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1 Can Do: How Will COVID-19 Change Higher Education?
2 Jilted bidder claims foul play, sues Shelby County over $100M contract
3 IGs on pandemic oversight board warn job well done still means billions in fraud
4 Democratic lawmakers ask DOJ watchdog to investigate Barr, Durham
5 'Take my car, if you have to, but don't mess with my dogs'
6 Peter Strzok book claims IG Horowitz changed report on Clinton email probe at last second
7 The FBI’s Bad Intelligence
8 Pentagon easing pandemic travel restrictions
9 The past 48 hours of Justice Department political shenanigans, explained
10 'The World Looks Different Now'
11 Steele dossier sub-source was suspected of spying for Russia, DOJ reveals
12 Pandemic Phase II: The Reckoning
13 Guest Editor's Corner Fall 2020
14 Judge rejects DOJ attempt to scrap McCabe lawsuit, orders discovery
15 Andrew McCabe to testify before Senate Judiciary Committee about 2016 Russia investigation
16 Johnson seeks IG probe of wiped Mueller team phones
17 City College Journalism Cleans Up at 2020 Bay Area Journalism Awards
18 Peter Strzok, Notorious Ex-G-Man, Explains Himself And Takes Aim At Trump
19 Digital Tools, Data Analytics are Keys to Pandemic Funding Oversight
20 Provocations: Will the other shoe drop? (DAVID NEESE COLUMN)
21 John Durham reviewing FBI handling of Clinton Foundation investigation
22 Inspector general says the FBI is not vindicated by his report on Trump campaign probe
23 Emily Huston
24 DOJ watchdog Michael Horowitz is a career straight shooter, colleagues say
25 Federal Judge Refuses to Dismiss Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s Lawsuits Against DOJ Over Release of Texts: ‘Pour Yourself Another Cup of Coffee…’
26 Michael Horowitz named director of Perry World House and Richard Perry Professor
27 Conservatives Condemn Attacks on the Religious Faith of Judge Amy Coney Barrett
28 Michael Horowitz To Testify Before Congress After Delivering Watchdog Report
29 How Amy Coney Barrett Could Alter the Future of the U.S.'s Climate Change Policy
30 DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz Testifies Before Congress
31 Michael Horowitz named director of Perry World House
32 Michael Schrage, Author of Recommendation Engines (The MIT Press)
33 US election news: Early voting begins in four states
34 Read the full text: DOJ IG Michael Horowitz's report into origins of Russia probe
35 Democratic Sen. Chris Coons On Testimony From Inspector General Michael Horowitz
36 DOJ watchdog finds new errors in FBI's handling of surveillance warrants
37 ‘Remarkable’: DOJ Inspector General Slams Trump For Firing Intelligence Community Inspector General
38 Watch: DOJ watchdog Michael Horowitz testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee
39 Thoughts on the Horowitz Report, Part II: What the Inspector General Did Not Find
40 Michael Horowitz: Finalizing of FISA probe report 'nearing completion'
41 OPMC welcomes neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Horowitz
42 Justice Department watchdog says FBI could have ended Carter Page surveillance months earlier
43 READ: Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz's Senate testimony
44 Howie Carr: Michael Horowitz’s FBI whitewash must grate on crooked fed Zip Connolly
45 LIVE STREAM: Michael Horowitz testifies in Senate impeachment hearing following IG report
46 Michael Horowitz Will Not Save Us. Only We Can Save Us.
47 The Lawfare Podcast Bonus Edition: Michael Horowitz vs. the Committee with No Bull
48 Patchwork Presents Adds New Venues, Parters With Universatile's Michael Horowitz
49 Richard Grenell Removes Redactions from Michael Horowitz's Trump Investigation
50 DOJ Inspector General Investigating Federal Agents' Actions In Portland And D.C.
51 Inspector General Report on Origins of FBI's Russia Inquiry |
52 Inspector general defends 'no political bias' conclusion
53 FBI was justified in opening Trump campaign probe, but case plagued by ‘serious failures,’ inspector general finds
54 Former FBI official under scrutiny in DOJ watchdog's FISA probe: Sources
55 From Trump-Russia Probe to the Clinton Foundation: Why Has Durham Widened His Inquiry's Scope?
56 The latest FISA findings are reassuring. Given the potential for abuse, continuing accountability is essential.
57 IG Veteran Named Executive Director of Pandemic Oversight Committee
58 Former DOJ Inspector General Discusses Horowitz Report On 2016 Election
59 FISA's Current Controversies and Room for Improvement (Part Two)
60 The Lack of Oversight in Trump's Justice Department
61 Watchdog report on Russia probe nears public release
62 Inspectors general ask Congress for help in monitoring coronavirus relief payments
63 A follow-up on the Carter Page warrant is, once again, not flattering to the FBI
64 Democrats question why DOJ inspector general isn't investigating Trump's attorneys general
65 Movies streaming in Southeast Michigan, new releases Sept. 30
66 Trump’s favorite conspiracy theory deteriorates — courtesy of two men he hailed
67 More than 1,250 former Justice Dept. workers call for internal watchdog to probe Barr role in clearing demonstrators from Lafayette Square
68 Horowitz’s report breaks Sean Hannity’s mantra
69 Statement from Vice President Mike Pence on Horowitz Report
70 New Details Hint at Risk of Russian Misinformation in Dossier
71 Justice Department leaves 'unresolved' recommendations from 2016 election probes
72 Horowitz and other inspectors general stick up for whistleblowers
73 Watchdog report slams DEA's money-laundering operations
74 Horowitz's report may provide a jolt to DC and the economy
75 Barr’s handpicked prosecutor tells inspector general he can’t back right-wing theory that Russia case was U.S. intelligence setup
76 FBI: Review of surveillance applications found minor errors
77 Russia Inquiry Review Is Expected to Undercut Trump Claim of F.B.I. Spying
78 Thoughts on the Horowitz Report, Part III: The FISA Findings
79 Making Sense of the Debates Over FISA (Part One)
80 Justice IG to testify next month on alleged 2016 surveillance abuse | TheHill
81 The man who investigates the investigators, DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz
82 Read the DOJ inspector general's congressional testimony on the Russia probe report
83 After exposing surveillance errors in Trump probe, inspector general looks for a pattern
84 FBI falls short in assessing homegrown terror threats, DOJ watchdog says
85 Justice Department watchdog moves to reassure witnesses on Russia investigation report
86 Pandemic board launches spending tracker, but with little for oversight groups to parse
87 The First Glimpse into Horowitz’s FISA-Abuse Report
88 Horowitz did not find evidence Obama asked for probe of Trump | TheHill
89 DOJ, FBI review of surveillance applications finds almost all errors are minor
90 A conversation with Michael Horowitz | Penn Today
91 New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk, Critics Say
92 Senate Panel Moves to Empower Justice Dept. Watchdog Over Barr’s Objections
93 Mr. Horowitz Speaks
94 Ex-FBI lawyer, accused of falsifying document in probe of Trump’s campaign, to plead guilty
95 Trump Fires Intel IG, Taps White House Confidant for Pandemic Oversight Role
96 The Russia Probe Was Justified — But the FBI’s ‘Failures’ Should Trouble Us All
97 Justice Dept. inspector general invites witnesses to review draft of Russia report, signaling public release is close
98 Schiff and Nadler seek probe of Barr for comments on Trump move to fire intel watchdog
99 Missing from debate over John Durham’s investigation of Trump campaign: Why did he speak out?
100 Stanford's David Sklansky on Two IG Firings, One with Oversight of Covid-19 Relief Bill | Stanford Law School