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1 Baby Yoda's Blue Cookies Have a Recipe
2 'Sweded' Film Festival Helps Indie Theaters
3 How to Stop Google From Mining Your Data for 'Smart' Features
4 20 Best Gangster Movies of All Time
5 Tricky Brain Teaser Is Hiding a Doe Among Stags
6 65 Years Later: 10 Fascinating Facts About the Montgomery Bus Boycott
7 13 Gorgeous Coffee Table Books for Anyone on Your List
8 Perfect Gifts for Pop Culture Connoisseurs
9 3D Map Shows the Milky Way Galaxy in Unprecedented Detail
10 13 Unbelievable Unfinished Projects
11 10 Ways You Can Help Small Businesses This Holiday Season
12 How Much Is the Earth Worth?
13 A New Book by J.R.R. Tolkien Contains Previously Unpublished Essays About Middle-Earth
14 Middle Ages: Most Common Misconceptions
15 Surprising Facts About Samuel L. Jackson
16 Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter
17 Fun Fact: More Than 75 National Forests Will Let You Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree
18 Meet the Zoom Santas Doing Virtual Meetings in 2020
19 You Can Still Get an Extra 40 Percent Off This Bundle of 12 Mac Apps for Cyber Monday
20 Methods for Coping With Panic Attacks
21 25 Facts About Prince Charles and Princess Diana's Wedding
22 Frontline COVID Workers Can Get Free Starbucks Coffee In December
23 Queen Elizabeth II Is Hiring New Personal Assistant at Buckingham Palace
24 13 Surprising Facts About Robert Pattinson
25 Why Hospital Doctors Wear White Coats
26 You Can Now Buy Your Very Own Baby Yoda Space Macarons
27 What's In a Can of Red Bull?
28 Find Kevin's Traps in This 'Home Alone' House Map
29 Pumpkin Pie Taster Job Comes With $500 Paycheck
30 Library of Congress Seeks Volunteers to Transcribe Letters to Theodore Roosevelt
31 Netflix's 'The Queen's Gambit' Causes Surge in Chess Interest
32 Coursera Has Teamed Up With Disney and Pixar to Celebrate Soul With a Curated Selection Of Courses Aimed at Maximizing Your Creative Side
33 How Do Election Recounts Work? Here's a Simple Explanation
34 Frank Carney, Co-Founder of Pizza Hut, Dies at 82
35 Minute Media and Protected Media Collaborate
36 Her Hacks: Holiday hacks to help your home and hearth
37 Mineral Independent
38 George Clooney Has Been Cutting His Own Hair For Years Using The Flowbee Haircutting Machine
39 Minute Media and Protected Media Collaborate to Empower Publishers by Solving Ad Fraud at the Source
40 G.I. Joe Made Rocky Balboa A Member (And Why He Was Removed)
41 This mini Jelly Belly game is a great stocking stuffer
42 Link Tank: Why You Should Watch A Kid in King Arthur’s Court on Disney+
43 The Mental Floss Store's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
44 Get to know Maya Warren, the ice cream scientist everyone is talking about
45 How to Pitch a Story to Mental Floss
46 George Clooney said his assistant would Flowbee his hair for him
47 Robert de Niro Actually Turned Down This Role in 'Home Alone,' As Did Jon Lovitz
48 The 'Glass' Christmas Ornaments in 'Home Alone' Were Actually Made of Candy
49 Link Tank: How the Horror Genre Got Us Through 2020
50 Link Tank: The Most Popular Christmas Movies by Country
51 Roundup: A$AP Rocky & Rihanna Dating; Justice Department Speaks on Election Results; Salesforce Acquires Slack
52 Link Tank: Fun Facts About Martial Arts Legend and Pop Culture Icon, Bruce Lee
53 'The Santa Clause' Originally Had a Much Darker Premise
54 New Jersey Among Most Dishonest States
55 2020's "Christmas Star" Light Happening for First Time in 800 Years
56 Shirley Temple's First Movie Roles Were Downright Disturbing – Here's Why
57 The Pringles mascot will be getting a new look in 2021
58 Common Misconceptions About Flying
59 Watch Audiences Line Up for 'The Exorcist' in 1973
60 10 memes that sum up everyone's reaction to canceled plans
61 KFC's Fried Chicken-Scented Firelogs Are Available at Walmart This Year
62 The Greatest Vampire Movies Ever Made
63 Eva Perón's Lobotomy
64 Watch 1961 Video of the Largest Hydrogen Bomb Ever Detonated
65 Nina Chhita's Instagram for Diverse Female Scientists
66 Offbeat November Holidays
67 11 Secrets of Astronauts
68 Interactive Map Shows Important Climate Change Areas
69 Most Haunted Roads
70 Elvis Presley Music Facts
71 The Matrix & 9 Other Movies Brad Pitt Was Almost Cast In
72 There's a Major Surplus of Movie Theater Popcorn
73 Thanksgiving Facts
74 Fatberg Facts
75 The 11 Wildest Horror Movie Plot Twists
76 Bob Ross Monopoly Board Game
77 Yarn Vending Machine Comes to Philadelphia
78 10 Amazing Facts About Bruce Lee Mental Floss
79 What Should You Do If You Meet an Alien?
80 The List Show: Origins of Urban Legends
81 Join Mental Floss on YouTube Live for “Tub Trivia” Game
82 How Astronauts Vote From Space
83 National Doughnut Day's WWI History
84 Gut Microbes Might Control Your Desire for Nature
85 Christchurch Official Wizard
86 What Happens to Fuel Dumped From an Airplane?
87 Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bobblehead
88 The 50 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters Across America
89 Strange Google Searches by State
90 Mental Floss's 40 Favorite Stories of 2019
91 Remembering Oregon's Exploding Whale of 1970
92 You Can Now Read Thousands of Abraham Lincoln's Personal Letters Online
93 Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2020 Livestream
94 The Most Important Invention the Year You Were Born
95 Tips for Road-Tripping During Coronavirus Pandemic
96 Geoffrey Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' App
97 Why Humans Fear Bugs
98 9 Hobbies You Can Pick Up While Stuck at Home
99 John Tyler's Grandson Dies
100 Dior sparked backlash by airing a fragrance commercial starring Johnny Depp