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1 Windows Insider Testers Get Long-Term Servicing Channel Version of Microsoft's Next Windows Server Product
2 Microsoft Improves Data Protection in Azure Files
3 Feds Yell PATCH NOW over Windows AD ‘Zerologon’ Vuln
4 Microsoft Issues Security Advisory on 'Critical' SMB 3 Flaw in Windows Systems
5 Microsoft Didn't Remove the SMB1 Protocol from Windows
6 CISA Orders Federal Agencies to Patch Zerologon Bug That Could Bring Down Networks
7 Windows 10 Build 19041.488 Cumulative Update “Preview” Is Out with Tons of Bug Fixes
8 Windows 10 20H2 Build 19042.487 (KB4571744) Is Out with a Long List of Bug Fixes
9 Critical Flaw Patched in Windows SMB | Decipher
10 Securing Microsoft Teams: The options are limited
11 Feds issue emergency order for agencies to patch critical Windows flaw
12 A Vulnerability In Custom Windows 10 Themes Could Allow Hackers To Steal User Credentials
13 Act Now on Critical Microsoft SMB Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796)
14 Microsoft Bringing SMB Over QUIC to Windows
15 5 Top Critical Vulnerabilities In Need of Patch, Software Update
16 Windows 10 Critical Exploit Now Confirmed, Months After Microsoft’s Emergency Update
17 CISA warns Microsoft SMB v3 vulnerability is under attack
18 Microsoft SMBv3.11 Vulnerability and Patch CVE-2020–0796 Explained
19 Bing backend server exposed (now secured). Russian influence ops. TikTok Global updates. EU tech regulation.
20 Microsoft Patches Wormable SMB Flaw
21 Microsoft Teams Vulnerable to Patch Workaround, ...
22 Tips for Working with SMB Direct for Windows Server
23 Windows 10 Health Report: September 2020 issues, Defender fiasco, & more
24 Microsoft inks deal with ClearSky Data for Server Message Block (SMB) technology
25 PSA: A Firebase Cloud Messaging exploit is likely behind strange push notifications from Microsoft Teams and Hangouts
26 How to harden Windows 10 workstations and servers: Disable SMB v1
27 Media Alert: Tenable Releases Plugins for EternalDarkness
28 Microsoft patches wormable Windows 10 ‘SMBGhost’ flaw
29 Automatically Discover, Prioritize and Remediate Microsoft SMBv3 RCE Vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796) using Qualys VMDR
30 Prometei botnet exploits Windows SMB to mine for cryptocurrency
31 Microsoft patches critical, wormable flaw in Windows DNS Server
32 CISA warns attackers are using exploit code for SMBGhost bug
33 Microsoft Lists Products Using Insecure SMB 1 Protocol
34 Microsoft Offers Tips on Removing Insecure SMB 1 from Windows Networks
35 WannaCryptor remains a global threat three years on
36 Hypervisor Introspection blocks EternalDarkness/SMBGhost Privilege Escalation Exploit (CVE-2020-0796)
37 The Importance Of A Robust Cyber Risk Modeling Framework
38 What’s the Problem with SMB 1, and Should You Worry About SMB 2 and 3?
39 A quarter of devices still run Windows 7 — FBI warns of security issues
40 Azure Files gets Active Directory authentication support in preview
41 This Week In Security: AD Has Fallen, Two Factor Flaws, And Hacking Politicians
42 Optional updates KB4571748 and KB4566116 for Windows 10 released
43 All you need to know about Windows SMB signing
44 Microsoft ships fresh fixes for Windows 10, including Windows Hello bug
45 Parting Shots (Q2 2020 Issue)
46 Safe-T® Launches its Zero-Trust Secure File Access Solution Received First Order from a Leading Intelligence Unit
47 Microsoft alerted about new Windows flaw by NSA
48 How to access files on network devices using SMBv1 on Windows 10
49 Windows 10 update causes crashes, random reboots: What to do
50 Windows 10 SMBGhost RCE exploit demoed by researchers
51 Windows 10 alert: Zoom client can leak your network login credentials
52 Windows 10 Preview Adds Ability To Display Linux Distro Files
53 How to Create a File Share in Windows Server 2016
54 The Ancient Microsoft Security Flaws Driving Cybercrime In 2020
55 Windows 10 SMBGhost bug gets public proof-of-concept RCE exploit
56 How to use the Files app to connect to a network server from your iPhone or iPad
57 Web 3.0 would enable new possibilities and opportunities
58 Catch Of The Week: Windows 7 End Of Life
59 Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Non-Security Updates Bringing Quality Improvements
60 The Windows 7 Postmortem: What's at Stake
61 Trickbot Replaces 'Mworm' Propagation Method With New 'Nworm' Module
62 Microsoft warns of new BlueKeep‑like flaws
63 Amazon FSx for Windows File Server – Storage Size and Throughput Capacity Scaling
64 How to Steal Windows Login Credentials Abusing the Server Message Block (SMB) Protocol
65 TeamViewer Flaw in Windows App Allows Password-Cracking
66 Ransomware Outbreak Targeting Windows SMB Flaw
67 Latest Windows 10 update causes system slowdowns, crashes, more
68 US-CERT Gives Notice of SMB Security Flaw in Windows Systems
69 How to Access Windows Shared Folders on Chromebooks
70 Cloud storage 101: NAS file storage on AWS, Azure and GCP
71 How to Disable SMBv1 and Protect Your Windows PC From Attack
72 A Windows update may have broken your Mac’s access to shared servers. Here’s how to fix it
73 Microsoft to disable SMBv1 by default in fall Windows updates
74 NetWalker Ransomware Crew Raked in $25 Million Since March 1st
75 Microsoft Patch Tuesday March Addresses 115 Vulnerabilities, Kills RDCMan App, Fixes Bug After Snafu
76 Apple Issues Solutions for Macs Unable to Access Windows Shares
77 Google discloses 'medium' severity flaw in Windows following Microsoft's incomplete fix
78 SMB 3.0 brings enterprise-class storage to Hyper-V deployments
79 Whither SMB: Where it’s been, where it is, and where it might be going
80 How can users tell if Windows SMB v1 is on their systems?
81 Microsoft contributes open-source code to Samba
82 How to disable SMBv1 to protect your Windows PC from malicious attacks
83 Windows file sharing comes to Chromebooks
84 Decades-Old Network Protocol Puts Companies At Risk And Refuses To Die
85 Everything you need to know about EternalBlue – the NSA exploit linked to Petya
86 Despite Microsoft Patch, Attacks Using WannaCry Exploit on the Rise
87 Microsoft to hospitals: 11 tips on how to combat ransomware
88 Self-Propagating Lucifer Malware Targets Windows Systems
89 Your system requires SMB2 or higher [TECHNICIAN FIX]
90 Microsoft Flags Windows 10 Hosts File Telemetry Data Blocking As Security Threat
91 US-CERT Warns of Petya Ransomware, Microsoft Vulnerabilities
92 The ancient Microsoft networking protocol at the core of the latest global malware attack
93 Windows 10 1903 and 1909 Get New Cumulative Updates
94 Windows Defender is Missing Files During Scans Following Latest Patch Tuesday
95 Cryptomining Botnet Exploits Windows SMB Vulnerabilities
96 Microsoft Ships Preview of Cluster-Friendly Cloud Disks
97 Patch now! Why the BlueKeep vulnerability is a big deal
98 SMB v1 vulnerability won’t be fixed, here’s how to disable it
99 Top 10 Best Small Flashlights 2020
100 Netwalker Ransomware Tools Reveal Attacker Tactics ...