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Result Content Idea Research
1 What conditions justify mask exemptions? UR health policy expert weighs in
2 Will COVID-19 finally spur a revamp of US health care?
3 Doctors and hospitals are struggling financially in a pandemic. Here’s why.
4 Yes, covid-19 treatment must be free for all. But that’s not enough.
5 The politicization of the CDC was under way before Trump
6 COVID-19 demands a reckoning with hospitals' fee-for-service business model
7 Another COVID crisis
8 Psychiatry under the shadow of white supremacy
9 Lack of mask exemption guidance leaves policy decisions up to doctors
10 Balance between mask exemptions and public health isn't simple
11 The CDC has become enmeshed in politics. But it’s not unique to the Trump administration.
12 In time of masking mandates, how to evaluate exemptions?
13 How do you slow a pandemic like coronavirus?
14 Mask exemptions rare, but require compassion
15 More States Require Masks In Public As COVID-19 Spreads, But Enforcement Lags
16 Separating children from their families must be last resort
17 Are there medical reasons to not wear a mask? Yes, but not many
18 Why Biden's record players won't solve poverty
19 Richard Gelles, scholar of family violence and child-welfare system, dies at 73
20 America's 'lagging miserably' in its response to coronavirus
21 Replacing the “Word Gap” With Nonstigmatizing Approaches to Early Literacy and Language Building
22 Ten appointed to named professorships : NewsCenter
23 COVID-19 and Masks: Doctor, May I Be Excused?
24 Are Americans ready for challenges of the coronavirus era?
25 Calling Medicare 'socialized medicine' is a well-worn scare tactic
26 Few medical exemptions exist for mask order
27 Analysis: With unease, Americans lurch into coronavirus era
28 Debt relief programs have big return on investment during COVID-19 pandemic
29 Eight appointed to named professorships : NewsCenter
30 How conservatives have scared Americans into supporting higher health-care costs
31 Why Maine authorities are not disclosing exactly where patients live
32 OPINION: Why a return to ‘normal’ may not be good or even possible
33 Analysis: Virus shows benefit of learning from other nations
34 Daily briefing: What happens after you survive coronavirus
35 Theodore Brown receives Lifetime Achievement Award from American Association for the History of Medicine
36 Monroe County COVID-19 hospitalizations drop to lowest number since March
37 In Biden’s ‘Corn Pop’ story, his critics see yet another stereotypical portrayal of black Americans
38 Key Pennsylvania grand jury recommendation faces opposition from Catholic church
39 Number of virus patients in Maine hospitals flattened or decreased in the past week
40 Rochester man with COVID-19 rode Greyhound from NYC
41 St. Francis College Offers Free Lecture Series On American Politics & Policies
42 Opinion: Time for a bolder Child Poverty Collaborative
43 Bettye Caldwell, Educator Who Helped Pave Way for Head Start, Dies at 91
44 Our Irrational Cruelty to Pregnant or Parenting People Who Use Drugs
45 What's the Best Medicine?
46 Don't Count on Big Tech to Fix the Bay Area's Housing Crisis
47 Student-Athletes Make Billions for the NCAA. They Deserve A Seat On Its Board.
48 Shanahan and Lynch, unplugged
49 Diagnostic Accuracy of PCR Alone and Compared to Urinary Antigen Testing for Detection of Legionella spp.: a Systematic Review
50 How popular is your dog’s name? Look it up in this interactive chart
51 Gulls soaring as they near halfway mark of inaugural AHL season
52 BFA Preliminary Training Squad List Revealed