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1 Pearl earnings: why mussel farming is booming amid lockdown in India
2 Toxic algae advisory updated for Upper Klamath Lake
3 New insight into the residual inactivation of Microcystis aeruginosa by dielectric barrier discharge
4 Extracellular microcystin prediction based on toxigenic Microcystis detection in a eutrophic lake
5 Florida harmful algal blooms produce multiple toxins detrimental to human health
6 Toxic algae bloom reported in South Carolina lake
7 Lake Erie algal blooms 'seeded' internally by overwintering cells in lake-bottom sediments
8 It's algae season on the Klamath River — again
9 CSU team to develop drone to identify harmful algal blooms
10 Toxic Microcystis Remains on Reston's Lake Audubon
11 Potentially dangerous algae blooming at Iron Gate, Copco reservoirs
12 Phenotypic plasticity of carbon fixation stimulates cyanobacterial blooms at elevated CO2
13 Lake Erie’s Toxic Green Slime is Getting Worse With Climate Change
14 Trying to Tame the Klamath River Filled It with Toxic Algae
15 Four of Oregon's dams may fall, but for some, their controversy will always stand
16 FAU awarded $2.2 million to monitor harmful algal blooms in Lake Okeechobee
17 Synergistic algicidal effect and mechanism of two diketopiperazines produced by Chryseobacterium sp. strain GLY-1106 on the harmful bloom-forming Microcystis aeruginosa
18 Planktothrix and microcystis: Not all algae are the same
19 Scientists analyze how to predict when, where algae blooms will occur on Lake Okeechobee
20 Lake Erie microcystis found in low levels | The Blade
21 Algae that survives harsh conditions: why the Sandusky Bay bloom lasts so long
22 Toxic algae blooms in and around Stockton worst they've ever been, Delta advocate says
23 Salty water causes some freshwater harmful algae to release toxins
24 Tough bugger: Western Lake Erie algae still out there, even as temps plunge
25 Both of western Lake Erie's worst types of algae are here again
26 Revealing the characteristics of a novel bioflocculant and its flocculation performance in Microcystis aeruginosa removal
27 Algal bloom begins annual 'rapid expansion' across western Lake Erie
28 Thick algal bloom forming in Sandusky Bay, moving into open water
29 Mussel 'spits out' toxic microcystin, plays part in Erie algae
30 Why toxic algae blooms are taking over Lake Erie — again
31 Health department alerts residents about cyanobacteria in Cape Coral canals — some toxic
32 Governor DeSantis signs two environmental bills into law in Juno Beach
33 See how the Great Lakes food web is in trouble
34 The Rise of Cyanobacteria at Pinto Lake
35 How to stop toxic blooms clogging up Lake Erie
36 Tropical Storm Laura could cause increase in blue-green algae if it hits Southwest Florida
37 Lake Erie algal bloom season proving to be mild in 2020
38 Scientists: Algae not just Toledo problem | The Blade
39 How this picturesque Haddonfield pond became a toxic algae problem
40 Residents Urged to Avoid Contact with Lake Audubon and Lake Thoreau
41 'Murky, pea soup' water spurs pediatrician and student scientists to run tests in Greenwich
42 OP-ED: Yes, Removing the Klamath Hydropower Dams Would Immensely Improve Water Quality on the River, Says Environmental Scientist
43 Wrentham warns: Toxic algae on Lake Pearl, water unsafe of people and pets
44 Wrentham Algae Bloom Prompts Health Advisory | Wrentham, MA Patch
45 Tip sheet: U-M cyanobacteria research five years after Toledo water crisis
46 Join Chemistry Seminar 'Microcystin Is Highly Variable in Lake Fayetteville' on Zoom Sept. 18
47 Concerned about toxic algae found in Lake Erie? Don't be.
48 USGS Finds 28 Types of Cyanobacteria in Florida Algal Bloom
49 Company works to treat Cape Coral canals with blue-green algae
50 Red tide and blue-green algae: What's the difference?
51 Bacteria known to cause harmful algae blooms found in Caloosahatchee River
52 Deadly Algae Are Everywhere, Thanks to Agriculture
53 Could artificial intelligence help scientists fight toxic blooms in the Great Lakes?
54 Here's toxic tale of Annie, Fannie, Mike | The Blade
55 Toxic bacteria found in Lake Brown
56 Lethal algae blooms – an ecosystem out of balance
57 Dangerous Lake Erie Algal Bloom Is Now Eight Times the Size of Cleveland | The Weather Channel
58 Toxic blue-green algae reported along Lake Okeechobee
59 Lake Erie’s harmful algal bloom smaller than expected, half as bad as 2019
60 How winter affects the next seasons algae blooms in Lake Erie
61 Microbial communities reflect temporal changes in cyanobacterial composition in a shallow ephemeral freshwater lake
62 Study finds source of toxic green algal blooms and the results stink
63 How microscopic organisms shape the water quality of Upper Klamath Lake
64 Harmful algae blooms reported on Seneca Lake as the season for it begins
65 Florida high school students discover traces of a cancer-causing algae
66 Monitoring algal blooms in the Great Lakes Basin
67 Algae toxins are airborne and can reach deep into human lungs, FGCU research shows
68 Lake Erie Harmful Algae Bloom expanding rapidly as seen on imagery
69 Getting to the bottom of that sudsy substance on Canandaigua Lake. What researchers found.
70 Algae bloom found in pond at Cornelius park
71 Florida Tech to study toxic algae impact on dolphins
72 Lake Erie's toxic algae blooms: Why is the water turning green?
73 The Microbial Soup Plaguing The Great Lakes
74 Possible blue-green algae bloom reported at Rio marina on St. Lucie River
75 Letters to the Editor: No more toxic water
76 Mysterious Abandonment of Once-Great Maya City May Finally Be Explained
77 High toxin levels found in Doctors Lake algae
78 Great, Warm Lakes
79 Can the St. Lucie River have toxic algae when there are no Lake Okeechobee discharges?
80 Sandusky Bay algal bloom a no-show so far
81 Toxic blue-green algae adapt to rising CO2
82 Toxic Algae Outbreak Overwhelms a Polluted Ohio River
83 Nitrogen Triggers Extra-Toxic Algal Blooms In Lake Erie
84 Lake Erie algal blooms are costing tax payers millions, could stretch into billions
85 Poisons or medicines? Cyanobacteria toxins protect tiny lake dwellers from parasites
86 Blue-green algae Red Alert for Lake Ainsworth Lennox Head
87 Summer 2020 algal bloom shows low toxicity, little threat to drinking water
88 Virus infection may be linked to Toledo water crisis, study shows
89 Algal Blooms Still Present in Western Lake Erie and Maumee Bay
90 Algae are a-bloomin' but what does it mean?
91 State official: Growth potential for toxic algae getting worse
92 Cyanobacteria problems will worsen if carbon concentrations continue to rise
93 Testing will determine if Skaneateles Lake algae is toxic
94 Hazardous algae blooms may protect freshwater food chain
95 Toxic blue-green algae is really cyanobacteria, plus other facts about blooms, microcystin
96 Algal Blooms in Streams, Lakes, and Coastal Waters
97 Klamath River reservoirs plagued by toxic algae bloom caused by PacifiCorp dams
98 Health department will post warning signs for blue-green algae spotted in Calossahatchee
99 Study Finds Cause of Algal Blooms and the Results Stink
100 This Summer's Algal Bloom in Lake Erie Was Large, But Could Have Been Worse