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1 Maxine Waters Says Police Reform Is 'Not Enough,' Demands Getting Rid Of 'Racist, Ignorant And Stupid Cops'
2 Jeremy Corbyn's Opponents Burned the House Down to Stop Him — Now Keir Starmer Is King of the Ashes
3 Donald Trump says he's an ally of peaceful protesters. Here's what he said in the past
4 The world begins to reckon with its racism
5 LA County Supes Unanimously Call for Independent Oversight of Investigation Into LASD Shooting of Andres Guardado |
6 How Blindness to Anti-Semitism Threatens Parties and Movements | Opinion
7 State Leaders Propose Chokehold and Crowd Control Reforms, While at the County Level, Advocates Call for Changes That Go Deeper Than Use-of-Force Policy |
8 Fauci warns that ‘consequences could be really serious’ if states move too quickly to reopen
9 Maxine Waters claims Donald Trump will invite Vladimir Putin to the White House
10 Movies on TV this week, June 7: Mary Poppins; Finding Nemo
11 Coronavirus US: Trump BANS Fauci from testifying to the House
12 Watching the State of the Union address with Maxine Waters and clueless Democrats
13 Pelosi, Hollywood and high taxes: Here's everything Trump has tweeted about California
14 Minneapolis Mayor says George Floyd would still be alive if he were white
15 Maxine Waters supporters burn American flag outside California rep's office
16 House Members Wear Masks During Historic Vote as COVID-19 Impacts Lawmakers' Families
17 Maxine Waters reacts to flag burning demonstration outside her office this week
18 Key Committee Chair Broke Promise On Marijuana Justice Before Banking Vote, Advocates Say
19 Protesters Defend LA Congresswoman Maxine Waters – NBC Los Angeles
20 Coronavirus Plasma Treatment Shows Signs of Promise
21 71 members of Congress during Clinton impeachment weigh in on Trump
22 Coronavirus updates in NYC and beyond: The news on April 21-23
23 Analysis | The Finance 202: The biggest bank merger since financial crisis is on table today in Congress
24 TMZ: Rep. Maxine Waters' District Office Evacuated Over 'Anthrax' Package
25 Maxine Waters Isn’t Afraid To Talk Impeachment
26 State of the Union: Trump boasts of economic gains on eve of impeachment verdict
27 President Trump has been impeached: Live updates
28 Perfect Harmony: An Interview with Legendary Vocal Group the Waters
29 Indy Explains: What Nevada unemployment insurance can, can't do to ease coming joblessness wave
30 Trump attacks Maxine Waters accusing congresswoman of being corrupt
31 President Trump goes scorched-earth against impeachment push
32 'It was the courteous thing to do
33 Trump Suggests Injecting COVID-19 Patients with Disinfectant, Leaving Doctors Aghast
34 Headlines for April 24, 2020
35 Pelosi demands briefing on US-Iran strike, Graham says he was informed beforehand
36 Maxine Waters Launches Late Night Twitter Tirade on Donald Trump: 'Don the Con Man Got Conned!'
37 'I think I'd take it' is the last straw. Nancy Pelosi, it's time to impeach Trump.
38 Rep. Maxine Waters' Epic Trump Burn Is Her Greatest Yet
39 Mike Pence is 'planning' for his presidential inauguration, senior Democrat claims
40 Trump: Insurance companies should pay 'what's fair' for business interruption losses from COVID-19
41 Maxine Waters: Impeachment Is Whatever Congress Says It Is, No Law That Dictates Impeachment
42 Slog AM: Abrams Hustles for VP Pick, More People Corroborate Reade's Sexual Assault Claim, House Fire in CD
43 Maxine Waters: "What More Do We Need To Prove" About "Kremlin Klan" To Impeach Trump?
44 Kobe Bryant's death updates: Clippers to honor Kobe Bryant in first game at Staples Center
45 Maxine Waters Starts "Impeach 45" Chant At 'Glamour Women Of The Year Awards'
46 Wells Fargo chairwoman and director resign ahead of House hearing on bank's consumer abuses
47 John Shoemaker: Democrats will feel the blues in 2020
48 Coronavirus outbreak: Live updates on COVID-19
49 Rep. Ilhan Omar: "No Way To Justify" Police's "Extreme Aggression" Towards George Floyd Protesters
50 Earthquake warning system — The Big One coming? — PELOSI pic burns up internet — $100M cost for SADDLERIDGE fire — Power Shutoffs in SOCAL? -- LICCARDO: Investigate public utility option
51 George Boardman: We will soon learn one consequence of electing Trump president
52 Zuckerberg faces grilling on Facebook's ambitious digital currency plans
53 Black women leaders send letter accusing top Democrats of 'failure to protect' Maxine Waters
54 Trump's regime is leading America in an insurrection
55 At the Courthouse Friday, a Group Protested Against Stay-at-Home Orders
56 Bloomberg, Democrats’ circular firing squad must have made Trump smile
57 Giuliani associate names Trump, Pence, more in Ukraine plan
58 California fire: Death toll in and around Paradise grows to 76 with 1,276 still missing as Trump visits
59 Letters to the Editor for Saturday, May 9
60 Trump's financial records from Wells Fargo and TD Bank have been turned over to House Democrats
61 Doctors accused moms of abusing their children. Our investigation raised questions about that
62 GOP online donor platform expanded to state level | TheHill
63 Talking about race isn’t ‘identity politics,’ Kamala Harris tells crowd in Durham
64 Letters: Snake River dams, climate insurance, Trump advisors and more | Jan. 19
65 Maxine Waters on Trump, Bill Cosby and today's youth
66 Maxine Waters calls for protest rallies across the country to oppose Trump
67 The Woman-Hater-in-Chief
68 Wells Fargo Agrees to Pay $3B to Settle Probes Into Fake Accounts
69 Mick Mulvaney says part of him 'really wants' to testify if Trump lets him
70 Pelosi’s Go-Slow Impeachment Strategy Is Tested in Fight Over Trump’s Bank Records
71 Government wants to take blighted property neglected after L.A. riots; owner objects
72 Donald Trump 'strongly condemns this video' says press secretary after graphic spoof
73 The arc of Michael Weinstein's moral outrage
74 Mark Zuckerberg and Democrats heading for 'nasty divorce' as liberal anger builds over political ads
75 Maxine Waters: Democracy Champion By Day, Fashion Icon By Night
76 Dr. Drew Pinsky: Threat Of Coronavirus "An Overblown Press-Created Hysteria"
77 Special Report: The arc of Michael Weinstein's moral outrage from AIDS to homelessness
78 The Media's Top Lies and Spins About COVID-19
79 Instagram Removed a Portland Cartoonist's Post About Antifa “Milkshakes” After Right-Wing Trolls Reported It
80 Tara Reade's Lawyer Says Bill Maher Is 'Recycling Old Rape Myths': 'He Ought to Be Ashamed'
81 Climate change or poor policy? As Australia's wildfires see some relief, blame game ascends
82 Trump Mocks the #MeToo Movement During Montana Rally
83 Phase-four virus relief hits a wall | TheHill
84 Facebook Libra Regulatory Overview: Major Countries' Stances on Crypto
85 Gillibrand endorses Biden for president | TheHill
86 'Dark money' bill's prospects are not bright
87 Trump on Biden: Probably How China Got Sweetheart Deals For So Long, Give The Son $1.5 Billion
88 California politics news feed
89 Mitt Romney: Ukraine Transcript "Extremely Troubling," At This Stage We Are "Gathering Facts"
90 Rep. Waters Lashes Out At 'False Allegations'
91 Horrifying video shows a group of teen girls attacking a 15-year-old with special needs in Chicago
92 The Rodney King riots 25 years later: The one thing video can't fix about American policing
93 News, Views, Tweets of Interest Thursday… – DesPardes + PKonweb
94 Candace Owens: Prominent Trump supporters chased out of restaurant by protesters
95 Governor Newsom Declares State of Emergency 'to Help the State Prepare for Broader Spread of COVID-19'
96 GHOST MAP: We dare you to explore these 300+ haunted places in Kentucky and Indiana
97 Analysis | The Daily 202: Mattis, McRaven and the revenge of the four-stars
98 Jewish GOP group calls on Dem lawmakers to resign over Farrakhan remarks | TheHill
99 Pro-Democracy Movement in Haiti Swells Despite Lethal Police Violence
100 Don Lemon: Trump Is Gaslighting You On Coronavirus, Has Politicized The Pandemic Since The Beginning