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1 InDevR Launches VaxArray Measles and Rubella Kit for Improved Vaccine Antigen Characterization
2 MMR vaccine is critical — for measles | Columnists |
3 119 measles cases in Iloilo in 2020 – PHO
4 Bacolod to join region-wide launching of measles vaccination
5 Give your child immunity against polio and measles
6 Measles outbreak in Chaman leaves three children dead
7 Over 2 lakh children in 0-5 years category not vaccinated for measles, typhoid in Delhi: Govt survey
8 Top Latter-day Saint leaders receive COVID-19 vaccine
9 Vaccines Need Not Completely Stop COVID Transmission to Curb the Pandemic
10 France, once a vaccine pioneer, is top skeptic in Covid-19 pandemic
11 Getting COVID-19 vaccines to West and Central Africa
12 A List of COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects
13 Efforts underway to counter misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines in St. Cloud's Somali American community | The Globe
14 Worldwide measles deaths climb 50% from 2016 to 2019 claiming over 207 500 lives in 2019
15 A highly immunogenic and effective measles virus-based Th1-biased COVID-19 vaccine
16 In the shadow of Covid-19, the threat of a fearful measles outbreak
17 New case of measles in King County
18 Measles cases and deaths are increasing worldwide, warn health agencies
19 Measles vaccinations taking back seat to COVID concerns
20 Why measles deaths are surging — and coronavirus could make it worse
21 Measles Returns to California for 2020
22 Challenges to Achieving Measles Elimination, Georgia, 2013–2018
23 Measles resurgence fear amid coronavirus
24 Measles: Symptoms, treatment and causes
25 Mapping routine measles vaccination in low- and middle-income countries
26 'Emergency action' needed to prevent major polio, measles epidemics
27 COVID-19 policies: Remember measles
28 Lower Rate of Seropositivity to Measles Among Younger Clinicians
29 CDC warns of potential measles outbreaks as kids fail to get vaccines
30 Can You Die From Measles? What You Should Know
31 COVID-19 and Primary Measles Vaccination Rates in a Large Primary Care Network
32 Measles
33 Transmission dynamics of and insights from the 2018–2019 measles outbreak in New York City: A modeling study
34 Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) Vaccine & COVID-19: Latest News from World Organization
35 Immunogenicity and persistence of trivalent measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines: a systematic review and meta-analysis
36 Precise mapping reveals gaps in global measles vaccination coverage
37 Newly discovered viruses suggest 'German measles' jumped from animals to humans
38 Measles virus and rinderpest virus divergence dated to the sixth century BCE
39 Measles is a steady, silent killer among COVID-19 | MSF
40 Last Year's NYC Measles Outbreak Has Lessons for COVID Crisis
41 Doctors warn that measles outbreaks could follow pandemic if kids don't stay on vaccine schedule
42 More than 140,000 die from measles as cases surge worldwide
43 Measles Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine could reduce 'severity and mortality' of COVID-19, new paper suggests
44 Measles or the Flu: How Will COVID-19 Exist?
45 New study seeks to surface data to produce a stronger measles vaccine
46 Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Measles outbreaks
47 Outbreaks of Measles Refute "Sustainability of Elimination"
48 Measles: fighting a global resurgence
49 Measles-Rubella Vaccines May Reduce COVID-19 Danger According to World Organization
50 How the MMR Vaccine May Help Protect Against COVID-19
51 A Resurgence of Measles Killed More Than 200000 People Last Year
52 How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected measles vaccination rates? Researchers concerned about declining vaccination rates in pediatric primary care network
53 CDC warns of possible measles outbreak as vaccinations for children fall during coronavirus pandemic
54 Getting Measles Vaccine Could Protect Against Measles' Hidden Dangers : Shots
55 Measles explained: What's behind the recent outbreaks?
56 Low vaccination rates and 'measles parties' fueled 2019 measles outbreak in NYC: Study is a wake-up call for the potential of another such outbreak, as vaccination rates plummet during the COVID-19 pandemic
57 Localized vaccination surveillance could help prevent measles outbreaks
58 2019 Measles Outbreak: What You Should Know
59 Fatal Measles Inclusion-Body Encephalitis in Adult with Untreated AIDS, France
60 Amid concerns about declining childhood vaccination rates, measles surges globally
61 Slowing the Coronavirus Is Speeding the Spread of Other Diseases
62 Epidemiological Update: Measles
63 New measles surveillance data for 2019
64 Complications of measles can include hepatitis, appendicitis, and viral meningitis, doctors warn: This entirely preventable viral infection can affect many different organs in the body
65 Polio and Measles Could Surge After Disruption of Vaccine Programs
66 Responding to a measles outbreak during the COVID-19 pandemic
67 Vaccine-preventable diseases (diphtheria, measles, poliovirus) in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for the Region of the Americas
68 Measles elimination in reach, but cases rising worldwide
69 Measles, Mumps and Rubella Vaccines Market
70 Explainer: a history of the measles virus and why it's so tenacious
71 Measles History 101: How Serious Is This Year's Measles Outbreak? : Shots
72 Opinion | The Pandemic Could Lead to Outbreaks of Measles and Other Preventable Diseases
73 Congo Facing Ebola, COVID and Measles All at Once
74 Measles vaccine could protect workers from worst of COVID-19, argue scientists
75 Roseola vs. measles rash: What is the difference?
76 Contentious, contagious and concerning – the impact of recent measles outbreaks across the world
77 No COVID-19 Cases After Measles Campaign with MMR Vaccine in American Samoa According to World Organization
78 Vaccination Is the Best Protection Against Measles
79 Baby With Measles May Have Exposed Travelers at Chicago's O'Hare Airport
80 The measles virus was down and out. Now it's primed for a comeback
81 Measles virus infection diminishes preexisting antibodies that offer protection from other pathogens
82 With global focus on COVID-19 pandemic, measles remains a silent killer in parts of Africa
83 Measles: The forgotten killer
84 Congo says world's largest measles epidemic is over
85 Epidemiological Update: Measles
86 Measles virus diverged from cattle earlier than thought
87 New measles surveillance data from WHO
88 A personal reflection: Why Congo has the largest measles outbreak in the world
89 COVID-19 and measles: double trouble for Burundi
90 Study: Infants' measles protection from mothers short-lived
91 The fight against COVID-19 could mean a surge in other diseases like measles and polio as vaccinations are delayed
92 Epidemiological Update: Measles
93 CDC: Measles cases rise to 971; disease elimination status threatened
94 Measles re-emerging globally
95 What you need to know about measles as the virus spreads across the country
96 Measles scare at U.S. airports: What to know about the highly infectious disease
97 Mali: vaccinating against measles in Timbuktu | MSF
98 Could relatives of measles virus jump from animals to us?
99 CDC: Travelers to Europe should protect themselves from measles
100 WHO Says Sri Lanka and Maldives Eliminate Measles, Rubella