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Result Content Idea Research
1 We Must Address the Crisis in the Merit System
2 The MSPB Empowerment Act of 2020 and the Possible Effects on Federal Employees Bringing Appeals
3 Does National Guard Service Count Toward Federal Retirement?
4 Maloney, Connolly Introduce the Merit Systems Protection Board Empowerment Act of 2020
5 Office of Personnel Management proposes to reclassify ALJs within civil service
6 These key federal jobs are long vacant. Federal workers are hurt because of it.
7 OPM finalizes new policies intended to more quickly discipline poor performers
8 How one small agency is grappling with the concept of ‘reopening’
9 Merit Systems Protection Board protecting federal workers unable to function because of vacant positions
10 Case: Disability Discrimination/Jurisdiction (6th Cir.)
11 6th Circ. Grounds Air Force Worker's Reinstatement Fight
12 Lack of quorum hits 3-year mark at MSPB, with no clear end in sight
13 U.S. Merit System Protection Board Plagued by Structural Defects
14 Whistleblower groups urge congressional action on MSPB nominees
15 New Trump Administration Strategy Leaves Fired Feds Seeking Recourse in Indefinite Purgatory
16 POLITICS: Ex-EPA aide's suit claims retaliation over Pruitt scandals
17 Stalled MSPB nominee to lead key workforce policy shop at OPM
18 Federal Employee Protection Agencies Clash Over When to Protect Federal Employees
19 Administration pushes for Senate to move on MSPB chair nomination | TheHill
20 Case backlog piling up for vacant Merit Systems Protection Board, protector of wrongly terminated federal workers
21 With Appeals Board Hamstrung, Congress Declines to Intervene on Behalf of Whistleblowers Facing Discipline
22 It's Becoming Rarer for Federal Agencies and Employees to Settle Over Adverse Actions
23 Mr. Senator, tear down this hold!
24 Merit Systems Protection Board: A crack in the whistleblower protection system
25 FERS OPM Medical Retirement: Making Innuendoes
26 MSPB Says Impact from Leadership Void Is Showing
27 Office of Special Counsel Disagrees with MSPB Ruling in Federal Whistleblower Case
28 Bypassing Memberless Federal Personnel Board Is Doable for Some
29 Federal HR hasn’t truly recovered from mid-1990s downsizing era, MSPB finds
30 Senate forces ‘first’ for MSPB as the agency loses all members
31 MSPB Reauthorization Bill Offered as Case Backlog Nears 3,000
32 Trump's Refusal to Commit to a Peaceful Transition Is a Wake Up Call for Civil Servants
33 Legal Insider: MSPB Lawyers for Federal Employees
34 Appeals Court Vacates MSPB Removal Decision For Its Mishandling of Whistleblower Defense
35 MSPB: Congress needs to do its part to help agencies hire better candidates
36 Rick Bright's Resignation Shows We're Failing Whistleblowers
37 Good Governance Paper No. 1: The Hatch Act Ban on Political Use of Government Resources
38 10th Circ. Backs Army Missile Site Supervisor's Firing
39 MSPB extending mandatory telework until next month
40 Federal HR offices have been slow to recover since 1990s downsizing, says MSPB
41 NCLA Asks Full Fifth Circuit to Rehear Case Concerning Unlawful SEC Administrative Proceedings
42 The Only Things Immune to Coronavirus? EEO and MSPB Deadlines
43 Board that protects federal workers, including whistleblowers, unable to function because of empty positions
44 Federal employee appeals agency could restart issuing decisions soon
45 FERS OPM Medical Retirement: Restraining the Panic
46 MSPB warns of longer appeals times, more workforce cuts under Trump’s proposed budget cut
47 'Buckets of Back Pay' Could Go to Feds Once Appeal Board Is Back
48 Employees tell MSPB they’ve seen or experienced more discrimination, whistleblower retaliation
49 Everything You Ever Wanted Know About the Merit Systems Protection Board
50 Final Merit Board Nominee Promises to Protect Civil Service as Agency Looks to Regain Teeth
51 Administration Pushes For Senate to Move on MSPB Chair Nomination
52 Conflict of Interest and Statutory Violation at Merit Systems Protection Board?
53 Trump nominates long-awaited third MSPB member
54 Under Trump, Whistleblowers Have Even Less Protection Than Usual
55 When can the federal government lawfully terminate employees?
56 Union-Filed Grievance Preempts Employee Appeal
57 Why recent constitutional challenges may have implications for agencies and their administrative judges
58 Whistleblower Protection Agency, Judge Clash Over Which Feds to Protect From Reprisal
59 Letter: Government inaction
60 The federal merit system keeps our democracy safe. Trump and the Senate are killing its guardian.
61 Illegal Civil Service Appointment Leads to Employee's Removal
62 Federal Court Rules IRS Did Not Retaliate Against Former Employee
63 Federal appeals board: Better defunct or with Trump appointees?
64 MSPB Seeks Funding Boost, Contrary to Administration Request
65 Whistleblower retaliation: Stop confusing unlawful attacks with politics | TheHill
66 Merit Systems Protection Board
67 Court Deals Major Blow to Trump's Signature Civil Service Reform Law
68 Board that handles federal worker disputes vacant for first time in 40 years
69 Agency Decision to Revoke Tentative Job Offer Not Appealable
70 Senate Panel Advances Merit Board, FEMA Administrator Nominees
71 Excepted Service Appointee Not Entitled to Review of Termination
72 What Is Going On at the MSPB?
73 Data on Outcomes of Appeals Can Be Misleading, MSPB Says
74 MSPB seeks more money to handle massive backlog
75 Federal Employees' Settlement Agreements Can Expire, Court Rules
76 For the first time ever, MSPB could face a future with no board members
77 Trumpu2019s War On Whistleblowers Is Trickling Down To Other Parts of Federal And State Government
78 Fudging Certified Time Sheets Leads to Removal
79 Federal Employee Appeals Board May Soon Finally Be Able to Hear Cases
80 Trump’s original pick to lead OPM is now a senior agency adviser
81 Court Decision Exposes Government Whistleblowers to Retaliatory Investigations
82 Court ruling makes investigating whistleblowers easier
83 How common are prohibited personnel practices?
84 Senate panel advances third MSPB nominee
85 Sexual harassment claims at federal workplaces on the rise
86 What Happens If My Application For FERS Disability Retirement Is Denied?
87 Energy employee banned for 3 years after ‘flagrant’ Hatch Act violation
88 This grievance board for federal workers has one person left — and he’s about to leave
89 Federal employees will wait longer for their grievances to be heard
90 Telework, or ‘tele-goofing off?’ Mixed agency messages show stigma still exists
91 The agency that’s supposed to protect whistleblowers across the government got slapped for retaliating against one of its own
92 House panel approves bill to expedite fed firings
93 Argument preview: Revisiting the proper forum for civil service review in mixed cases
94 Punching In: Transfer of DOL's Oracle Lawyer Delayed Temporarily
95 Lack of Candor Leads to HR Supervisor's Removal at DHS
96 Pasadena Congressman Introduces the Protecting Our Democracy Act
97 What Sayers v. DVA means and doesn’t mean
98 Temper Tantrum Leads to Removal
99 Security at child care centers in federal buildings need significant upgrades
100 Higher Law: Challenging DEA's Marijuana Scheduling | New California Marijuana Laws | Meet Agrify's Top Lawyer | Who Got the Work