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1 Matteo Salvini’s European Vision
2 Italy's Coalition Government Fends off Salvini
3 Matteo Salvini's Unexpected Loss
4 Italy's former Deputy PM Matteo Salvini attacked in the street by a Congolese woman
5 Italian local elections: Matteo Salvini's league fail to capture left-wing Tuscany but continue to gain ground
6 Beyond Salvini: the rise of Eurosceptic Giorgia Meloni
7 Matteo Salvini bemoans Italy becoming 'Chinese colony'
8 Woman tears off Matteo Salvini's rosary on campaign trail
9 Why Matteo Salvini Wouldn’t Mind Being Prosecuted
10 Italy's senate votes to lift Matteo Salvini's immunity from prosecution
11 Italy's 'election day': A preview | EUROPP
12 Italian senate to decide whether Matteo Salvini will face criminal trial
13 Matteo Salvini trial for kidnapping authorised by Italian senate
14 'We are ready': Salvini calls for election in anti-government protest
15 After COVID-19: will Matteo Salvini lead Europe's radical right?
16 Salvini attacks Italy PM over coronavirus and links to rescue ship
17 Italian Far-Right Leader Matteo Salvini Could Face Trial for Detained Migrants
18 Matteo Salvini is out but not down
19 Italy Election Deals Blow to Nationalist Leader Salvini
20 Italy’s Salvini Eyes Revival After Virus Spreads Among Migrants
21 Why loneliness fuels populism
22 Italy's Matteo Salvini leads anti-government rally in Rome
23 Matteo Salvini fails to make waves in local election but Italy's government remains on a knife edge
24 Far-right leader Matteo Salvini warned over plans to speak in UK
25 Italian populist Matteo Salvini is campaigning for a comeback — by serving gelato and live-streaming from an underwear store
26 Salvini Remains at the Eye of Italy’s Political Storm
27 Italy's Matteo Salvini criticized after being spotted walking outside in Rome
28 Matteo Salvini still looms large over Italy’s politics
29 Italy’s Populists Lost Power—And Now the Press
30 King of selfies Matteo Salvini finds himself sidelined by Italy's coronavirus crisis
31 Italy's Matteo Salvini loses immunity and faces trial for holding rescued migrants offshore
32 Italy: Matteo Salvini suffers setback in regional election
33 Salvini pelted with eggs on visit to southern Italian virus hotspot
34 Matteo Salvini Is Rewriting the Populist Playbook
35 Matteo Salvini seeks power in Rome through regional victory
36 Italian politics: Matteo Salvini’s comeback bid
37 Matteo Salvini is down, but here's why he isn't out for the count just yet
38 Has the refugee ship sailed for Italy's Matteo Salvini?
39 Virus puts brakes on Salvini's far-right message in Italy
40 'Sardines' against Salvini: Italy's fight against the far right
41 Matteo Salvini: the master campaigner counts cost of strategic errors
42 Court of ministers accuses Matteo Salvini of abusing power
43 Why Italy's Matteo Salvini Is the Most Feared Man in Europe
44 Italian right-wing leader Matteo Salvini cleared to face possible charges for refusing to allow migrants to disembark
45 From Italy to Iowa: Lessons for the Left
46 Matteo Salvini thwarted in attempt to find way back to power in Italy
47 Immunity panel rejects Open Arms trial for Salvini
48 Dueling Matteos Battle for the Future of Italy
49 Salvini Calls for Early Elections in Italy
50 As Italy's coalition wobbles, Salvini's moment approaches
51 The Successors to Italy's Matteo Salvini Are the Identitarians
52 Italy, M5S asks to postpone changes to Salvini migrant decrees
53 Italy's far-right Salvini fails to gain foothold in key regional election
54 The key to Matteo Salvini's comeback bid
55 Italy's Matteo Salvini faces new trial risk for holding migrants on ship
56 Italy Senate panel votes down Salvini probe over stranded migrants
57 Salvini blasts government as migrant 'smugglers' accomplice'
58 Salvini Demands $11 Billion Aid for Italians Hit by Coronavirus Lockdown
59 Italy's Salvini Abortion Comments Fuel Ire
60 Italy's Matteo Salvini Is Back With a Vengeance
61 Italy's far-right leader Salvini pledges return to power at Rome rally
62 Artist creates black-faced portrait of Italian far-right politician Matteo Salvini
63 Crowd heckles Italy's far-right leader Salvini
64 Matteo Salvini’s anger about Italian short-sellers is misplaced
65 Italy's Salvini risks new trial over alleged migrant kidnapping
66 Salvini vows to 'evict' government if far right wins Italy regional polls
67 Italy elections curtail sweep of right-wing Matteo Salvini to power
68 The Right-Wing Steamroller: First Trump in the US, then Bolsonaro in Brazil, now Salvini in Italy..... No, wait! Salvini was Defeated!!
69 How COVID-19 Scrambled Italy’s Politics and Dented Salvini’s Appeal
70 Italy's Matteo Salvini Hopes To Lead Nationalist Wave In Upcoming European Elections
71 Italian politician Matteo Salvini blasts sculpture showing him shooting refugees
72 How Matteo Salvini pulled Italy to the far right
73 Sardines squeeze into Italian cities for biggest anti-Salvini protests yet
74 Matteo Salvini's League fails to topple Italy government in regional vote, exit polls suggest
75 Italy's government is still weak, despite election blow to rival Salvini
76 Italy's Salvini loses 'aura of invincibility' in Emilia setback
77 Matteo Salvini’s Permanent Campaign Turns to European Parliament
78 Matteo Salvini: 'Sardines' pack in for Rome protest
79 Who is Matteo Salvini, Italy's new radical interior minister?
80 Matteo Salvini Likes Nutella and Kittens. It’s All Part of a Social Media Strategy.
81 Beat the virus first, then say 'goodbye to EU' if necessary, Italy’s Salvini says | Daily Sabah
82 "Defending Italy is not a crime” – Matteo Salvini as Italian Senate stripped him of immunity
83 Italy Populist Defeated in Key Vote, Lifting Conte Coalition
84 Italy's Salvini leads anti-government rally in Rome
85 Return of the populist: Matteo Salvini launches his political comeback
86 Italy places more migrants across Europe as Matteo Salvini focuses on economy
87 'European Trump' Narrowly Defeated in Key Italian Vote
88 Salvini May Have Lost Emilia Romagna, But the League Is Still on the Rise
89 Why the Italian Prime Minister's Resignation Could Dampen Matteo Salvini's Ambitions
90 'Berlin and Brussels got it wrong!' Salvini's fury as Russia helps Italy in COVID-19 chaos
91 Italy's right-wing firebrand Matteo Salvini triumphs in leftist stronghold
92 Salvini fails in bid to push Italy into populist corner
93 'Sardines against Salvini': Italians pack squares in protest against far right
94 Italy's Salvini triumphant in left-wing stronghold of Umbria
95 Matteo Salvini Announces New European Alliance of Far-Right Populists
96 Italy's Sardines push back against Salvini's nationalist tide
97 Salvini down, but not out in Italy regional poll
98 Italy Senate votes to lift Matteo Salvini's parliamentary immunity over migrant treatment
99 Migrants aren’t spreading coronavirus – but nationalists are blaming them anyway
100 Matteo Salvini: a political chameleon thriving on fears