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1 Kim Kardashian tortured by sports coach Melissa!
2 Melissa Alcantara Shares Kim Kardashian's Workout Likes and Dislikes
3 Work Out With Melissa Alcantara (Kim Kardashian West’s Trainer!) For Free
4 Kim Kardashian’s trainer Melissa Alcantara solves 'one of the biggest issues that you come across' with at-home workouts
5 Personal Trainer Melissa Alcantara on her new book Fit Gurl
6 Kim Kardashian West's Trainer, Melissa Alcantara Shares Advice for How to Achieve Fitness Goals
7 Everything We Know About Kim Kardashian's Trainer, Melissa Alcantara
8 Melissa Alcantara Reveals What It's Like To Train Kim Kardashian
9 Kim Kardashian West's Trainer, Melissa Alcantara Shares Weight Loss Plan
10 The wild story behind how Kim Kardashian's trainer Melissa Alcantara started working with the reality star
11 Let’s Get A Fit Bod With Fitplan: App and Website Review
12 Kim Kardashian West's trainer shares 5 moves to mix up your workouts
13 Kim Kardashian is joined by a few surprise guests during her weekend workout session
14 Melissa Alcantara, Fitness Model And Kim Kardashian’s Personal Trainer, Dishes About Her Road To Stardom
15 Kim Kardashian's Weekly Workout Routine From Melissa Alcantara
16 Kim Kardashian 'Never Questions' Her Workout Program — Here's Her Trainer's Tips for Staying Fit
17 Melissa Alcantara Shares Her 5 Top Tips for Making a Fitness Transformation
18 Who Is Melissa Alcantara, Kim Kardashian's Trainer?
19 From unfit, depressed drinker and smoker to Kim Kardashian's trainer — here's how 'Fitgurlmel' found success
20 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Created This Workout Just For You (& A Friend)
21 How Long Has Kim Kardashian West Been Working with Her Trainer, Melissa Alcantara?
22 Kim Kardashian's trainer wakes up at 4 a.m. and skips breakfast—here's a look at her daily routine
23 Kim Kardashian's Trainer Posted A Before-After Photo Of Her Butt Transformation
24 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Melissa Alcantara Shares Powerful Before and After: ‘You’ll Get It Back’
25 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Has Some Refreshingly Realistic Opinions on Nutrition
26 Kim Kardashian's Diet Secrets & Workout Tips – Trainer Mel Alcantara – Hollywood Life
27 Melissa's Transformation Is So Impressive, Even Kim Kardashian Is Obsessed
28 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Shares Her Minimalistic Approach to Home Workouts
29 A Mom Turned Personal Trainer Was the Hero of 'Titan Games'
30 Kim Kardashian's trainer, Melissa Alcantara, on how to get the body you want
31 Work(out) From Home: Kim Kardashian's Trainer Reveals Her Go-To Booty and Ab Exercises
32 Who Is Melissa Alcantara? New Details About Kim Kardashian's Personal Trainer
33 Who Is Melissa Alcantara? Kim Kardashian's Trainer Put Her On A Health & Fitness Plan
34 Kim Kardashian's Favorite Booty Exercises for Home Workouts
35 Kim Kardashian’s trainer: Melissa Alcantara's workout plan and fitness advice, from cardio to butt toning
36 Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Shares the Star’s 'Bodybuilding' Diet and Exercise Routine: 'She’s a Workhorse!'
37 How Kim Kardashian West Works Out
38 Kim Kardashian Shares Videos of Her Gym Workout With Trainer Melissa Alcantara
39 Barbell Squat Exercise Form Tips from Kim Kardashian's Trainer
40 Kim Kardashian’s Workout Routine Is Actually Surprisingly Easy To Follow
41 40 Kim Kardashian Diet, Weight-Loss, And Mental Health Habits
42 Kim Kardashian Abs Workout
43 Kim Kardashian's Trainer Reveals How to Get the Body You Want
44 Confession: Kim Kardashian's Trainer Helped Me Overcome My Fear of the Weight Room
45 How to Keep Up with Kim Kardashian in the Gym: Her Trainer Reveals Best Motivational Tips
46 This Is How Kim Kardashian West Really Feels About Turning 40
47 Kim Kardashian heads out early on Valentine's Day for a workout with her personal trainer
48 Kim Kardashian Was ‘So Not in the Mood’ for Her Intense Cardio Workout This Morning
49 No Wonder Kim K Looks Amazing, Her Trainer Is Nothing Short of Inspiring
50 Facebook Messenger’s newest feature is perfect for the pandemic
51 Kim Kardashian's trainer shares her go-to workout tools
52 15 Pics Of The Kardashian/Jenners Staying Active | TheThings
53 Kim Kardashian shares her high-intensity workout routine that she follows amid lockdown
54 Kim Kardashian Just Revealed the Real Reason North West Is a Pescatarian
55 Kim Kardashian’s trainer reveals star only eats food that ‘grows off trees’ – just hours before she’s slammed
56 How Does Kim Kardashian's Trainer Keep Her Motivated Everyday?
57 Kim Kardashian Reveals 18 Pound Weight Gain
58 What Is Reverse Dieting and Is It Healthy? | Shape
59 Kim Kardashian West uses these organizational tricks to help keep her 'sane'
60 How much did homes sell for near you?
61 5 motivational fitness apps starring celebrities
62 Kim Kardashian Gifts Booty Sculpting Machine to Her Sisters and Mom Kris Jenner for Christmas
63 Get Glowing With Latham Thomas’ Free Mindful Yoga And Guided Meditation
64 Is Reverse Dieting Good For Weight Loss? Benefits, How To Do It
65 Tone Your Booty In 30 Minutes With Fitness Experts Denise And Katie Austin's Live Workout
66 What Is Reverse Dieting and Can It Help You Lose Weight?
67 4 Things Kim Kardashian Does To Get A Flat Stomach
68 39 Black-Run Fitness Classes to Support Now and Always
69 Kim vs. Khloe: Which Kardashian has the better workout?
70 I Tried Kim Kardashian's Butt Workout & Am Forever Changed
71 What Does Kim Kardashian Eat?
72 Facebook Brings New Content To 'Watch Together' On Messenger
73 Kim Kardashian Shares Exact Workout That Dropped Her Weight to 116 Pounds
74 20 Fit Black Women to Follow on Instagram Right Now
75 What Is Kim Kardashian West's Workout?
76 Kim Kardashian Cardio