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1 Mike Lee cites Latter-day Saint hymn in opposition to COVID-19 plan
2 Mike Lee Suggests Trump Should Get a 'Mulligan' for Capitol Riot Day Speech
3 Day 2 ended in procedural chaos as Senator Mike Lee asked for his name to be struck from the prosecution’s arguments.
4 Sen. Mike Lee says media twisted his words, and he didn't suggest a 'mulligan' for Trump
5 Analysis: GOP hopefuls are testing the water against Mike Lee in 2022
6 The important thing about the Mike Lee impeachment trial dust-up
7 Sen. Mike Lee explains opposition to massive COVID-19 relief package
8 GOP Sen. Mike Lee hands over phone records to House impeachment managers
9 Letter: Mike Lee should honor his promise and not run for reelection
10 Mike Lee questions how FBI finding people in Capitol riot investigation
11 Utah Sen. Mike Lee poised to lead GOP antitrust charge against Big Tech
12 Senator Mike Lee deems impeachment process as ‘politically suspicious’, shares thoughts on Trump’s acquittal
13 AP FACT CHECK: Sen Mike Lee and Donald Trump's misdialed phone call
14 Senators Confused After Mike Lee Accuses Impeachment Managers of Falsely Quoting Him
15 Politics What Sen. Mike Lee told me about Trump's call the day of the Capitol riot
16 Utah Sen. Lee says inflammatory Trump speech same as those from Democrats
17 Sen. Mike Lee is defending Sen. Mitt Romney's vote to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. Although Lee disagrees with Romney's conclusion, he does not see it as a “cause for alarm.”
18 What Mike Lee asked Biden’s pick for attorney general in Senate hearing
19 In a speech at the national Conservative Political Action Conference, Sen. Mike Lee attacked liberals as setting out to destroy the Bill of Rights and individual liberty in the quest for bigger and more powerful government.
20 'Much Ado About Nothing': House Managers Strike Claim About GOP Senator From Record
21 Mona Charen: How Mike Lee ditched constitutional conservatism for Trump
22 Sen. Mike Lee presses Interior nominee Deb Haaland on pending fate of Utah monuments
23 In fundraising appeal, Sen. Mike Lee claims the anti-Trump Lincoln Project is gunning for him next year
24 GOP Senator Mike Lee Suggests Trump Deserves Second Chance: 'Everyone Makes Mistakes'
25 How Mike Lee Ditched Constitutional Conservatism for the Cult of Trump
26 Utah Sen. Mike Lee seeks to block D.C. effort to allow kids to obtain vaccines without parents' consent
27 Sen. Mike Lee renews vow to target tech giants he says are biased against concervatives.
28 Senator attempts to block D.C. bill allowing vaccines without parental consent
29 Mike Lee CPAC Speech: Tyranny of the left puts ‘faith’ in government, not people
30 Sen. Mike Lee: Senate trial will end in Trump's acquittal
31 Sens. Mitt Romney And Mike Lee Divided On Trump's Hold Over The GOP
32 John Griswold: Mike Lee should put the Constitution above his own interests
33 Dana Carroll: Time to give Mike Lee another civics lesson
34 Mike Lee, Angus King want to simplify 'Made in USA' labeling standards
35 Sounding a bit like Reagan, Mike Lee tells leaders to tear down that wall — around the U.S. Capitol
36 Mike Lee: Senate impeachment trial will end in Trump's acquittal
37 Mike Lee loves federalism — just not for D.C.
38 In Trump's Senate trial, Utah's Mitt Romney seeks information; Mike Lee tries to bolster defense case
39 Kimball Dean Parker: Sen. Mike Lee's hypocrisy on term limits
40 Sen. Lee on impeachment vote: “House managers failed”
41 Utah's Mitt Romney votes — again — for impeachment; Mike Lee opposes it as Senate acquits Trump
42 Mike Lee: Coronavirus stimulus bill is ‘shameful’ and 1.4 million will lose their jobs as a result
43 Sen. Lee statement on passage of COVID-19 package
44 Opinion: The Utah GOP’s response to Mike Lee and Mitt Romney’s impeachment vote
45 Sen. Mike Lee opposes a proposal from 30 House Democrats asking President Biden to give up his sole authority to order a nuclear launch.
46 Senators Lee and Romney weigh in on the passage of the COVID-19 relief package
47 Should Senate have convicted Trump? Utahns voice opinion in new poll
48 How a North Carolina senator ditched constitutional conservatism for the cult of Trump | Charen
49 U.S. senators offer bill to rein in Biden war powers after Syria strike
50 Mike Lee: It seems ‘really weird’ that Democrats want to change nuclear launch policy
51 Senator Lee gives statement on 1.9T COVID-19 relief package
52 Removing nuclear launch powers from President Biden would be 'wildly unconstitutional': Mike Lee
53 Eric Rumple: Mike Lee's vote against Trump's conviction was indefensible
54 ‘Generous’: $1,400 stimulus checks could be approved by Tuesday
55 Trump phoned Lee minutes after he tweeted attack on Pence, new timeline shows
56 Letter: Lee shouldn’t have met with Trump’s lawyers in sham impeachment
57 Utah Senator Proposes Bill To Ban Transgender Girls From Women's Sports
58 As Joe Biden works to reform diplomacy, Mike Lee sets up a fight over abortion funding
59 Ron DeSantis and Mike Lee open CPAC with speeches on Covid ‘tyranny’
60 Does DC Mayor Have More Power Than Parents? Mike Lee Weighs In
61 Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Mike Lee met with Trump's defense team
62 Sen. Lee introduces bills on Government Spectrum Valuation, Drone Integration and Zoning Act
63 Utah delegation on COVID relief bill: “Congress has lost their minds”
64 Spencer Cox vs. the Legislature, astronomical payday loan interest rates, and Mike Lee's battle on this week's 'Behind the Headlines'
65 Sen. Lee, Republican colleagues urge CDC to revise guidelines allowing schools to reopen
66 Utah's senators explain their votes in Trump's second impeachment trial
67 Republicans Push To Overturn DC Child Care Regulations
68 Lee reintroduces bill to ban transgender women from participating in women's sports
69 Latest Radio News, Talk Shows, Sports, Hosts, Personalities
70 Live Mic host Lee Lonsberry to depart KSL, return to DC
71 Congressional bits: Sen. Lee Comments on February Employment Numbers
72 1.9T virus relief bill passes with all Republicans, including Utah Sens. Lee and Romney, opposed
73 Congressional bits: Sen. Lee Introduces Bill to Protect State Water Rights
74 School Board Member Decries 'Hate and Threats' from Teachers
75 Sen. Lee announces committee assignments for the 117th Congress
76 Congressional bits: Lee Introduces Drone Integration and Zoning Act
77 Durham board member calls out teachers’ ‘threats’ during schools reopening debate
78 Sen. Mike Lee Blocks Legislation For Latino, Women's Museums
79 Norton Statement on Lee Attempt to Pass Resolution Disapproving D.C. Minor Consent for Vaccine Bill on Senate Floor
80 Sen. Mitt Romney backs effort to slow down ‘misdirected’ relief bill
81 Dehumidification Plays a Crucial Role in Cannabis Crop Production
82 Lee County commission, community divided over Mike Sistrunk's resignation
83 Congressional bits: Sen. Lee Introduces Childcare Worker Opportunity Act
84 Sen. Lee, colleagues introduce bill to permanently ban earmarks
85 Rep. Mace introduces bill repealing DC's college degree requirement for child care workers
86 Pushback against Regressive DC Childcare Regulations
87 Sen. Lee’s PROMISE Act would require tech companies to operate without ‘political bias’
88 Justice Department’s Stance on Policing Faces Scrutiny as Floyd Murder Trial Begins
89 How Senator Klobuchar’s proposals will move the antitrust debate forward
90 ‘An angry, lawless mob’ | Utah Sen. Mike Lee speaks on protest at U.S. Capitol
91 Mike Sistrunk left a legacy of accomplishment in Lee County
92 ‘We’re not a democracy,’ says Mike Lee, a Republican senator. That’s a good thing, he adds.
93 Grappling with governing: Sen. Mike Lee's view of Trump from 'unelectable' to 'Captain Moroni'
94 Durham school board member criticizes teachers during reopening debate
95 Mike Sistrunk always put citizens of Lee County first
96 Sen. Lee introduces bill to protect state water rights
97 Utah Sen. Mike Lee went on One America Network Thursday to attack the House-passed articles of impeachment against former President Donald Trump, saying they are irresponsible and assume facts not in evidence.
98 Sen. Mike Lee talks Capitol insurrection, pressing Senate issues at town hall
99 Sen. Mike Lee says Senate does not have impeachment jurisdiction over former officials
100 Jan. 6 probe finds communications between lawmakers, Capitol rioters