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1 Sen. Mike Braun supports voting on a Supreme Court nominee before election
2 Indiana Sen. Mike Braun hopes Supreme Court re-examines abortion
3 Sen. Mike Braun introduces Supreme Court nominee virtually in Jasper
4 Briggs: Mike Braun, Todd Young dig in for ‘Hatfields and McCoys’ Supreme Court feud
5 Indiana Senator Mike Braun Discusses Bipartisan Climate Solutions with Young Leaders in the State
6 Senator Mike Braun weighs in on SCOTUS decision
7 Republicans doubt Mnuchin and Pelosi can come up with a stimulus deal they can support
8 Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with Indiana Sen. Mike Braun
9 Sen. Mike Braun: Confirm Amy Coney Barrett without delay
10 Right to Life celebrates 44th banquet | News |
11 Indiana Sens. Braun, Young support vote on Supreme Court nominee before November
12 Senator Braun weighs in on Justice Ginsburg replacement
13 Former Sen. Joe Donnelly knocks on doors for little-known Statehouse candidate
14 Odds Tilt In Coney Barrett's Favor To Replace Ginsburg, Says Sen. Braun
15 Braun: 'Both sides need to change their approach'
16 Sen. Mike Braun says Trump should clarify Proud Boys comment from presidential debate
17 Braun vows Senate prepared to make the 'most of the time that we've got' on Trump SCOTUS nomination
18 Braun, Young support court nominee vote
19 Amy Coney Barrett could yet provoke an electoral twist of fate
20 Braun introduces bill on animal cruelty | Indiana
21 Indiana's senators introduce SCOTUS nominee on first day of hearings
22 Democrats Rally At Young, Braun Offices Over Supreme Court Vacancy
23 Braun expected to weigh in on filling Supreme Court vacancy
24 Senate Judiciary Committee to vote on Barrett's Supreme Court nomination Oct. 22
25 Letter: Shame on doctor for attacking bipartisanship
26 Kennedy, senators lead amicus brief supporting religious liberty in nation's capital
27 Braun: There Should Be No Uncertainty on White Supremacy Question
28 Young, Braun set to introduce SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett at Monday hearing
29 Hoosier Voters Demand Senators Wait To Replace Justice Ginsburg
30 Senate Passes Senator Braun's Resolution in Support of Pledge of Allegiance
31 Congressman Crawford and Leaders of the US Agricultural Sector Meet with IICA Director General Manuel Otero
32 Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett meets with Sen. Mike Braun
33 Senator Braun Visits Bedford – WBIW
34 Sen. Braun: Democrats Beware of Tactics in Barrett Confirmation
35 Indiana Senator responds to President Trump's statement on Proud Boys and Antifa during the debate
36 Jackson Candidates Seek Two Full Term Seats, One Unexpired Term
37 Letter to the editor: Writer wants end to poverty
38 Letter to the editor: Writer wants additional support in COVID-19 relief
39 Amy Coney Barrett emphasizes her family in confirmation hearing opening statement
40 Many Catholic women see themselves in Amy Coney Barrett. Others see an impossible standard.
41 Grassley, Ernst urge EPA to modernize rulemaking for biogenic carbon emissions
42 Some vulnerable GOP senators break with Trump on anti-Obamacare lawsuit
43 POLITICO Playbook: Republicans face the prospect of more House losses
44 Indiana Race Opens Up After Attorney General's Troubles
45 Senators introduce bill to amend rule over third-party internet content
46 Letter: Sens. Young and Braun, reject Amy Coney Barrett's nomination
47 Quickly: Readers sound off on the issues of the day
48 County Republicans planning Lincoln Day Dinner
49 GOP Uses Barrett's Motherhood To Appeal To Suburban Voters, Analysts Say
50 The Latest News and Data About Ethanol Production
51 Senate panel wraps up day one of confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett
52 Jackson school board election highlighted by first Orthodox Jewish candidate, write-in campaigns
53 Sen. Mike Braun debates Tucker Carlson on police reform. Here's what you missed.
54 'Creation needs Congress to act,' bishop tells US senators
55 Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Fields Questions On Second Day Of Senate Hearings
56 Amy Coney Barrett is not pro-life
57 Amy Coney Barrett push papers over rift between Trump and GOP
58 Sen. Mike Braun on Indianapolis protests, pandemic, Biden/Harris and more
59 Rep. Budd introduces bill to limit Big Tech's Section 230 immunity amid censorship outcry
60 Briggs: Mike Braun sounds ready for post-Trump America
61 New state registry will track COVID-19 vaccines | Coronavirus
62 Mike Braun proposes new limits to police officers' protection from lawsuits
63 Sen. Braun bill would change qualified immunity for police. Here's what it would mean.
64 Where GOP Senators Stand on Filling Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Seat Before the Election
65 U.S. House passes Democratic COVID-19 aid plan after bipartisan deal proves elusive
66 What Trump Has Done to Change Health Care and How It's Helped Battle COVID-19 | John C. Goodman
67 Mike Braun offers praise for Hoosier voting methods during pandemic
68 Sen. Braun Halts Qualified Immunity Bill Amid Fox News Interview, Police Union Backlash
69 U.S. Sen. Mike Braun Won't Support Help For Indiana State Budget
70 Republicans break with Trump over peaceful transition of power
71 If Trump Was Serious About Police Reform, He Would Have Addressed Qualified Immunity
72 How the Green New Deal lit a fire under the GOP
73 Social distancing not common on Senate floor, despite McConnell's claims
74 History suggests Barrett won't help Trump with women
75 Six Vying for Three Spots on Jackson Township School Board
76 Sen. Mike Braun Thinks Congress Is Too Far Apart To Pass More Coronavirus Relief
77 Sen. Mike Braun's Bill Could Help Reward Climate-Friendly Farmers
78 IN Senator Mike Braun opposes state-wide mask mandates
79 Sen. Braun On COVID-19 Concerns And Whether Indiana Reopen Too Soon
80 Sen. Mike Braun wants Trump and the GOP to take climate change seriously
81 Mike Braun, Eric Holcomb respond to Trump's disinfectant comments
82 It's time to reveal true cost of health care prices: Sen. Mike Braun
83 Government Shutdown Would Be 'Silly,' Senator Mike Braun Says: Video
84 Senator Mike Braun on Trump's "law and order" message at RNC
85 GOP senator on why he doesn't want to hear from Bolton
86 Sen. Mike Braun Blocks Release Of CDC Guidance On Reopening Businesses
87 One on One: Senator Mike Braun discusses COVID-19 response
88 Sen. Mike Braun Presented With “Conservation Leadership” Award By The Nature Conservancy
89 Sen. Braun: Attack from the right was disappointing
90 Sen. Mike Braun: ‘If we go beyond two weeks to a month you're going to have supply-and-demand destruction’
91 Sen. Mike Braun honors Vincennes University Jasper
92 Senator Braun cosponsors Animal Cruelty Enforcement Act
93 A closer look: Indiana senators Todd Young and Mike Braun
94 AARP Indiana to host COVID telephone town hall with Senator Mike Braun
95 Sen. Mike Braun: Ignore USPS conspiracy theories – there are safe, easy, reliable ways to vote
96 Demonstrators speak with Sen. Mike Braun aide about their concerns with his views on abortion, impeachment
97 Sen. Mike Braun visits Decatur County – WRBI Radio
98 McConnell doesn't care if Trump wants more COVID relief — it's not happening
99 Sen. Mike Braun emphasizes reopening will be locally led effort
100 Q&A with Sen. Mike Braun