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1 The Banality of Otherness: On Stephenie Meyer's “Midnight Sun”
2 Midnight Sun: New Twilight book sheds light on Cullen clan
3 US-Best-Sellers-Books-USAToday | Entertainment |
4 ‘Polar night’ arrives in Utqiagvik, Alaska, bringing 66 days of darkness
5 'Midnight Sun' is finally here and 'Twilight' fans have already started binge-reading it
6 Most read Amazon books last week: Midnight Sun knocked off the top spot
7 ‘Midnight Sun’ gives ‘Twilight’ fans a new story to sink their teeth into — sort of
8 Midnight Sun review: Edward's perspective just makes Twilight worse |
9 Midnight Sun Is Better Than Twilight. But Story Still Flawed | Time
10 5 books not to miss: New 'Twilight' book 'Midnight Sun,' Raven Leilani’s ‘Luster'
11 We Read the New Twilight Book So You Don’t Have To
12 ‘Midnight Sun’ Is Finally Coming, Years After Fans Wrote Theirs
13 Stephenie Meyer says more books coming in 'Twilight' saga as 'Midnight Sun' sells 1M copies
14 Stephenie Meyer announces new Twilight book Midnight Sun
15 To Look Closely Is To Love
16 'Twilight' fever revived by Stephanie Meyer's latest, 'Midnight Sun'
17 No sun for two months: Sun sets for last time in 2020 in America’s northernmost city
18 Showers to move out by midnight; dry for Thanksgiving
19 What 'Twilight' fans need to know about Stephenie Meyer's 'Midnight Sun' book tour
20 Is a Twilight 'Midnight Sun' Movie Happening? Everything We Know
21 Review: 'Midnight Sun' can bite me
22 Professor Hugh Simpson obituary | Scotland
23 Edward Cullen is a Comedian, and Other Thoughts on MIDNIGHT SUN
24 100 best books of the year, according to Amazon
25 'Midnight Sun' includes a missing scene from the original 'Twilight' story
26 I read 'Midnight Sun' so you don't have to
27 A new 'Twilight' book is coming. What we know about 'Midnight Sun'
28 Review: Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer
29 'Twilight': Robert Pattinson Got His Hands on 'Midnight Sun' 12 Years Before Fans Did
30 ‘Twilight’ Author Stephenie Meyer Is Publishing a New Installment Called ‘Midnight Sun’
31 Review: 'Twilight' novel offers nothing new to saga
32 Apparently We Can Thank Stephenie Meyer's Own Mother For Midnight Sun's Existence
33 'Gossip Girl' Author Cecily von Ziegesar Talks New Book 'Cobble Hill'
34 Midnight Sun: Twilight fans feel young again as new book arrives
35 Twilight vs. Midnight Sun: Which Version Of The Story Is Better
36 'Twilight' Director Catherine Hardwicke on If She'd Ever do a 'Midnight Sun' Movie (Exclusive)
37 A small town in Washington hopes vampires will revive its tourism industry
38 Midnight Sun
39 Twilight director talks possible Midnight Sun movie adaptation: "It would be fascinating"
40 Everything We Know About Stephenie Meyer's New Book 'Midnight Sun'
41 Why Twilight 'Midnight Sun' Should Not Be Published in 2020
42 I read “Midnight Sun” so you don't have to
43 Robert Pattinson Thought He Leaked Midnight Sun in 2008; 'You Wouldn't Be Alive Right Now, Rob'
44 Twilight director states if Midnight Sun movie is possible
45 Stephenie Meyer's 'Midnight Sun' retells 'Twilight' from Edward's perspective
46 New 'Twilight' book, 'Midnight Sun,' coming in August
47 Fans gush over new 'Midnight Sun' book | Entertainment |
48 The Midnight Sun scene that broke fans' hearts
49 India is a very important growth market for Sweden: Jenny E Kaiser, Visit Sweden
50 'Midnight Sun' Review; Edward's Story Brings a New, Interesting Angle That 'Twilight' Fans Will Enjoy
51 This exclusive 'Midnight Sun' quote finds Edward contemplating intimidation tactics
52 7 Book Series To Read While Waiting For 'Midnight Sun'
53 Stephenie Meyer revealed what's next for 'Twilight' series in surprise chat with fans
54 Disney Plus Mulan, Midnight Sun Twilight, Who's the Boss revival
55 Stephenie Meyer announces 'Midnight Sun' book tour
56 Review: Midnight Sun
57 6 Twilight Characters I Love Or Loathe Even More After Midnight Sun
58 Judging Books By Their Covers: “Midnight Sun”, the latest addition to the Twilight series, exposes the tortured humanity behind the vampire
59 New Twilight series companion book, "Midnight Sun" by Stephenie Meyer only $17.32 (38% off)
60 Here's what the 'Twilight' director had to say about a 'Midnight Sun' movie
61 31 questions we hope Edward Cullen answers in Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun
62 'Midnight Sun': The Edward-centric 'Twilight' is a hot mess – Film Daily
63 Midnight Sun (Twilight #5) A Hot, Yet Unnecessary Stretch
64 One Twilight Star Is Ready To Reprise His Role ‘In A Heartbeat’ So Bring On Midnight Sun Rumors
65 New Twilight Book Midnight Sun Includes Scene Missing From Original Story
66 Midnight Sun: What Happened To Edward When He Disappeared During Twilight
67 As Stephenie Meyer unveils Midnight Sun, take a look at where the Twilight is cast now
68 "Twilight" Author Stephenie Meyer Releasing Prequel "Midnight Sun"
69 Stephenie Meyer Set to Return to 'Twilight' World With 'Midnight Sun' | THR News
70 Midnight Sun: Book Review
71 How Twilight: Midnight Sun Totally Changes the Edward Vs. Jacob Debate
72 Twilight: 5 Things We Want To See In Midnight Sun (& 5 Things We Don’t)
73 Twilight Returns With Midnight Sun: Who Should Play Edward Cullen?
74 Bella and Edward bonded over this Linkin Park album in 'Midnight Sun'
75 Quick Picks: ReFind Art Festival; Colorado Day; 'Midnight Sun' release
76 7 Things 'Twilight' Fans Can Take Away From 'Midnight Sun'; Even the Biggest Cullen Enthusiasts Have Some Surprises in Store
77 Dream 'Midnight Sun' movie soundtrack | Best songs for new 'Twilight' film
78 Jake Abel Will Narrate the 'Midnight Sun' Audiobook!
79 Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, review: the Twilight series has been bled dry
80 Stephenie Meyers Midnight Sun boycotted by fans due to authors stance on diversity?
81 Edward Cullen Doesn't Think of Bella Swan by Her Name in 'Midnight Sun' for a Reason
82 Book Review: Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun
83 Obituary: Hugh Simpson, explorer and pioneer of breast cancer research
84 Twilight: What Every Book Cover Really Means (Including Midnight Sun)
85 10 Things 'Twilight' Fans Are Expecting From Stephanie Meyer's New Book 'Midnight Sun'
86 Midnight Sun to release in August; fans speculate if another Twilight film is in store
87 Twilight books: Will there be a Midnight Sun movie? When is it out?
88 Audible Charts: Midnight Sun strikes the top
89 Canceled: Midnight Sun Baseball Game
90 Land Of The Midnight Sun Experiences 70 Days Straight Of Sunlight
91 'Midnight Sun' Sheds Light on Bella's Childhood Trauma, Resulting in the 'Weak' Choices She Made as a Character
92 In honor of 'Midnight Sun,' here are the best songs from the 'Twilight' movies
93 'Twilight' Theory Suggests Bella Has Vampires in Her Bloodline, and 'Midnight Sun' Adds Some Fuel
94 Agriculture Grows in the Land of the Midnight Sun
95 These are the new books you'll want to read in August
96 TikTok video reveals Twilight author Stephenie Meyer’s favourite word ahead of Midnight Sun release
97 An Active Arctic: Where Sea Ice Meets the Midnight Sun – NASA Earth Expeditions
98 Midnight Sun book review: Fans say they are eternally grateful to Stephenie Meyer
99 Edward Cullen's Devastating 'New Moon' Decision Came a Lot Sooner Than 'Twilight' Fans Realized, Detailed in 'Midnight Sun'
100 20 Vampire Novels Like 'Twilight' To Read Before 'Midnight Sun' Hits Shelves