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1 Bloomberg and other big names step in to help ex-felons in Florida become eligible to vote.
2 Bloomberg Says He’ll Spend $100 Million in Florida to Help Biden
3 Michael Bloomberg gives $100 million to historically Black medical schools.
4 Michael Bloomberg’s Florida ad blitz begins with a hit on Trump’s coronavirus response.
5 Scoop: Mike Bloomberg's anti-chaos theory
6 Bloomberg rolls out $40M ad buy to boost Biden in Florida | TheHill
7 Budowsky: Bloomberg should match small donors, give $500M | TheHill
8 Mike Bloomberg wants to solve America's Black doctor shortage
9 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Appoints Janice Bowie as New Bloomberg Centennial Professor
10 Democratic groups using Bloomberg money to launch $6M in Spanish language ads in Florida | TheHill
11 Mike Bloomberg Donates $100 Million To 4 HBCUs To Create More Black Doctors
12 What Can We Learn From Rival Political Ads in Florida?
13 From Global Crisis to Climate Turning Point
14 ‘He Stiffed Our Party’: Bloomberg Doubts Resurface as He Speaks at D.N.C.
15 Don’t Rehire a Failed President
16 Michael Bloomberg: Who He Is and What He Stands For
17 Making Pitch to Voters, Bloomberg Peddles His Experience in a Crisis
18 The Road to Racial Justice Runs Through Tulsa
19 20 Questions With Michael R. Bloomberg
20 ‘I’m So Sorry I Worked for This Guy’: Ex-Staffers React to Bloomberg Reversal on Field Organizers
21 Where Michael Bloomberg Stands on the Issues
22 Bloomberg's Billions: How the Candidate Built an Empire of Influence
23 Is It Too Soon to Write Off Michael Bloomberg?
24 Bloomberg Drops Out of 2020 Race, Ending Brief and Costly Campaign
25 Michael Bloomberg, a Billionaire Learning on the Job
26 Enthused by G.O.P. Support, Trump Says He Will Announce Supreme Court Pick on Saturday
27 The Notorious Michael R. Bloomberg
28 Michael R. Bloomberg: To restart business, protect workers
29 Bloomberg investigated as he donates to help Florida felons vote
30 Michael Bloomberg Joins 2020 Democratic Field for President
31 Michael Bloomberg is having to answer questions about his past
32 Biden’s Smart Pick for Vice President Tells Us a Lot
33 Coronavirus Outbreak: Live Updates and News for Sep. 25, 2020
34 Bloomberg Fueled His Campaign With $200 Million From His Own Fortune
35 55 Things You Need to Know About Mike Bloomberg
36 Mike Bloomberg: Fixing Inequality Is My Priority
37 How a String of Flukes Helped Pave the Way for Mayor Michael Bloomberg
38 Bloomberg Greets Public Failure With Public Emotion. He’s Not Used to Either.
39 Past Remarks Are Challenging for Bloomberg, and Fair Game for Rivals
40 In San Antonio, Bloomberg says Texas is ‘road to victory’
41 Bloomberg’s Organization Is Like No Other in Politics
42 Don't Let Politics Strangle Virus-Economy Relief
43 What Michael Bloomberg Said About His 2020 Rivals in a TV Interview
44 Bloomberg Pursues Wealthy Donors, but Not Their Checkbooks
45 Michael Bloomberg’s Not-So-Secret Weapon
46 Michael Bloomberg: Undermining the CDC puts lives at risk
47 Bloomberg Once Linked 2008 Crisis to End of Redlining Bias in Home Loans
48 Digital Edits, a Paid Army: Bloomberg Is ‘Destroying Norms’ on Social Media
49 Column: The notorious Michael R. Bloomberg and his terroristic pressure campaign
50 Billions of Targets on His Back, Bloomberg Joins the Debate Fray
51 Michael Bloomberg’s History of Demeaning Comments About Women
52 Black New Yorkers Are Twice as Likely to Be Stopped by the Police, Data Shows
53 Why Mike Bloomberg has a shot | TheHill
54 De Blasio’s New Side Hustle: Trolling Bloomberg
55 Michael Bloomberg Will Address Coronavirus in Prime-Time TV Ad
56 Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety Pours $15 Million Into Races in 8 States
57 Biden Has $466 Million in Bank, and a Huge Financial Edge on Trump
58 How Trump’s Billion-Dollar Campaign Lost Its Cash Advantage
59 Michael Bloomberg Pushed ‘Stop-and-Frisk’ Policing. Now He’s Apologizing.
60 A sideshow no more: Michael Bloomberg's fast ascent unnerves rivals
61 Mike Bloomberg’s Stealth Weapon
62 Even New Yorkers who like Mike Bloomberg see an uphill battle
63 Today’s famous birthdays list for September 25, 2020 includes celebrities Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jon
64 At First 2020 Campaign Stop, Bloomberg Boasts What His Money Can Do
65 Michael Bloomberg: Everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidate
66 Michael Bloomberg ramps up California campaign as rivals finish race in Iowa
67 California voters assess billionaire Michael Bloomberg
68 Welcome, Mike Bloomberg
69 Michael Bloomberg gets delay to disclose finances
70 To Restart Business, Protect Workers
71 Mike Bloomberg: The economic response we need to the coronavirus
72 ‘Mayors for Mike’: How Bloomberg’s Money Built a 2020 Political Network
73 Michael Bloomberg won't release women from nondisclosure agreements
74 Seeing a Bloomberg Ad on Fox News, Trump Takes the Bait
75 Mike Bloomberg commits $10 million to the International Rescue Committee for their COVID-19 pandemic response and additional work in some of the world's most vulnerable communities
76 If Trump Won’t Lead the World, Others Must
77 Bloomberg Proposes $5 Trillion in Taxes on the Rich and Corporations
78 Mike Bloomberg plots spending blitz to support Joe Biden's run for president
79 Bloomberg Takes Steps Into 2020 Race, Signaling Unconventional Campaign Strategy
80 Bloomberg’s Money Machine: 5 Takeaways on His Political Spending
81 Michael Bloomberg Leans Left With Plan to Rein In Wall St.
82 Michael R. Bloomberg: The economic response we need to the coronavirus
83 Democrats Are Freaking Out About Mike Bloomberg
84 When Did Bloomberg Turn Against Stop-and-Frisk? When He Ran for President.
85 What would Mike Bloomberg actually do as president?
86 Trump’s Firing of Watchdogs Must Be Checked
87 Biden Shows He Gets It on Clean Energy
88 Bloomberg is spending big on ads in often-overlooked states
89 Avoiding a Large Covid-19 Second Wave Is Possible: Johns Hopkins
90 ‘I Was Wrong,’ Bloomberg Says. 'Stop and Frisk' Policy Still Haunts Him.
91 Bloomberg firm seeks role in Democrats' bid to unseat Trump
92 Around the Country in 17 Hours With Michael Bloomberg
93 Why Bloomberg and Deval Patrick Changed Their Minds About 2020
94 Michael Bloomberg's campaign sued by former staffers alleging fraud
95 Bloomberg’s Job Security Promises Are Falling Through, Campaign Workers Say
96 Bloomberg and Trump Buy Super Bowl Ads at $10 Million Each
97 Michael Bloomberg Is Open to Spending $1 Billion to Defeat Trump
98 Billionaire Bloomberg floods L.A. with presidential ads
99 Bloomberg Will Spend $100 Million on Anti-Trump Online Ad Blitz
100 Video: Does Michael R. Bloomberg Know How To Pet A Dog?