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1 Outbreaks of Measles Refute "Sustainability of Elimination"
2 Immunogenicity and persistence of trivalent measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines: a systematic review and meta-analysis
3 Containing measles in conflict-driven humanitarian settings
4 2019 measles outbreak partly blamed on anti-vaccination movement
5 Ukraine warns measles vaccinations down in pandemic
6 Philippines: COVID-19 update, Measles vaccination campaign
7 Fears of measles outbreak due to missed MMR jabs in Birmingham
8 The Toll of Reaching Herd Immunity Without a COVID-19 Vaccine
9 Global trial to test whether MMR vaccine protects front-line health-care workers against COVID-19
10 Ghaziabad: Covid disrupts polio, measles drive
11 Could A Common Vaccine Prevent COVID-19? Washington University Leads Study To Find Out
12 Measles outbreak fear over missed jabs in Birmingham as kids may have to wait another year
13 The mystery of why some vaccines are doubly beneficial
14 No immunizations means no school
15 Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) Vaccines Market- Comprehensive Insights, Market Share, Industry Trends and Healthy Lifestyles during 2027
16 Why Is COVID Different From Other Airborne Viruses? Dr. Mallika Marshall Answers Your Coronavirus Questions
17 Could common vaccine given to kids help prevent COVID-19 in adults?
18 Measles vaccine Market to Witness Remarkable Growth by 2027 | Leading Players- Bavarian Nordic, CSL Limited, Emergent Biosolutions
19 Measles Vaccine Market Growth by Top Companies, Region, Application, Driver, Trends and Forecasts by 2027
20 Why measles deaths are surging — and coronavirus could make it worse
21 Valley Children’s physician warns parents not to let up on getting children immunized
22 COVID-19, Ebola, and conflict are triple-threat for humanitarian efforts in Congo
23 More than 140,000 die from measles as cases surge worldwide
24 US data shows sharp drop in childhood vaccinations, preventative care during pandemic | TheHill
25 Pandemic vaccine could face public resistance | Covid-19
26 Vaccines — lessons from three centuries of protest
27 Dr. Kevin Most: Treat COVID like the measles
28 MMR vaccine uptake has risen for the first time in SIX years, new figures reveal
29 Measles: fighting a global resurgence
30 COVID-19 fatigue sets in as vaccines in final phase of study
31 Other view: Vaccine will be safe route to herd immunity
32 Tiny Airborne Particles May Pose a Big Coronavirus Problem
33 If approved by the government, should NC schools mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for students?
34 Measles resurgence fear amid coronavirus
35 COVID-19 policies: Remember measles
36 Download Report on Measle Vaccine Industry 2020 | Companies like Bharat Biotech International, GlaxoSmithKline, Hualan Biological Engineering, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, MedImmune
37 The Psychiatrist Who Calmly Denies Reality | Office for Science and Society
38 Measles: Symptoms, treatment and causes
39 Low vaccination rates and 'measles parties' fueled 2019 measles outbreak in NYC: Study is a wake-up call for the potential of another such outbreak, as vaccination rates plummet during the COVID-19 pandemic
40 CDC flip-flop on COVID-19 aerosols won't affect Minnesota strategy
41 Measles makes your body forget how to fight other diseases
42 Measles Returns to California for 2020
43 Measles
44 Measles Cases Continue to Rise Around the World
45 Can You Die From Measles? What You Should Know
46 Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens
47 Study: Infants' measles protection from mothers short-lived
48 Battle rages inside US hospitals over how Covid-19 strikes and kills
49 Colorado is still seeing a sharp drop in the number of kids being vaccinated amid coronavirus
50 CDC warns of potential measles outbreaks as kids fail to get vaccines
51 Responding to a measles outbreak during the COVID-19 pandemic
52 New study seeks to surface data to produce a stronger measles vaccine
53 We ultimately should be able to make a pan-coronavirus vaccine, says theoretical...
54 Measles may have emerged when large cities rose, 1500 years earlier than thought
55 Measles is a steady, silent killer among COVID-19 | MSF
56 Complications of Measles Can Affect Every Organ System
57 Study ranks measles risk by US county, air travel route
58 Could relatives of measles virus jump from animals to us?
59 Australia is 'an island in a sea of measles'
60 Polio, measles, other diseases set to surge as COVID-19 forces suspension of vaccination campaigns
61 We Do Not Need To Ensure That Vaccines Are Halal | CodeBlue
62 Complications of measles can include hepatitis, appendicitis, and viral meningitis, doctors warn: This entirely preventable viral infection can affect many different organs in the body
63 Fewer children being immunised
64 Last Year's NYC Measles Outbreak Has Lessons for COVID Crisis
65 WHO declares countries measles and rubella free
66 Person who had measles 100 years ago helps scientists trace origins of virus
67 What is a Non-Replicating Vaccine?
68 Explainer: a history of the measles virus and why it's so tenacious
69 The Year That Measles Returned
70 Transmission dynamics of and insights from the 2018–2019 measles outbreak in New York City: A modeling study
71 As measles deaths top 6000 in DRC, WHO calls for aid
72 DRC says deadly measles epidemic 'no longer exists' in country
73 Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccines Market
74 Measles elimination in reach, but cases rising worldwide
75 How Does a Wild-Type Measles Virus Behave Differently From a Live-Attenuated Virus?
76 The Measles Comeback: Symptoms, Vaccines, and Everything Else You Need to Know | Elemental
77 Coronavirus Hot-Spots Could Have Future Measles Outbreaks
78 Measles-Rubella Vaccines May Reduce COVID-19 Danger According to World Organization
79 Govt needs Rs 80,000 crore to buy Covid vaccines for all: SII
80 Samoa extends measles emergency | CIDRAP
81 Measles vaccination disruptions due to coronavirus put 80 million children at risk
82 How a wrong injection helped cause Samoa's measles epidemic
83 Measles: How to tell if you're protected
84 Coronavirus: What is herd immunity and could it work in the UK?
85 At least 80 million children under one at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts, warn Gavi, WHO and UNICEF
86 Measles may be even more dangerous than you think
87 The Pandemic Could Lead to Outbreaks of Measles and Other Preventable Diseases
88 Measles does long-term damage to immune system, studies show
89 Fatal Measles Inclusion-Body Encephalitis in Adult with Untreated AIDS, France
90 Measles Outbreaks Could Occur in These States
91 LA Confirms 1st Measles Outbreak of 2020
92 Slowing the Coronavirus Is Speeding the Spread of Other Diseases
93 Investigational Cancer Therapy Kills SARS-CoV-2
94 COVID-19 and measles: double trouble for Burundi
95 Microneedle Drug Delivery System Market Emerging Factors, Future Demands, and Key Players
96 More Americans now see 'very high' preventive health benefits from measles vaccine
97 Measles got a foothold in the United States this year and almost didn’t let go
98 Vaccines can prevent fatal complications from measles, study affirms
99 CDC sends experts to fight measles outbreaks in Pacific islands neighboring Samoa
100 Genetic sequencing of measles suggests a much older history for the virus