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1 Merkel says coronavirus exposes leaders who rely on 'fact-denying populism'
2 As Germany Takes Over the EU Presidency, Chancellor Angela Merkel Has an Opportunity to Tackle Some Unfinished Business
3 July 9 coronavirus news
4 Merkel's press office suspected of spying for Egypt
5 What Merkel wants
6 Opinion: Finally! Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats introduce a gender quota
7 Quantum chemist Angela Merkel has finally become Europe’s leader
8 Merkel's CDU aim to fill half of party posts with women by 2025
9 German officials alarmed by Trump's calls with Merkel, kept secret: CNN
10 Merkel Urges EU to Rise to the Biggest Challenge in Its History
11 Angela Merkel’s Viral Moment
12 Merkel: Negotiating chapters with Tirana and Skopje could be opened this year
13 Will Angela Merkel save Europe?
14 Germany's Merkel: Pandemic Highlights Limits of Populism
15 Merkel Wants Swift EU Deal on COVID Economic Recovery to Grow Unity
16 Merkel warning: German leader told NOT to cling to power – 'Would quickly turn sour'
17 Germany's Merkel pictured wearing mask in public
18 Last chance for Angela Merkel | Daily Sabah
19 Johnson Tells Merkel U.K. Is Ready to Go Without an EU Trade Deal
20 EU Presidency: Merkel Warns That Post-Brexit Negotiations May Fail
21 Merkel Sees Duty to Work With Trump as He Tries to Gather G-7
22 Chancellor Angela Merkel Addresses AJC Virtual Global Forum Opening Plenary
23 Merkel: Coronavirus pandemic revealed Europe's fragility
24 Merkel ally: Germany worried about 'shortcomings' in US relationship
25 EU must emerge stronger, more united from corona-crisis
26 Italy warns EU single market faces obliteration as Merkel and Macron's masterplan on brink
27 Germany's Merkel underlines aim to complete Baltic pipeline
28 Trump called May and Merkel 'losers' after their political setbacks, ex-officials say
29 Opinion: Angela Merkel's moment to define the EU's future
30 Merkel Braces for the Backlash as Trump Re-Election Bid Wobbles
31 For virus-tamer Merkel, global alliances trumped nationalism
32 Merkel: EU Accession Talks with N.Macedonia within 2020, 'Possibly' Also with Albania
33 China Shapes the Fears and Ambitions for Germany After Merkel
34 Merkel and Macron show unity ahead of all-important EU summit
35 Merkel aims for recovery deal as Germany takes over EU presidency
36 Merkel Serves Warning to EU Holdouts She’s Ready to Turn Up Heat
37 Germany's Angela Merkel warns that coronavirus pandemic is not yet over
38 Sweetwater, Merkel player-coach pairs named TGCA All-Stars
39 America's relationship with Germany may never be the same again, Berlin warns
40 China needs to do more on market access, Merkel tells Li
41 Trump is undermining Merkel as she tries to stand up to Putin
42 Germany: Merkel's party expels member over banned Nazi-era phrase
43 French President Macron to meet Germany's Merkel on June 29
44 Europe Worries Trump May Wreck Chunk of Merkel’s Legacy
45 Philipp Amthor's World: A Young Star in Merkel's Party Faces Turbulence
46 How Angela Merkel went from lame duck to global leader on coronavirus
47 The Secret to Germany’s COVID-19 Success: Angela Merkel Is a Scientist
48 Germany: Angela Merkel quashes talk she may seek 5th term
49 What Trump could learn from Angela Merkel about dealing with coronavirus
50 Germany's Merkel loses control of her own succession
51 Merkel warns coronavirus crisis 'still just the beginning'
52 How the Coronavirus Revived Angela Merkel
53 Germany's Merkel 'cannot confirm' her attendance at G7 summit in US during coronavirus pandemic
54 German Chancellor Angela Merkel Warns Against Reopening Germany Too Early
55 Who wants to follow in Merkel's footsteps?
56 German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes into self-quarantine
57 Coronavirus: Why Merkel may help fund Europe's recovery plan
58 Coronavirus: Up to 70% of Germany could become infected
59 Germany's Merkel backs WHO as calls for more coronavirus cooperation
60 Merkel in quarantine after contact with positive case
61 Angela Merkel: Germany’s crisis manager is back
62 Why Merkel's Coronavirus Address Matters
63 Angela Merkel is running out of road and should step down
64 What's Angela Merkel's secret to crisis leadership in Germany?
65 The Leader of the Free World Gives a Speech, and She Nails It
66 How The 2010s Were German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Decade
67 The fratboys vying to succeed Angela Merkel
68 Germany's Angela Merkel calls for 'climate-friendly' coronavirus response
69 West German Men Fill Race to Replace Chancellor Merkel
70 Germany's would-be chancellors struggle in Merkel's shadow
71 Merkel slams 'unforgivable' far-right backed state premier vote
72 Angela Merkel and her view of the world
73 Germany is gradually reopening under plan set out by Angela Merkel
74 Angela Merkel praised for 'direct, vivid and emotional' crisis comms
75 20 years since Merkel took helm of Germany's Christian Democrats
76 Opinion: Germans rally behind Merkel amid coronavirus crisis
77 Germany: Angela Merkel becomes second-longest-serving chancellor
78 Merkel Just Gave Her Party Chief a Lesson in Crisis Management
79 German coronavirus curve gives reason for cautious hope: Merkel
80 Coronavirus in Germany: Angela Merkel explains the risks of loosening social distancing too fast
81 Merkel's moment of truth
82 Meet Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Potential Successors
83 Merkel: East German upbringing influenced my leadership style
84 Merkel to meet Putin in Moscow for talks on Mideast crises
85 Trump Undermines Merkel as She Tries to Stand Up to Putin
86 Angela Merkel Can’t Isolate Herself From Pressure to Save Europe
87 Angela Merkel warns EU: ‘Brexit is a wake-up call’
88 The new European revolt against Angela Merkel
89 Angela Merkel doesn’t use war imagery for Covid. In fact, she hardly uses metaphors
90 It is no longer certain that Angela Merkel will complete her term as German chancellor
91 Merkel calls for international cooperation against virus
92 Did Angela Merkel Just Make a U-Turn in Her European Policy?
93 Is Angela Merkel Still in Charge?
94 Merkel: Lufthansa rescue decision 'soon'
95 Merkel's Covid-19 Math Resonates Thanks to Simple Explanation
96 How Trump's and Merkel's Leadership Against Coronavirus Compare
97 Racism is a problem, not only in US, but also in Germany: Merkel
98 PM call with Chancellor Angela Merkel: 13 March 2020
99 'It's up to us': how Merkel and Macron revived EU solidarity
100 Angela Merkel ally's loss casts doubt on German coalition