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1 Sen. Mike Lee says media twisted his words, and he didn't suggest a 'mulligan' for Trump
2 GOP Sen. Mike Lee hands over phone records to House impeachment managers
3 AP FACT CHECK: Sen Mike Lee and Donald Trump's misdialed phone call
4 What Mike Lee asked Biden’s pick for attorney general in Senate hearing
5 Sen. Mike Lee opposes a proposal from 30 House Democrats asking President Biden to give up his sole authority to order a nuclear launch.
6 Sen. Mike Lee is defending Sen. Mitt Romney's vote to convict former President Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. Although Lee disagrees with Romney's conclusion, he does not see it as a “cause for alarm.”
7 Politics What Sen. Mike Lee told me about Trump's call the day of the Capitol riot
8 Utah Sen. Mike Lee poised to lead GOP antitrust charge against Big Tech
9 Sen. Mike Lee compares Donald Trumps comments to a crowd of protesters before the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol as no different than other Democratic politicians have done. He said Trump deseves a "mulligan."
10 Sen. Mike Lee talks Capitol insurrection, pressing Senate issues at town hall
11 Sen. Mike Lee objects at impeachment trial to prosecution references to him
12 Fundraising dinner for Utah Sen. Mike Lee at Mar-a-Lago will cost $10,600 per couple
13 Kimball Dean Parker: Sen. Mike Lee's hypocrisy on term limits
14 In fundraising appeal, Sen. Mike Lee claims the anti-Trump Lincoln Project is gunning for him next year
15 Utah Sen. Mike Lee seeks to block D.C. effort to allow kids to obtain vaccines without parents' consent
16 What Trump’s lawyers told Utah Sen. Mike Lee in the days before Jan. 6
17 Sounding a bit like Reagan, Mike Lee tells leaders to tear down that wall — around the U.S. Capitol
18 The important thing about the Mike Lee impeachment trial dust-up
19 Utah Sen. Mike Lee went on One America Network Thursday to attack the House-passed articles of impeachment against former President Donald Trump, saying they are irresponsible and assume facts not in evidence.
20 Sen. Mike Lee: Senate trial will end in Trump's acquittal
21 Utah Sen. Lee says inflammatory Trump speech same as those from Democrats
22 'Much Ado About Nothing': House Managers Strike Claim About GOP Senator From Record
23 Why Sen. Mike Lee says nuking filibuster would make politics more toxic
24 Sen. Mike Lee presses Interior nominee Deb Haaland on pending fate of Utah monuments
25 Sen. Mike Lee seeks to ban transgender athletes in women's sports
26 Utah Sen. Mike Lee, Florida's Marco Rubio on Child Tax Cut penalties
27 Sen. Mike Lee renews vow to target tech giants he says are biased against concervatives.
28 Senator attempts to block D.C. bill allowing vaccines without parental consent
29 Senator Mike Lee deems impeachment process as ‘politically suspicious’, shares thoughts on Trump’s acquittal
30 Republican Senator Mike Lee tried to set a trap for Merrick Garland — but he didn't fall for it
31 Removing nuclear launch powers from President Biden would be 'wildly unconstitutional': Mike Lee
32 Utah Sen. Mike Lee suggests censuring AOC over tweet attacking Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, for his role in pressing allegations of a stolen election that culminated in the Jan. 6 siege of the US Capitol.
33 Letter: Mike Lee should honor his promise and not run for reelection
34 Sen. Mike Lee introduces parental rights bills
35 Sen. Mike Lee issues statement on Trump impeachment trial, acquittal
36 Sen. Lee introduces PROMISE Act targeting ‘political bias’ in big tech companies
37 GOP Utah leaders urge Biden cooperation on Bears Ears, Grand Staircase
38 Utah Senator Lee introduces legislation to ‘protect athletic opportunities for female athletes’
39 Mike Lee: Senate impeachment trial will end in Trump's acquittal
40 Sen. Mike Lee comes clean on everything from elementary school to now
41 GOP Senator Mike Lee Suggests Trump Deserves Second Chance: 'Everyone Makes Mistakes'
42 AP FACT CHECK: The senator and Trump’s misdialed phone call
43 GOP senator says Trump is entitled to a 'mulligan' for Jan. 6
44 Mike Lee: Coronavirus stimulus bill is ‘shameful’ and 1.4 million will lose their jobs as a result
45 Sen. Lee on impeachment vote: “House managers failed”
46 Mike Lee: It seems ‘really weird’ that Democrats want to change nuclear launch policy
47 Mike Lee breaks through Garland's famed temperament during tense confirmation hearing exchange
48 Trump phoned Lee minutes after he tweeted attack on Pence, new timeline shows
49 Utah Senator Proposes Bill To Ban Transgender Girls From Women's Sports
50 Impeachment trial features cameo from Gov. Cox; Mike Lee meets with Trump lawyers
51 Commentary John Griswold: Mike Lee should put the Constitution above his own interests
52 Sen. Mike Lee Blocks Legislation For Latino, Women's Museums
53 Letter: Lee shouldn’t have met with Trump’s lawyers in sham impeachment
54 Lawrence J. Leigh: Has Mike Lee's constitutional leftopia gotten worse?
55 For the first time, Mike Lee votes for one of Biden's Cabinet nominees — Pete Buttigieg
56 Mike Lee, Angus King want to simplify 'Made in USA' labeling standards
57 Sen. Lee introduces bill that would limit some presidential powers, delegating them to Congress
58 Lee reintroduces bill to ban transgender women from participating in women's sports
59 Democrats use Trump's own words against him in arguing he incited Capitol riot
60 Will the Republican Party find unity in CPAC 2021?
61 Sen. Mike Lee Says Trump Should Get A Coup Mulligan
62 Sen. Lee: COVID Package a 'Boondoggle for the Left'
63 ‘An angry, lawless mob’ | Utah Sen. Mike Lee speaks on protest at U.S. Capitol
64 Astronomical Payday Loan Interest Rates, Mike Lee's Battle & More On Behind The Headlines
65 While some Republicans are pushing to censure Utah Sen. Mitt Romney for voting again to impeach Donald Trump, a left-leaning group is launching a campaign aiming to unseat Sen. Mike Lee for his vote to acquit the former president.
66 Mitt Romney urges senators to choose the right, not expediency, as impeachment trial begins
67 Grappling with governing: Sen. Mike Lee's view of Trump from 'unelectable' to 'Captain Moroni'
68 Should Senate have convicted Trump? Utahns voice opinion in new poll
69 Biden nominee Kristen Clarke is being falsely accused of anti-Semitism. Jews must push back.
70 GOP Senators Introduce Bill Blocking Trans Athletes From Women's School Sports
71 Letter: Instead of the spin, Lee should pursue impartial justice
72 Sen. Mike Lee gives firsthand account of US Capitol breach
73 Utah Sen. Mike Lee tests positive for coronavirus
74 How President Trump misdialed Utah Sen. Mike Lee while the Capitol was under siege
75 Sen. Mike Lee’s tweets against “democracy,” explained
76 Education Utah Sen. Mike Lee apologizes for making fun of plastic shields in schools
77 Why is President Donald Trump ‘angry’ at Utah GOP Sen. Mike Lee?
78 How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to hold Facebook, Google more accountable
79 Sen. Mike Lee says Senate does not have impeachment jurisdiction over former officials
80 Sen. Mike Lee appears in person at Barrett hearing after Covid diagnosis
81 Utah's Sen. Mike Lee has COVID-19; ex-Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway also tests positive days after Rose Garden ceremony
82 Letter: Lee's stance on Trump impeachment is appalling
83 Sens. Tillis and Lee test positive for Covid
84 How Sen. Mike Lee proposes to end immigration ‘discrimination’
85 Exasperated over last-minute budget vote, Utah's Sen. Mike Lee and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez find rare agreement
86 Sen. Mike Lee blocks legislation to create Latino, women's history Smithsonian museums
87 Trump acquitted by minority of Senate on charge of inciting Jan. 6 riot at Capitol
88 Utah Sen. Mike Lee ‘getting better every day’ after COVID-19 diagnosis
89 Sen. Mike Lee accuses Facebook, Twitter of bias against conservatives
90 Senator Mike Lee on healing America: The union and the Constitution forever
91 POLITICO California congressman says he got coronavirus after Sen. Mike Lee interaction
92 Trump Can No Longer Funnel GOP Money To Himself, But Others Are Doing It For Him
93 What Sen. Mike Lee got wrong about a Latino museum
94 Politics Sen. Mike Lee acknowledges Joe Biden is president-elect
95 Sen. Mike Lee asks social media giants for even one example of blocking liberal content. They struggle.
96 Politics Sen. Mike Lee continues to defend Trump's questioning of election results
97 Sen. Mike Lee says the Justice Department may need to take action against Google
98 Utah Sen. Mike Lee still refuses to say Biden won election
99 Politics Sen. Mike Lee asks Amy Coney Barrett few questions; gives long speeches instead
100 Sen. Mike Lee says secretive system to approve government eavesdropping is broken