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Result Content Idea Research
1 Is 'cultural Marxism' really taking over universities? I crunched some numbers to find out
2 The New York Times Reported 'the Mainstreaming of Marxism in US Colleges' 30 Years Ago. Today, We See the Results | Jon Miltimore, Dan Sanchez
3 Black Lives Matter's Goal to 'Disrupt' the Nuclear Family Fits a Marxist Aim That Goes Back a Century and a Half | Jon Miltimore
4 Like the Soviets, Black Lives Matter Purges Its History
5 Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization
6 Data prove that Black Lives Matter is not an 'anarchist Marxist' group
7 Leave Black Lives Matter's Marxism out of sports
8 Why Liberals Should Unite With Socialists, Not the Right
9 'Transgender Black Marxists' seek to overthrow U.S., Trump backer Michele Bachmann says
10 Transition Network clearly Marxist
11 Fact-Checking New York Times Fact-Checker on BLM's China Links
12 Pat Robertson warns BLM will fuel Marxist revolution
13 It’s High Time We Tell the Truth about the Evils of Marx and Marxism
14 Is Marxism still relevant? – a commentary
15 Mainstreaming Marxism
16 Commentary: Marxists, Smarxists. Black Lives Matter.
17 To Destroy America
18 BLM now a Marxist terrorist group
19 NJ senator says systemic racism doesn’t exist, Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization at 9/11 ceremony
20 Detroit police chief makes baseless claims about 'Marxist' protesters on Fox News
21 Marxism is a threat to United States | Letters To The Editor
22 What is cultural Marxism and is it really taking over universities everywhere?
23 The Rise of Cultural Marxism
24 Marxist memes for TikTok teens: can the internet radicalize teenagers for the left?
25 COMMENTARY: America at a crossroad | Opinion |
26 Transition Movement, permaculture not Marxist
27 America's holy war: The 2020 election | TheHill
28 EXPOSED: BLM quietly scrubs anti-American, Marxist language from its website
29 Michele Bachmann: "Transgender Black Marxists" are "seeking the overthrow of the United States"
30 Herschel Walker slams BLM movement, challenges NFL owners and players who support 'trained Marxists'
31 Arwa Salih and the Lost Generation of Egyptian Communism
32 News
33 The dangers of cultural Marxism
34 A world on the brink: revolution looming
35 The Looming Threat of a Socialist America
36 Opinion: Black Lives Matter’s goal to ‘disrupt’ nuclear family fits century-old Marxist aim
37 The Lessons We Need to Learn From Europe's Struggle Against Fascism
38 MPs MUST resist Marxist unconscious bias tests, Sir John Hayes rages
39 Kangana Ranaut reacts after Javed Akhtar tweets ‘Bhagat Singh was Marxist’
40 The Wall Street Crash and the Great Depression: Lessons for today
41 A Marxist view from Portugal on U.S. elections and decline of Washington’s power
42 Social studies standards for schools inadequate: Bluegrass Institute
43 ONLINE: Revolutionary Philosohpy of Marxism
44 Review of 'Chartist Revolution' by Rob Sewell: pre-order now!
45 VIDEO: Students defend Black Lives Matter's Marxist beliefs at campus march
46 Doherty says systemic racism doesn’t exist, calls Black Lives Matter “Marxist organization” in 9/11 speech
47 Letters: Dems encourage rioting, Marxism, coronavirus lies; Teacher humbled by valuable lessons learned; Faith restored with help of 3 kind people | READER COMMENTARY
48 Trump promises to ban Marxism from classrooms
49 READER LETTER: What do you want our schools teaching?
50 Antifa made me Christian
51 Babri demolition: 'Travesty of justice,' says Opposition as special court acquits LK Advani, others
52 Trump calls Detroit police chief 'terrific'
53 Trump Calls for ‘Patriotic Education’ to Defend American History From the Left
54 Bluegrass Institute supports former state education board members' request to recall, revise social studies standards
55 What Democratic Socialists Should Think About Anti-Communism
56 When Protestors Show Up, Police Chief Craig Calls Them Communist
57 Opinion: Christianity is dying in America because of constant 'incendiary' racist comments
58 Trump Backers Target 'Left-Wing Media', Marxists and Nancy Pelosi
59 PolitiFact: Is Black Lives Matter a Marxist movement?
60 Trump: Democrats completely taken over by 'socialists, Marxists and far-left extremists
61 Congress calls Bihar unit chief to Delhi for crucial talks to resolve impasse over seat sharing with...
62 LETTER: Vote for Trump | Opinion |
63 Matthew T. Mangino: A ship without a captain, compass or rudder
64 Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as 'trained Marxist'
65 ONLINE: Why We Are Marxists
66 Podcasts
67 Why is the nationalist right hallucinating a ‘communist enemy’?
68 Deep algebra for deep beats: The beautiful sounds of musical programming
69 Marx on Christianity, Judaism, evolution, and race
70 Against Wokeness
71 Readers Write: Wallace failed in his job as debate moderator
72 Robin Diel: Woke Marxism supports 'forcible overthrow' of social conditions
73 The FinCEN leaks and the corruption of capitalism
74 Teaching material calling for end of capitalism banned from schools as ministers brand it ‘extreme’
75 Egypt's Gamal Abdel Nasser Was a Towering Figure Who Left an Ambiguous Legacy
76 Rudy Giuliani calls Black Lives Matter ‘a Marxist organization’
77 Walter Williams: Are today's leftists truly Marxists?
78 Kneeling for Marxism
79 A Black Marxist Scholar Wanted to Talk About Race. It Ignited a Fury.
80 Russell Oliver on Creating the Cover Artwork for IDLES' 'Ultra Mono'
81 Historian Joseph Scalice responds to Stalinist Sison's foul imagery
82 Is BLM Funneling Money From China to the Democrats?
83 Why You Should Be a Socialist — and a Marxist
84 A primer on the Proud Boys, the far-right group Trump told to 'stand by'
85 Farm bills: Haryana Congress announces over month-long protest schedule
86 'The Communist Manifesto': Marxism rises in the West
87 Marxism remains a dangerous idea
88 What does it mean to be a Marxist?
89 Mineral Independent
90 Say you want a Marxist revolution? BLM steps up
91 Marxist IQ: A hot, revolutionary July – Communist Party USA
92 YANG | A Marxist Lens on the Digital Age
93 Colby Cosh: Remembering Yuri Fyodorovich Orlov — the scientist who took on the Soviet Union
94 Fascism Scholar Says U.S. Is 'Losing Its Democratic Status'
95 Dana White defends Colby Covington: 'I don't know if I heard anything racist that he said'
96 Column: Marxism Remains a Dangerous Idea
97 Letter: Bob Ohneiser, Lucketts
98 After the latest betrayal, it's time to change the leadership of the Nigerian trade unions
99 Darwinism as Hegelian Dialectics Applied to Biology
100 Rally calls for civility, features exchanges