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1 NH Primary Source: Volinsky receives ‘Gun Sense Candidate Distinction’ from Moms Demand Action
2 Mayor Romero signs pledge to join "Mayors against Illegal Guns"
3 Bloomberg's Stop-and-Frisk Philosophy Also Informs the Rest of His Work on Gun Violence Prevention
4 Gun-control group co-founded by Bloomberg announces $60 million spending plan for 2020 elections
5 Jane Castor joins 'Mayors Against Illegal Guns' coalition
6 Bloomberg hopes strong record on guns will resonate with Connecticut primary voters
7 Bloomberg gun plan: Permits, assault weapon ban, age limits
8 Moms Demand Action, Activists Call For Federal, State Response On Gun Violence
9 Michigan: Oppose Anti-Gun Appointee
10 Lynnette Alameddine: My son was killed in the Virginia Tech shooting — which is why I’m voting for Mike Bloomberg
11 How Gun Control Groups Are Closing the Spending Gap with the NRA
12 The High-Level Hypocrisy of Mayors for Gun Control
13 NH Primary Source: Everytown joins Brady, BradyPAC gun control groups in backing Pappas
14 Here's Mayors Against Illegal Guns' Super Bowl Ad
15 Mayor Stoney names members of “Task Force to Reimagine Public Safety”
16 Tucson Mayor Romero Announces Gun Safety Task Force, Joins MAIG
17 Illegal mayors against guns
18 Florida mayors urge Legislature to pass universal background checks
19 Bloomberg to air gun control ad during the Super Bowl
20 Guns rights groups aim to block Whitmer's appointment to Natural Resources Commission
21 Mayor Joe Hogsett shows support for gun reform at Moms Demand Action rally at Statehouse
22 Bloomberg’s billions: How the candidate built an empire of influence
23 Super Bowl Ad Watch: Mike Bloomberg on gun control
24 Bloomberg Is Starting His Campaign With A Big Asset—His Gun-Control Group's Email List
25 High-profile gun control groups join forces
26 Will Michael Bloomberg's deep financial ties to Colorado translate into votes on Super Tuesday?
27 Mayor Young joins others in call for tougher gun laws
28 It's Shockingly Easy To Buy A Gun Online Without A Background Check
29 KCMO files gun safety lawsuit with Everytown Law aimed at stemming violence
30 Bloomberg launches attack on Sanders' gun control record, says NRA 'paved the road to Washington' for him
31 Pittsburgh argues it has legal authority to regulate use of firearms
32 U.S. Rep. Deutch cites gun safety in Mike Bloomberg endorsement
33 To Save Baltimore, Mayoral Candidates Vow to Crack Down on Illegal Guns
34 Bloomberg pushes 2012ers on guns
35 North Miami Mayor, Philippe Bien-Aime Signs The Mayors Against Illegal Guns Petition
36 Bloomberg launches new $50 million gun control effort
37 Strickland supports federal gun control but says national rhetoric divides Memphians
38 Mayors Against Illegal Guns Leads National "Day to Demand Action" to Fight Gun Violence
39 Pittsburgh mayor to Trump: Armed guards are not the answer
40 Timmonsville mayor speaks on town's gun violence
41 Everytown, Moms Demand Action: Let's be clear: This is about easy access to guns
42 National non-profit to spend $8 million in Texas supporting candidates who favor stricter gun laws
43 Daily Dicta: With a Growing Team of Big Law Alums, Everytown Law Takes Aim at the Firearms Industry | Litigation Daily | The American Lawyer
44 Women And Guns: New Ad And Research Show How Weak Gun Laws Turn Domestic Abuse Into Murder
45 What does Michael Bloomberg believe? Where the candidate stands on 6 issues
46 Bloomberg as mayor: A New York that sparkled, and chafed
47 Facebook post overplays Bloomberg's reference to 3-round limit for guns
48 4 Alumni Work to End Gun Violence Through Everytown
49 Paterson to Join National Effort Against Gun Violence, Sayegh Announced
50 Michael Bloomberg brings on Ed Davis to lead Massachusetts campaign
51 Bloomberg Group's $1 Million Aimed at Washington State Gun Vote
52 Mayors: “Get a backbone” and Pass Gun Control
53 Pete Buttigieg on Gun Reform, Universal Background Checks, and Banning AR-15s
54 Poll finds gun owners, even NRA members, back some restrictions
55 Background checks and bump stock bans: 2020 Democrats on gun control
56 Statements Of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chairs On Newtown, Connecticut Shooting
57 Mike Bloomberg set to appear in Sunshine State for weekend visits to Tampa, Miami
58 OFA-NC and Mayors Against Illegal Guns to Hold "We Have Not Forgotten and Demand Action" Community Event in the Greensboro Area
59 Michael Bloomberg Has Used His Fortune to Help Republicans, Too
60 Bloomberg-backed gun control movement 'Everytown' kicks off in Colorado
61 Mayors Against Illegal Guns Announces New Ad Thanking Senator Toomey For Leading The Fight For Background Checks
62 Mayors Against Illegal Guns Issues Recommendations For Newly Sworn-In ATF Director B. Todd Jones To Reduce Gun Violence In America During His First 100 Days
63 15% of Michael Bloomberg's anti-gun mayors leave
64 6 Years Ago, Democrats Failed on Guns. Have They Learned From Their Mistakes?
65 Statement From Mayors Against Illegal Guns On United States V. Castleman
66 Bloomberg’s Push for Tighter Gun Laws Shifts to Other States
67 New York Mayors Demand Action From Congress To Reduce Gun Violence
68 Council seeks to strengthen city's gun control laws
69 Bloomberg campaigns in Minn. for gun reforms
70 Ed Davis on his support for Mike Bloomberg’s campaign and the recent criticisms of the billionaire candidate
71 Thousands Expected To Demonstrate At Charlotte March For Our Lives Event
72 Mayor Pete and Beto O'Rourke Fought Over Gun Strategy. History Shows Beto Might Be Right.
73 Michael Bloomberg gun control group site registered to NYC
74 Middletown mayoral hopefuls talk hot topics during forum on election eve
75 How Mike Bloomberg and his billions can beat Donald Trump
76 Easthampton City Council passes gun safety resolution
77 Michigan Senate rejects Whitmer appointee to hunting panel
78 Statement of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Co-Chairs On $12 Million Appropriation To Improve Reporting To National Instant Criminal Background Check System
79 Americans To Call On Congress To End Gun Violence On National Day To Demand Action -- Thursday, March 28
80 How Bloomberg's Million-Dollar Desire For Gun Control Is Backfiring
81 Bloomberg Cast as Enemy No. 1 of Gun Rights
82 Bloomberg's Gun Control That Goes Too Far for the Average Citizen
83 Facebook, Instagram delete illegal gun sale posts
84 Aurora victim asks candidates about guns in ad
85 Black Lives Matter protest rally held in downtown Bend
86 Cory Booker unveils plan to address gun violence, if elected president
87 Democrat contender Bloomberg's gun control group helps city sue firearms-maker
88 Glen Ridge, Montclair mayors sign petition for gun control
89 King County Survivors Of Gun Violence, Mayor Frisinger, And Local Advocates To Call On Lawmakers To Support Common-Sense Background Checks
90 Whatever Happened to Michael Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Crusade?
91 Mayor Menino, Senators Warren and Markey, Members of Congress, and Families of Gun Violence Victims to Rally in Boston to Urge Support for Background Checks
92 Montanans To Protest Senator Baucus For Voting Against Background Checks On Friday
93 Mercer County Moms demand action in battle for gun violence prevention
94 As Valentine's Day Nears, Moms Ask Congress To Heal Their Broken Hearts And Urge Action On Safer Gun Laws
95 Where the Gun-Control Movement Goes Silent
96 Former Bloomberg Lackey Comes Clean on True Anti-gun Agenda
97 Twenty Years After US Requires Gun Background Checks, New FBI Data Shows Information Gaps Still Allow Criminals To Get Firearms
98 Statements on Delaware Governor's Signing of Comprehensive and Enforceable Background Check Legislation
99 Georgia Moms, Children To Hold Atlanta Mother's Day Walk and Rally On Saturday To Raise Gun Violence Awareness
100 Bloomberg's claims on gun control fail to match the facts | TheHill