your 'Warrant-Proof' Encrypted Messages
34 Prisons And Jails Worry About Becoming Coronavirus 'Incubators'
35 Warrant-Proof Encrypted Messages Targeted By Trump Administration
36 Critics Say Federal Prosecutors Are Pushing The Envelope With Protest Charges
37 Wash. Investigates More Possible Coronavirus Cases Amid Fears Of A Regional Outbreak
38 The Language Of Cybercrime
39 US Hospitals Fear Coronavirus Crunch
40 Doorbell Cameras Are Popular, But Should We Be Sharing The Videos Online?
41 Seattle Hospitals Brace For Wave Of COVID-19 Patients
42 After COVID-19 Hit The U.S., Our New Reality Started
43 Preparing Hospitals For Ventilator Shortages : Shots
44 New York Bail Reform Set To Take Effect Jan. 1
45 Does New York City Need Gun Control?
46 How New York, California And Washington Are Dealing With COVID-19
47 Washington State Returns Unused Army Hospital As COVID-19 Curve Flattens
48 'Reasonableness' Standard For Police Is Under Pressure After High-Profile Shootings
49 Using Cell Phone Numbers As A Secondary ID Can Pose Security Risks, Experts Say
50 Federal Government Plans To Resume Death Penalty After 20-Year Hiatus
51 America's Growing Cop Shortage
52 What The Killing Of A Fort Worth Woman Says About Police Training
53 Offensive Social Media Posts By Police Lead To Internal Investigations In Several Cities
54 Gun Studies: Permit Laws Reduce Murders; Red Flag Laws Cut Suicides
55 How Many Crimes Do Your Police 'Clear'? Now You Can Find Out
56 Real-Time Facial Recognition Is Available, But Will U.S. Police Buy It?
57 Are Police Being Taught To Pull The Trigger Too Fast?
58 Many Cities Are Seeing A Rise In Guns Stolen From Cars
59 During Call To Ukraine President, Trump Disparages A U.S. Ambassador
60 Despite Heightened Fear Of School Shootings, It's Not A Growing Epidemic
61 Supreme Court Limits Asset Forfeiture, But Defining 'Excessive' Is Tricky
62 Shortage Of Officers Fuels Police Recruiting Crisis
63 The Role Extended Magazines Are Playing In The Gun Control Debate
64 How Data Analysis Is Driving Policing
65 Some Sheriffs In Rural Washington Refuse To Enforce New Gun Law
66 Investigators Probe Software's Role In Deadly Boeing 737 Max Crashes
67 San Francisco Votes To Ban Use Of Facial Recognition Surveillance Technology
68 Experts Talk Best Practices For Facial Recognition Technology
69 Police Response To San Bernardino Stokes Militarization Fears
70 How The Texas Church Shooter Was Able To Purchase A Gun
71 To Change Police Practices, A Push For Liability Insurance In Minneapolis
72 Democratic Presidential Candidates Disagree On Mandatory Gun Buyback
73 Police Departments Issuing Body Cameras Discover Drawbacks : All Tech Considered
74 For Local Cops In Germany, No Talk Of 'Sanctuary Cities'
75 Department Of Homeland Security Facing Lawsuit Over Use Of GPS Tracking Along Border
76 Police Militarization Becomes A Hot Topic
77 Police Continue To Investigate El Paso Shooting As Death Toll Rises To 22
78 Gun Carry Laws Can Complicate Police Interactions
79 System For Reporting Police Killings Unreliable, Study Finds
80 Whale Watchers Accused Of Loving Endangered Orcas To Death
81 California Cops Frustrated With 'Catch-And-Release' Crime-Fighting
82 As Police Body Cameras Increase, What About All That Video?
83 The Site Of The Berlin Airlift Now Serves As Refugee Shelter And Big Open Park
84 Eliminating Police Bias When Handling Drug-Sniffing Dogs
85 When Sheriffs Won't Enforce The Law
86 German Soccer Player Says He Quit National Team Because Of Racism
87 New York Death Reignites Decades-Old Debate Over Neck Restraints
88 Police Officers Fear More For Their Safety, Pew Survey Finds
89 What Went Wrong — A Police Video Deconstructed
90 Sandra Bland Video Shows An Argument With Police Officer
91 House Passes Second Gun Background Check Bill In As Many Days
92 For Police, A Debate Over Force, Cop Culture And Confrontation
93 Futurist 40 Years Later: Possibilities, Not Predictions
94 Why Police Departments Have A Hard Time Recruiting Blacks
95 Investigators Still Looking For A Motive Behind Thousand Oaks Shooting
96 Why Utah Is The Only State Trying To Track And Limit SWAT-Style Tactics
97 Police Still Investigating Background Of Driver In NYC Terror Attack
98 Trying To Better Detect Potential Mass Shooters After Las Vegas
99 What It Takes To Get Guns Out Of The Wrong Hands
100 Fact Check: Is Left-Wing Violence Rising?