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1 Microchip Gives Its Most Precise Atomic Clock a Performance Upgrade
2 On-chip OPO has tunable range extending from IR to green
3 Microchip’s new atomic clock improves performance, yet stays small
4 New miniature atomic clock aids positioning in difficult environments
5 What laser color do you like? Microchip devices produce a wide range of hues
6 New microchip devices produce a wide range of laser hues
7 Next-Generation Miniaturized Rubidium Atomic Clock Improves Performance and adds Features without Increasing Size
8 Microchip Announces New Next-Generation Miniaturized Rubidium Atomic Clock
9 MAC-SA5X Atomic Clock Comes with Miniature Atomic Clock (MAC) Technology
10 Microchip introduces timing GPS with embedded M-code receiver
11 Microchip acquires Tekron International Limited
12 Microchip's Tekron Buyout to Boost Timing Systems Portfolio
13 Microchip Introduces First Time and Frequency Instrument with Embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) M-Code Receiver
14 Microchip Announces Acquisition Of Tekron
15 Microchip Announces the 53100A Phase Noise Analyzer for Precision Oscillator Characterization
16 Launchpad: New modules, UAVs take flight
17 Time and Frequency Server with GPS M-Code Receiver
18 Launchpad: GNSS antennas, vehicle management
19 Microchip introduces time and frequency instrument with GPS M-code receiver
20 Phase noise analyser for precision oscillator characterisation
21 Microchip Technology (MCHP) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript
22 Microsemi Announces New Chip Scale Atomic Clock for Space Combining Cost-Effective Performance with Low Size, Weight and Power
23 Shrinking the Laser Frequency Comb
24 A Better Way to Measure Progress in Semiconductors
25 Lack of atomic clocks could hamper OneWeb's sat-nav plans
26 Microchip Releases Major Update to BlueSky™ GNSS Firewall Software
27 Frequency combs shape the future of light – Physics World
28 In-Depth: How NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock Could Revolutionize Navigation Of The Final Frontier
29 Matchbox-sized atomic clock for commercial space
30 Femtosecond photonics: precision meets robustness – Physics World
31 Photonic microwave generation using on-chip optical frequency combs
32 How atomic clocks can keep accurate time for billions of years
33 A Week On The Wrist: The Citizen Eco-Drive Caliber 0100, The Most Accurate Watch Ever Made
34 The cybersecurity threat lurking in the GPS systems banks count on
35 Electro-actuated valves and self-vented channels enable programmable flow control and monitoring in capillary-driven microfluidics
36 Ministers 'seek alternatives' for UK sat-nav
37 GPS backup demonstration projects explained
38 A Complete Raspberry Pi Power Monitoring System
39 Innovation lights up photonics – Physics World
40 Inside big tech's high-stakes race for quantum supremacy
41 New Part Day: The Wi-Fi Stepper Gets Ideas Working Faster
42 18 thoughts on “Oh, Holey Light”
43 EETimes
44 New Part Day: An Open Source Ethernet Switch In The Palm Of Your Hand
45 Super-Simple VGA Adapter Sports Low-Res Output With Only Four TTL Chips
46 Give Me A Minute, My Eyes Are Busy
47 3 thoughts on “Seek And Ye Shall Command”
48 Rubidium Atomic Clock Market Forecast to 2025: Top Companies, Trends & Growth F
49 Updating The Language Of SPI Pin Labels To Remove Casual References To Slavery
50 USB-C Is Taking Over… When, Exactly?
51 MenoPlay Through The Pain Of Menopause
52 Building The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Automation Controller
53 Laserphysics: At the pulse of a light wave
54 In-vest-ing In Menopause
55 BlueSky GNSS firewall from Microsemi provides secure, continuous timing integrity
56 I'm Sorry Dave, You Shouldn't Write Verilog
57 Teardown: The Writer Word Processor
58 09 | September | 2020
59 Microchip Technology Announces Financial Results for First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2020
60 New Teensy 4.1 Arrives With 100 Mbps Ethernet, High-Speed USB, 8 MB Flash
61 Dev Kit Weekly: SiFive Learn Inventor Kit
62 MP3 Is 25 Years Old!
63 NEO430 Puts A Custom MSP430 Core In Your FPGA
64 The Most Important Development Of This Century
65 Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Quartz Watch
66 Intel's Huge Lead In Persistent Memory
67 WaterAid Finds Potable Water And Stops Polluters
68 Jan Czochralski And The Silicon Revolution
69 Making The World's Fastest 555 Timer, Or Using A Modern IC Version
70 9 thoughts on “Frequency Counting A Different Way”
71 29 thoughts on “Retrotechtacular: The Best Pendulum Clock”
72 Sky Anchor Puts Radios Up High, No Tower Needed
73 New BlueSky GNSS Firewall From Microsemi Provides Secure, Continuous Timing Integrity in GPS-Denied Environments
74 Exxon Mobil 10-Year Low Is Not An Investment Signal
75 Measuring The Time Between The Seconds: The Truth Behind High-Frequency Movements
76 88 thoughts on “A Calculator In 2020?”
77 New Teensy 4.0 Blows Away Benchmarks, Implements Self-Recovery, Returns To Smaller Form
78 New atomic clock sets the record for stability – Physics World
79 UK plc reveals quantum 2.0 science
80 2020 Hackaday Prize
81 Life=Matter Information: Paul Davies and the…
82 Making An Arduino Ventilator? Read This First
83 Glendale Daily Planet
84 High Precision Analog IO With Digital Pins
85 After Moore's law | Technology Quarterly
86 GPS World Webinars
87 High Performance Stereo Computer Vision For The Raspberry Pi
88 Moore's Law is 50 years old but will it continue?
89 NPL, Dstl present potential 'billion global market' in quantum technologies
90 How Intel Makes a Chip
91 A Drop-In Upgrade Module For Cheap Rotary Tools
92 Why Ada Is The Language You Want To Be Programming Your Systems With
93 How Chattanooga helped Oak Ridge get the world's fastest and most powerful computer
94 Using Lookup Tables To Make The Impossible Possible
95 Cs beam and Hydrogen Maser Atomic Clock Market to Witness Robust Expansion by 2024
96 Raspberry Pi 4 Just Released: Faster CPU, More Memory, Dual HDMI Ports
97 Chip Decapping
98 LocatorX Announces New President and CEO to Focus on Taking First Product to Market, Public Offering
99 One thought on “DIY Scalar Network Analyzer”
100 40 thoughts on “The Next Generation Arduino Nano”