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1 Trump-appointed head of Global Media agency resigns at Biden's request
2 Michael Pack Resigns as VOA CEO
3 Voice of America CEO Accused Of Fraud, Misuse Of Office All In One Week
4 Trump-appointed federal media agency CEO blasted in letter by Radio Free Europe leaders
5 Biden Has Already Fired Three of Trump’s Worst Appointees
6 Voice of America overseer spent $2 million investigating employees, complaint alleges
7 Michael Pack, Who Tried to Bend Voice of America to Trump, Resigns Before Expected Firing
8 Voice of America CEO Accused of Fraud
9 Global Media Agency Brings on New Broadcasting Network Heads
10 Biden administration ousts Victoria Coates, who was falsely accused of being 'Anonymous'
11 Pompeo Defends Changes at USAGM Under Trump Appointee
12 Trump's Head of US Media Agency Attempts Power-Grab Weeks Before Biden Inauguration
13 Pompeo defends Trump, foreign policy in speech to VOA
14 Trump-Appointed Media Agency Chief Accused of Misusing Nonprofit Funds
15 Revolt at RFE/RL: US propaganda outfit denounces boss as partisan, claims he threatens their ‘freedom and independence’
16 Trump's War on the U.S. Agency for Global Media
17 Voice of America journalists demand resignation of news agency’s top leadership
18 US international broadcasting: The demolition of credibility | TheHill
19 Transition Roundup: More Fallout from Riots; VOA Employees Protest Pompeo's Speech
21 New Chief's Ties Shock Radio Free Asia, While Pompeo Visit To VOA Stirs Outcry
22 Michael Pack, Chief of Media Agency, Dismisses Heads of U.S. News Outlets
23 Judge Rebukes USAGM CEO Michael Pack, Saying He Acted Unlawfully
24 Voice of America Journalists: CEO Michael Pack Endangering Reporters
25 Senate Confirms Conservative Filmmaker to Lead U.S. Media Agency
26 Trump Appointee of U.S.-Funded News Outlets Draws Bipartisan Fire
27 Michael Pack Gets Greenlight From Foreign Relations Committee To Lead U.S. Global Media Agency
28 Michael Pack: Trump Pushes for Senate to Confirm Conservative to Run Voice of America
29 Democratic Lawmakers Give Voice Of America CEO Pack Tough Scrutiny
30 Trump loyalist Michael Pack plots final purge at federal media agency before Biden takes office
31 Sen. Bob Menendez calls for State Department inspector general to investigate federal media CEO Michael Pack
32 Senators to review federal media agency funding after CEO Michael Pack purges staff
33 Trump appointee sweeps aside rule that ensured ‘firewall’ at Voice of America
34 Sen. Bob Menendez accuses Trump media agency nominee Michael Pack of possible self-dealing, illegal activity
35 VOA Director Forced Aside As Part Of Trump Loyalty Push Before Biden Takes Over
36 Voice of America's 5 Months Under Trump CEO: Lawsuits, Bias Claims, And A Sex Scandal
37 District of Columbia Is Investigating Trump Nominee to Lead Media Agency
38 Trump appointee who oversees Voice of America refuses to cooperate with Biden transition team
39 Judge rules against Trump global media chief after firings
40 Trump Appointee Seeks to Cut Off Funding for Global Internet Access Group
41 Major COVID-19 and Defense Spending Bills Target USAGM Powers
42 After OTF takeover, USAGM CEO Michael Pack faces pressure from lawmakers and courts
43 Trump Appointee Is Turning Voice of America Into Partisan Outlet, Lawsuit Says
44 Investigation of filmmaker Michael Pack centers on alleged 'unlawful' use of nonprofit gifts
45 6 whistleblowers allege misconduct by government media boss
46 Undaunted, US global media chief plows ahead with changes
47 House Holds Hearing on USAGM, Former Executives Testify
48 Michael Pack, the man making waves at America's broadcasting agency
49 At Voice of America, An Apparent Case of Political Meddling By Trump's Pick
50 Trump pick to run Voice of America, other U.S. global media accused of carrying out 'purge'
51 Engel subpoenas US global media chief Michael Pack | TheHill
52 Trump admin dismantles 'firewall' for editorial independence at U.S.-funded media outlets
53 VOA White House Reporter Investigated For Anti-Trump Bias By Political Appointees
54 Head of government media agency flouts subpoena, angering Democrats and Republicans
55 US Court Blocks Government Media Chief from Replacing Technology Fund Board
56 District of Columbia investigating nonprofit run by Trump nominee to lead media agency, according to US senator
57 Pro-Trump shakeups continue at VOA's parent agency
58 Lawmakers voice concerns about US Agency for Global Media leadership
59 New directors at federal media agency have ties to anti-LGBT groups, fought pro-transgender policies
60 Michael Pack defends reforms at Voice Of America, Radio Free Asia
61 Trump's new global media chief fires top editor at Radio Free Asia
62 OSC Finds 'Substantial Likelihood' of Wrongdoing at Global Media Agency
63 US broadcasting chief fires agency heads in major reshuffle
64 U.S. Broadcasting Agency Will Not Extend Visas For Its Foreign Journalists
65 Lawsuit Calls for Immediate Relief from USAGM CEO's Actions
66 Exclusive: Biden would fire Trump-Bannon ally leading US broadcasting
67 US broadcasting agency executive director ignores House subpoena
68 Biden team meets with former U.S. media agency leaders, including some ousted by Trump appointee
69 Members of Congress Call on USAGM to Explain J-1 Visa Denials
70 USAGM Told to Investigate Allegations of Wrongdoing at Agency
71 Lawyer Investigating Voice Of America Has Active Protective Order Against Him
72 Judge Rules Trump-Appointed Agency Head Acted Illegally by Attempting Mass Firings at Internet Freedom Organization
73 USAGM Announces Investigation Into ‘Long-term Security Failures’
74 Trump's nominee to lead federal media agency funded a private company with donations from his nonprofit
75 Appeals court blocks Trump administration takeover of organization fighting digital censorship and surveillance
76 Federal media agency's employee review sparks fears of another staff purge
77 New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk, Critics Say
78 Watchdogs open probes into alleged misconduct and retaliation at US Agency for Global Media
79 Senate Foreign Relations Committee plans to meet next week on embattled Trump nominee Pack
80 The U.S. Agency for Global Media renews effort to extend American soft power
81 Citing Scandal, Senator Proposes Stronger Protections For VOA Newsroom
82 Anonymous Voice Of America Employees Protest New Acting Director
83 USAGM Officials Breached Firewall, Committee Chair Says
84 Ten questions for the Trump ally who runs US funded media
85 Radio Free Asia, Middle East Broadcasting Networks Get New Leaders
86 PBS NewsHour: CEO of Voice of America's parent agency defies subpoena despite bipartisan concerns
87 US Judge Rules in Favor of CEO of US Agency for Global Media
88 Trump global media chief probes pro-Biden VOA content
89 Bronson doctor recovers from COVID-19, donates plasma to help others battling the virus
90 Michael Pack Will Need to Tackle America’s Great-Power Problem
91 I was Voice of America’s director. Trump’s latest pick to run the organization is dangerous.
92 Trump Appointee Ousts Executives Overseeing Government Broadcasters
93 Trump appointee deepens purge of U.S. global media agency
94 Restoring the Voice of America after a Trump ‘wrecking ball’ won’t be easy. But it’s worth saving.
95 US government media chief undermines Hong Kong protesters, say officials
96 USAGM Funds Two Internet Freedom Projects
97 White House Accuses Democrats of Stalling Trump's Nominee to Lead Federal News Agency
98 Michael Pack to Serve as Oshkosh EVP, CFO; Wilson Jones Quoted
99 Film company founded by Trump nominee Michael Pack profited off fund-raising deal with think tank he ran
100 RCFP supports lawsuit challenging US Agency for Global Media leadership