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1 The new Mass Effect's teaser image references both Mass Effect 2 and Andromeda
2 5 Heartbreaking Mass Effect Moments We're Not Ready to Relive in the Legendary Collection
3 BioWare confirms Mass Effect remaster in 2021, new Mass Effect later
4 Mass Effect: The 10 Best Written Companions In The Franchise, Ranked
5 Where should Mass Effect go next?
6 Mass Effect: 5 Reasons Why The Original Is The Best In The Series (And 5 Why Mass Effect 2 Is Better)
7 The New Mass Effect Screenshots Point To Both Andromeda And The Milky Way, Which Is Great News For Andromeda 2
8 Mass Effect's Intelligent Salarian Alien Race Offer More Than Meets the Eye
9 Concept art for next Mass Effect game surfaces in new art book
10 Mass Effect: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Commander Shepard
11 Mass Effect voice cast reunite for a "very special" N7 Day panel
12 Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 4 Changes the Remaster NEEDS (and 4 That Should Stay the Same)
13 All the Changes Made to ME3's Ending Before Mass Effect Legendary Edition
14 What choices will you make differently in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?
15 Mass Effect: How the Shadow Broker Built the Ultimate Hideout
16 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy's Companions Would Have The Biggest Benefit
17 This Mass Effect Custom PlayStation 5 Console Is Fan Made But Looks Absolutely Amazing
18 Mass Effect Legendary Edition Probably Won't Fix One Common BioWare Issue
19 Mass Effect voice cast are reuniting to celebrate N7 Day
20 Bioware Narrative Director John Epler Claims Fan Disappointment With Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 Was “The Proto-GamerGate”
21 Outriders May Just Be a Marriage of Mass Effect and Borderlands
22 10 Questions That Need Answering In Mass Effect 5 | TheGamer
23 Meet the community still obsessing over Mass Effect 2 10 years later
24 The 10 Best Xbox 360 RPGs, Ranked | Game Rant
25 Mass Effect: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Protheans
26 'Mass Effect 2' endures 10 years later because it was willing to burn it all down
27 10 Hidden Details Everyone Missed In Mass Effect 2 | Game Rant
28 Why 'Mass Effect 2' Was the Series' Pinnacle, and What to Learn from It
29 Top 15 games to play on Xbox Series X
30 Why Mass Effect 2 is a Classic Game 10 Years Later | Game Rant
31 Mass Effect 2 Is One Of The Best Sequel Games Of All Time: Retro Review
32 Mass Effect Fan Reveals Incredible Grunt Cosplay | Game Rant
33 Can Mass Effect really be remastered?
34 Mass Effect 5's Best Bet is to Follow Mass Effect 2's Lead
35 Mass Effect 2 Writer Reveals Origin of Hilariously Awkward Romance Prompt
36 10 years later, Mass Effect 2's Suicide Mission is BioWare at the top of its game
37 10 Best Side Quests In RPGs That Are As Good As The Main Quest
38 5 Changes That Have Been a Long Time Coming for The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy
39 Mass Effect 2: Every Loyalty Mission, Ranked From Worst To Best
40 Mass Effect 2 Writer Reveals Hilarious Origin of Awkward Thane Romance Dialogue
41 Mass Effect 2 was BioWare Operating at the Peak of its Powers
42 Games that defined the Decade: Mass Effect 2 had strength in storytelling by not being afraid to kill off its heroes
43 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is still coming — but not in 2020
44 Mass Effect 5
45 Every Mass Effect Game Ranked, According to Critics | CBR
46 Mass Effect trilogy remaster ‘scheduled for October release but could slip’, journalist claims
47 Mass Effect 2: 10 Reasons Why It's The Best Sci-Fi Game Of All Time
48 Mass Effect 5: 10 Ways It Can Improve Upon Andromeda | Game Rant
49 Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered listings for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch pop up on retailer's site
50 Mass Effect 4: 5 Things We Know So Far (& 5 Crazy Rumors)
51 The Hardest Decisions (And Their Consequences) In The Entire Mass Effect Franchise
52 Mass Effect Trilogy is probably out March 2021
53 Games of the Decade: Mass Effect 2 gave me characters I will cherish forever
54 Gaming : Top 5 rated Xbox 360 games
55 Mass Effect Trilogy may finally be remastered in March 2021
56 A Decade Later Mass Effect 2 Remains a Masterpiece
57 Will Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Have All DLC? | Game Rant
58 "Mass Effect 2" Tops Best EA Games List
59 BioWare's next game is Mass Effect trilogy remastered on consoles & PC
60 Gaming Detail: Mass Effect 2 Accurately Shows The Solar System In 2185
61 10 Years Later: 'Mass Effect 2' is An All-Time Sci-fi Classic
62 A Complete Mass Effect Companion Tier List | Game Rant
63 Reports Hint Towards a Mass Effect ‘Legendary Edition’
64 Billie Eilish's Mom Was in Saints Row and Mass Effect 2
65 Mass Effect: 10 Things That Make No Sense About The Franchise
66 The One Mass Effect Game You Can’t Play Anymore | CBR
67 The Release Date For The Rumored Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster May Have Just Been Leaked On Twitter
68 Mass Effect writer details how a last-minute fix resulted in one of the cringiest lines ever
69 The Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Rumors Are Incredibly Dangerous
70 Decade Memoir #5: Alex Donaldson
71 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Predictions and Wish List
72 The 10 Worst Deaths in The Mass Effect Games | TheGamer
73 The Mass Effect Franchise is About Choices Steeped in Consequences
74 It turns out 9 out of 10 Mass Effect players were Paragon
75 The Top 8 Games from EA Franchises: Mass Effect 2, Dead Space 2, More
76 10 Squadmates We'd Love To See In Mass Effect: Andromeda 2
77 5 open-world games like The Witcher 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition
78 'Mass Effect' trilogy remastered release date: 1 reason for hope post-EA Play
79 Mass Effect 2 Wiki Guide
80 After Patch, Mass Effect: Andromeda Is a Much Better Game but Still Full of Wasted Potential
81 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy: Every Change It Should Make to Its Companions
82 Ranking Every Mass Effect Expansion (According To Metacritic)
83 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting Mass Effect | Game Rant
84 Mass Effect 5 Companion Wish List | Game Rant
85 Mass Effect 5 Needs To Take This One Feature From Dragon Age
86 Resident Evil 4 Remake Assets From Capcom Leak Could Prove It's Coming
87 Mass Effect 3 Is a Flawed, Imperfect Ending to a Glorious Gaming Narrative: Retro Review
88 Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster: Cut Content That Could Be Restored
89 5 Best Mass Effect Teammates (& 5 Worst) | Game Rant
90 Mass Effect: Grunt, the Untested Soldier, Explained | CBR
91 Billie Eilish’s mom was in Mass Effect
92 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Release Date: Every Rumor and Theory
93 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Could Easily Make One Big Change to Javik
94 Mass Effect 2: 10 Reasons It's Overrated As Hell
95 Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy Pre-Order Listing May Confirm Leak
96 The Mass Effect trilogy remaster everyone wants is already here
97 Mass Effect vs Dragon Age: How BioWare's Flagship Series Compare
98 Which Mass Effect 2 Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?
99 Mass Effect 5 Needs to Bring Its A-Game When It Releases
100 One of the best RPGs ever made is 10 years old today