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1 How Melania and Ivanka Trump Spent First Mother's Day After Donald Was Voted Out of White House
2 A 'happy and relaxed' Melania Trump is enjoying life after leaving the White House, report says
3 Melania Trump Has Her Relationship With Donald 'Down To A Science'
4 Restorationists urge Jill Biden to erase Melania Trump’s Rose Garden makeover
5 You Won’t Believe What Donald Trump Is Saying About Melania Trump Now–Is He Serious??
6 Melania Trump, Jill Biden and the battle over the Rose Garden
7 Hold the cake, just send cash for Melania Trump's birthday
8 Donald Trump jets out of Florida to spend the summer at his Bedminster golf course in New Jersey
9 Why Donald Trump Didn’t Wish Melania Publicly On Her Birthday
10 Melania Trump Redesigned Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden; Americans Want It Back
11 Jill Biden’s Valentino Purse Features Hand-Painted Portraits of Her Two German Shepherds
12 Trump and Melania left Biden a security 'headache' because they didn't want to be bothered: report
13 Silent Melania Trump plods toward end of her husband's tumultuous term
14 Melania Trump spends her last days in the White House focused on her future, while her husband rages about the past
15 Melania Trump 'just wants to go home'
16 What Melania Trump’s Biographers Learned: ‘More in It for Her to Stay Than to Go’
17 Melania Trump's photo snub prompts speculation over post-White House path
18 Melania Trump’s Legacy: Missteps, Mystery and, in the End, Absence
19 Secretly recorded tapes show Melania Trump's frustration at criticism for family separation policy and her bashing of Christmas decorations
20 Column: As first lady, Melania Trump always stood by her man
21 Vegas may be betting on a post-presidential divorce, but Melania Trump seems all in for her husband.
22 Melania Trump is out of the White House, but she left her mark on its public spaces
23 Melania Trump's enigmatic fashion legacy
24 What Will Melania Trump’s Legacy Be?
25 How's Melania? First lady 'feels well' and POTUS is feeling 'great!'
26 Melania Trump announces she's opened ‘office’
27 On the Way Out, Melania Trump Denounces Attacks on Her as ‘Shameful’
28 Operation Rebrand Melania: what can we expect from the first lady’s rumoured memoir?
29 Melania Trump and adult Trump children avoid the spotlight after one of nation's darkest days
30 Melania Trump focuses on Covid and slams Democrats for politicizing pandemic in campaign speech
31 Trump, former first lady Melania launch new personal website
32 Fact check: Images show Melania Trump, not a body double
33 Melania Trump asks Americans to 'choose love' in farewell message
34 Melania Trump slams former friend who wrote tell-all: 'She hardly knew me'
35 Melania Trump announces she has 'mild symptoms' of coronavirus
36 Melania Trump departing White House with lowest favorability of her tenure
37 Inside Melania Trump's unprecedented campaign trail absence
38 Melania Trump: The reluctant first lady of the United States
39 Trump, Melania deal with COVID-19: How have past first ladies handled health crises?
40 5 of Melania Trump’s biggest fashion fails as first lady
41 Melania Trump will 'continue to rest' at White House as President Trump returns from hospital
42 Melania Trump expressed surprise over Vogue selection of Beyoncé for 2018 cover
43 Melania Trump: 20 statement looks before she became first lady
44 First Lady wine? Truly weird Trump memorabilia from Melania’s native Slovenia
45 What’s next for soon-to-be former first lady Melania Trump?
46 Trump and first lady Melania will return to White House, skip New Year’s bash at Mar-a-Lago
47 Melania’s life after the White House: New York, TV deal, modelling comeback?
48 Drink-drive victim learning to walk again in time for dream wedding
49 Melania Trump and Theresa May show some real fight. Better late than never
50 Everything to know about the Melania Trump secret recordings
51 President Trump, Melania Trump don matching tuxedos in final Christmas portrait: See the photo
52 Melania Trump marks end to Donald's presidency in high-priced outfit
53 Melania Trump has no plans to leave White House while sick, official says, contrasting with the President
54 Melania Trump remains unseen as president restarts campaign after COVID-19
55 Melania Trump used private email accounts while in the White House, says former colleague and friend
56 Melania Trump: 'Disappointed and Disheartened' by Storming of US Capitol
57 Melania Trump’s most controversial first lady moments
58 Melania Trump’s curious greeting of Trump after debate raises questions
59 Melania Trump: What's her deal? Exclusive
60 Melania Trump has 'mild symptoms' after COVID-19 diagnosis: 'Overall feeling good'
61 Goodbye, Melania
62 First Lady says she has no interest in appearing in magazines
63 A Very Melania Christmas
64 Melania Trump glosses over the president’s worst tendencies; Jill Biden highlights her husband’s best instincts
65 Melania Trump Does One Right Thing at Least and Stays Home
66 Melania Trump has not reached out to Jill Biden either
67 ‘Morbid’: Melania Trump sent a birthday message to Barron. It didn’t go over so well
68 'What a fool I was': First lady's ex-best friend tells all in revenge book 'Melania & Me'
69 Melania Trump Makes Final Annual Christmas Visit to Children's Hospital (and Why She Took Off Her Mask)
70 Kamala Harris gets the Vogue cover Melania Trump always wanted
71 Well, Melania Trump Ripped Her Hand Away From Donald Trump's After the Debate
72 How Melania Trump became a bare-knuckled political player
73 Melania and Me: The First Lady's Plastic Camelot
74 Top Trumps: Donald, Melania and who does – or doesn’t – support them
75 Melania Trump's Green Jacket: What's Going on Here?
76 Which world leader gave Melania Trump the most blinging gift?
77 Melania Trump Celebrates Son Barron's First Post-White House Birthday
78 Melania Trump departs White House wearing luxury black dress and pumps
79 Melania Trump Launches Her Own Post-White House Team, Plans to 'Maintain "Be Best"': Report
80 How Melania Trump blocked Ivanka Trump from encroaching on her domain
81 A Look Back At Melania Trump’s Most Memorable Fashion Moments
82 Melania Trump: Who is the current First Lady, how old is she and when did she marry Donald?
83 The Only Thing I’ll Ever Miss About the Trumps
84 Melania Trump Really Doesn’t Care
85 Melania Trump's 'best friend's' book and email revelations should trouble U.S. watchdogs
86 'Thank you for all the love': Melania Trump returns to campaign after Covid diagnosis
87 What Melania Trump leaves behind come January 20
88 Melania Trump's Charmed Pandemic Life
89 WATCH: Melania Trump slams Biden, Dems in first solo campaign stop
90 Melania Trump Did One Last Quick Change on Her Way to Mar-a-Lago
91 Melania Trump Votes in Person, Maskless.
92 Talk of the County reader opinion: Melania Trump victim of ‘duplicity in the press’
93 Melania Trump 'counting the minutes until divorce', former aides claim
94 Melania Trump hires staff and establishes post-White House office
95 Understanding Melania Trump: 'Everyone knows her – but nobody does'
96 Melania Trump and Her $75,000 Birkin Bag Make Their Exit
97 Bette Midler apologizes for mocking Melania Trump's accent, calling her 'illegal alien'
98 Melania Trump left her mark on White House decor
99 5 times Melania Trump disagreed with Donald on policies and principles
100 Melania Trump's Stylist Talks Fashion, But Avoids Politics