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1 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz
2 Marseille Turns Green With Election of First Woman Mayor
3 The Interview
4 In space exploration, Switzerland punches above its weight
5 Montaigne Fled the Plague, and Found Himself
6 Nobel Prize in Physics to James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz
7 Physics Nobel goes to exoplanet and cosmology pioneers
8 Physicist Michel Mayor’s reaction to Nobel Prize win is ‘priceless’
9 Nobel Prize in Physics winners 'forever changed our conceptions of the world'
10 Nobel Prize Winner Michel Mayor…and More
11 Nobel Prize Physics Laureate on Colonizing Another Planet: ‘It’s Completely Crazy’
12 Moss Point resident paints over black fist painted by mayor in front of city hall
13 Portion of Moss Point Black Lives Matter mural painted over, altering message
14 Nobel Prize winner Michel Mayors priceless expression wins internet
15 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Studies of Earth’s Place in the Universe
16 Nobel Winners Changed Our Understanding with Exoplanet Discovery
17 Swiss Nobel Prize winners attend official ceremony
18 Nobel Prize In Physics Awarded To James Peebles, Michel Mayor, Didier Queloz
19 Macron is 'going it alone' with pick for new prime minister
20 James Peebles, Michel Mayor & Didier Queloz Get Nobel Prize for Understanding Evolution of Universe
21 Exploring the Cosmos with Nobel Laureates
22 Nobel prize in physics for discovery of exoplanet orbiting a star
23 How the Nobel Prize-Winning Exoplanet Was Found
24 Astrophysicist Who Just Won The Nobel Prize Says We'll Never Colonise Exoplanets
25 Why Nobel Prize-Winning Scientists Universally Oppose Moving to Mars
26 Physics Nobel awarded for discoveries about the universe’s evolution and exoplanets
27 Michel Barnier panic: Brexit chief 'losing French charm' as crushing reality derails EU
28 Three win Nobel Prize in Physics for work to understand cosmos
29 North Bay loses a community champion
30 Cosmology and Exoplanets Win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
31 LAPD Funding Slashed by $150M, Reducing Number of Officers
32 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics: Evolution of the universe and discovery of exoplanet orbiting solar-type star
33 2019 Physics Nobel awarded to 3 scientists for discoveries in cosmology
34 University of Cambridge’s Didier Queloz wins Nobel Prize in Physics for first discovery of an exoplanet
35 Nobel-Winning Exoplanet Hunters Are Case Study In Innovation
36 Employees, public left in dark as some Tucson businesses keep COVID-19 cases secret
37 “Confirmed” –The Presence of an Earth Around the Nearest Star
38 Space news: Nobel laureate claims humans won't move to other planets
39 Daily briefing: How biological advances have changed who we think we are
40 Photos: In Tucson, face masks are for more than just people
41 POLL: Is it time for UK consumers to buy British and show EU we won't be pushed around?
42 The Exoplanet That Changed How We See the Solar System, and the Universe
43 James Peebles, Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz win 2019 Nobel Prize for Physics
44 A Dazzling Quarter Century of Exoplanet Discovery
45 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded to trio for ‘groundbreaking discoveries’ about the universe
46 Nobel Prize Winners Talk Secrets of the Universe with Astronauts in Space
47 Brexit breakthrough: Huge sign deal between UK and EU is not too far away
48 Exoplanet hunting instrument created in part by UCI astronomer makes first observations
49 Coronavirus: Masks in Volusia-Flagler: What you need to know
50 Quebec's organic waste plan 'ambitious but achievable,' municipalities say
51 'With the Nobel Prize, you've reached the Olympus of science'
52 Nobel Prize for Physics awarded for cosmology and exoplanet breakthroughs
53 Scientists who discovered an exoplanet win Nobel Prize for Physics
54 Nobels 2019
55 Three Scientists Have Won The Nobel Prize In Physics For Astronomical Discoveries
56 Major Mayors of Europe – Charles Michel
57 The Exoplanet Hunter’s Toolkit: the science of searching for other worlds
58 All the Exoplanets That Came Before 1995
59 Physics Nobel honors architect of modern cosmology, discoverers of other worlds
60 Nobel Prize winner says mankind is doomed to remain on Earth forever
61 Nobel Prize in Physics
62 Who Really Discovered the First Exoplanet?
63 Exoplanet researchers welcome 'cataclysmic' Nobel-prize announcement
64 This Nobel Prize makes EPFL's astrophysicists proud
65 Meet the 2019 Nobel Prize Winners
66 American And Swiss Scientists To Share Nobel Prize In Physics
67 3 Researchers Awarded Nobel Prize In Physics
68 Nobel at Noon: Physics
69 Search for Habitable Worlds Joined by New European Space Telescope
70 Physics Nobel awarded for Big Bang-related theory and exoplanet discovery
71 Raclette or Eiger? Voting starts to name a planet
72 Nobel Prize in Physics Honors Contributions to Cosmology
73 Michel Mayor, Discoverer of the First Extrasolar World
74 20 Years Later--a Q&A with the first Astronomer to Detect a Planet Orbiting Another Sun
75 Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded for Dark Matter and Exoplanet Discoveries
76 Swiss and Canadian-American scientists win 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
77 How was first exoplanet found?
78 What this year's Physics Nobel laureates unravelled about the universe
79 Fix climate crisis because Earth is all we've got, Physics Nobel prize winner says
80 3 scientists share 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics
81 Personal recollections of an astrophysicist shed new light on the 1995 discovery on 51 Pegasi b
82 3 Scientists Win Physics Nobel For Work On The Universe's Evolution
83 Jean-Mathieu Michel: French mayor run over after row over illegal tipping
84 EVE Online Joins Search for Real Exoplanets With Project Discovery
85 Five minutes on ... the transit of Mercury, with an astrophysicist
86 Winnipeg-born physicist wins Nobel Prize: 'I like looking at the world around us'
87 'A rechargeable world': Scientists win Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work on lithium-ion batteries
88 Nobel Prize in physics: 2019 winners made significant cosmological discoveries
89 Nobel Prize in Physics for two breakthroughs: Evidence for the Big Bang and a way to find exoplanets
90 Amid Criticism, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Says He Has Confidence In LAPD Chief Michel Moore: “I’ve Known His Heart For Decades”
91 Today in science: 1st planet orbiting a sunlike star
92 Nobel Laureate James Peebles Dislikes The 'Big Bang' Theory
93 365 days: Nature's 10
94 Swedish Royal Family hosts dinner for Nobel Laureates
95 About Exoplanets
96 The planet hunter and the 'unseen giant' – Exoplanet Exploration: Planets Beyond our Solar System
97 Nature at 150: evidence in pursuit of truth
98 Research: Evolution of the universe and discovery of exoplanet orbiting solar-type star
99 Three win Nobel for work on lithium-ion batteries
100 Why mairies' flags may fly at half-mast on Friday