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1 Melania Trump focuses on Covid and slams Democrats for politicizing pandemic in campaign speech
2 Jared Kushner, Melania Trump advise Trump to accept election loss
3 WATCH LIVE: First Lady Melania Trump receives White House Christmas tree
4 Melania Trump's hometown in Slovenia hopes its fame will last
5 Vegas may be betting on a post-presidential divorce, but Melania Trump seems all in for her husband.
6 First Lady Melania Trump Unveils Sculpture Installation in the White House Rose Garden
7 Melania Trump has not reached out to Jill Biden either
8 Melania Trump Just Had This ‘Humble’ Isamu Noguchi Sculpture Installed at the White House Rose Garden
9 Melania Trump glosses over the president’s worst tendencies; Jill Biden highlights her husband’s best instincts
10 Melania Trump slams Biden and Democrats in final solo campaign speech
11 Melania Trump to make belated campaign trail appearance
12 Melania Trump slams Biden, Dems in first solo campaign stop
13 What’s next for soon-to-be former first lady Melania Trump?
14 'We have made great progress': Melania Trump praises Donald Trump's handling of COVID-19
15 First lady Melania Trump 'reflects softer side' of president in West Bend; Sanders stumps for Biden
16 'Thank you for all the love': Melania Trump returns to campaign after Covid diagnosis
17 Melania Trump Figured Today Is as Good a Day as Any for a Flashback Friday
18 Michelle Obama, who helped Melania Trump in 2016, criticizes the Trumps for hindering Biden’s transition.
19 Melania Trump misleads on Trump's health care record in joint campaign stop
20 Melania Trump receives White House Christmas tree
21 Melania Trump’s First Postelection Public Appearance: Silent, Grim, Tweedy
22 Melania Trump wants Trump to make a ‘graceful exit,’ report says
23 The Trumps Won't Head to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving as the President Remains Largely Out of Public View
24 The mystery of Melania Trump
25 Melania Trump, Jim Carroll: Partnering to Help America's Children Live Their Best, Drug-Free Lives
26 President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania's Marriage: What to Know About Their Relationship
27 Joe Biden elected president
28 WATCH: First lady Melania Trump casts ballot in Florida
29 Fact check: Images show Melania Trump, not a body double
30 Melania Trump posts video that misleads on the President's LGBTQ policies
31 Did Melania Trump Say 2020 Would Be Her Last Christmas in the White House?
32 Melania Trump: What's her deal? Exclusive
33 First lady Melania Trump to vote on Election Day in Palm Beach
34 TFCN Roundup: Is Sharpiegate legit? Did Melania Trump vote twice?
35 Goodbye, Melania
36 First lady Melania Trump casts her in-person vote in Florida on Election Day
37 COVID-19: Melania Trump to host Thanksgiving party at White House as Americans urged to stay home due to coronavirus
38 She wasn't everyone's favourite First Lady, but here's what we'll miss about Melania Trump
39 Melania Trump (impersonator) wants Donald Trump out of White House
40 Melania and Me: The First Lady's Plastic Camelot
41 First Lady Melania Trump campaigns in Chester County Tuesday afternoon [video]
42 Melania Trump visits Lancaster County GOP, speaks in Atglen: 'We do not close down or hide in fear'
43 Melania Trump: The reluctant first lady of the United States
44 First Lady wine? Truly weird Trump memorabilia from Melania’s native Slovenia
45 Huntersville officer in Melania Trump’s motorcade hospitalized following crash
46 Melania Trump to visit Atglen today, first solo campaign visit to Pa.
47 Jared Kushner, Melania Trump reportedly advise Trump to accept election loss
48 How Slovenia tried (and failed) to capitalize on the Trump presidency
49 First Lady Melania Trump to visit Wisconsin on Halloween
50 FLOTUS or mere Hocus-Pocus? Fake news is passé, now there’s (fake?) news of faux Melania Trumps
51 Melania Trump stumps for husband in Luzerne County visit
52 Jill Biden and Melania Trump battle it out
53 Michelle Obama Said She "Welcomed Melania Trump" Despite Donald Trump's "Racist Lies"
54 Christmas traditions continue at the White House while transition stalls
55 The Trumps Get a Head Start on Another Ghoulish Halloween
56 Donald Trump's False Victory Tour
57 First Lady Melania Trump defends president's handling of pandemic in Luzerne County speech
58 Melania vs Jill: who was best dressed at the final US presidential debate?
59 Melania Trump MOCKED on social media after 'removal truck' seen outside White House
60 First Lady Welcomes White House Christmas Tree
61 Hardly the quiet saint we imagine, Melania Trump is just as bad as the rest of her family
62 US Election: Hidden message in Melania Trump's $4.5K Gucci dress
63 How Trump's Family Has Fared Since 2016: Controversy, Cries of Nepotism and Proximity to White House Power
64 Melania Trump agrees with supporter who called US President Donald Trump handsome
65 Trump will forever be known as a loser
66 LIVE: First Lady Melania Trump Participates in White House Christmas Tree Delivery
67 Melania Trump Stresses Importance of Wisconsin During Visit
68 Ask Jerry: Some more First Lady firsts
69 Trump, stricken by COVID-19, flown to military hospital
70 Amber Ruffin Claiming She Is ‘a Melania Trump’ Won Late Night This Week
71 Despite COVID-19 warnings, U.S. air travel soars ahead of Thanksgiving
72 First Lady Melania Trump: 'My personal experience with COVID-19'
73 Local teacher heading to Washington, DC, to decorate White House
74 First Lady Melania Trump: “Give Focus to Our Next Generation”
75 First Lady Jill Biden Will Advocate for Public Schools and Community Colleges from the White House
76 Melania Trump is having a hard time distancing herself from the president
77 Inside Melania Trump's unprecedented campaign trail absence
78 Melania Trump recognizes the pandemic's painful toll as her husband's convention ignores it
79 Melania Trump can teach the president about how to talk to women voters
80 Secretly recorded tapes show Melania Trump's frustration at criticism for family separation policy and her bashing of Christmas decorations
81 Trump's positive Covid-19 test throws country into fresh upheaval
82 How Melania Trump blocked Ivanka Trump from encroaching on her domain
83 Melania Trump will give her biggest speech in four years. Can she convince skeptical women to vote for her husband?
84 Melania Trump tweets about her coronavirus symptoms after testing positive
85 Melania Trump's messaging frustrating the West Wing, source says
86 Melania Trump’s curious greeting of Trump after debate raises questions
87 Melania Trump renews focus on ex-friend with essay railing against 'pettiness'
88 Melania Trump has no plans to leave White House while sick, official says, contrasting with the President
89 First lady Melania Trump unveils White House Rose Garden restorations ahead of RNC
90 Melania Trump will 'continue to rest' at White House as President Trump returns from hospital
91 Melania Trump used private email accounts while in the White House, says former colleague and friend
92 Trump news live: Latest updates as president urged to start Biden transition
93 Readout of First Lady Melania Trump's Visit to The Mary Elizabeth House
94 Melania Trump taped making derogatory remarks about Donald and Ivanka – report
95 How Melania Trump became a bare-knuckled political player
96 Melania Trump favorability remains same, according to new poll
97 Melania Trump was praised for acknowledging racism. But she has also spread false ‘birther’ claims about Obama.
98 First Lady Melania Trump
99 In calling for 'peace' Melania Trump strikes different tone than the President
100 Melania Trump expressed surprise over Vogue selection of Beyoncé for 2018 cover