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1 'We won': Indigenous group in Canada scoops up billion dollar seafood firm
2 ‘So much pride’: How a fisheries mega-deal signalled a sea-change for Mi’kmaq on Canada’s East Coast
3 Mi'kmaq-owned partnership in Clearwater Seafoods deal a 'benefit for everybody'
4 Canada's actions around the Mi'Kmaq fisheries rest on shaky legal ground
5 B.C. Indigenous fishermen say racist reactions to Mi'kmaq lobster fishery echo similar racism in 1992
6 Burgeo veteran wants answers on status of 'disenfranchised' former Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nations members
7 Montreal activists denounce recent protests against Mi’kmaq fishermen in Nova Scotia
8 Federal fisheries minister concerned about size of Mi’kmaq fishery in Cape Breton bay
9 As Tensions Rise In Nova Scotia, Mi'kmaq Fishers Continue To Face Injustice
10 N.S. Mi’kmaq chiefs demand stop of alleged federal plans to seize lobster traps
11 Mi’kmaq solidarity rally held at Clearwater Seafood Market in Bedford
12 Chief Mike Sack: The face and voice of Mi’kmaq lobster fishing that is met with ire and violence
13 Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq chiefs demand stop of alleged federal plans to seize lobster traps
14 Sabrina Muise works with youth to preserve Mi'kmaq culture
15 Mi'kmaq coalition buys 50% of Clearwater Seafoods in NS | Watch News Videos Online
16 Premium Brands Holdings Corporation And Mi'kmaq First Nations' Acquisition Of Clearwater Seafoods Incorporated
17 P.E.I. MLAs stand up for Mi'kmaq fishing rights
18 Honouring First Nations’ wartime experiences: Accomplished Nova Scotian Mi’kmaq basket maker remembered
19 RCMP could mend ties with Mi'kmaq by reopening bid for N.S. 911 centre, national chief says
20 At committee: Mi'kmaq treaty fishing rights, Nuctech embassy security contract and systemic racism in policing
21 First Nation to launch lawsuits against N.S. commercial fishers for alleged damages
22 Mohawk-Mi'kmaq solidarity
23 Mi'kmaq chief calls on DFO to ensure safe launch of moderate livelihood fishery
24 Mi'kmaq solidarity group rallies in front of Clearwater Market | Watch News Videos Online
25 Election result expected for Mi'kmaq reserve that launched tense lobster fishery
26 Sipekne’katik First Nation re-elects Chief Mike Sack for 3rd term
27 WATCH: The real reason behind Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaq lobster controversy
28 JIM GUY: Systemic racism plagues Nova Scotia's fishery
29 Dream Come True as Local Mi'kmaq Artist Gets Gig with Marvel Comics
30 Moderate livelihood motion gets unanimous support in P.E.I.
31 Bridging Finance Congratulates our Mi'kmaq Partners on a Historic Deal with Clearwater Seafoods
32 Halifax to review use of 'Micmac' on street signs and city buildings
33 Mi’kmaq Lobstermen in Nova Scotia Face Attacks by Fishermen
34 What “netukulimk” means and how it applies to the moderate livelihood fishery
35 Mi'kmaw and Wolastoqi women create new online store to highlight their arts and crafts
36 Premium Brands, Mi'kmaq to buy Clearwater Seafoods for about $1B, including debt
37 Indigenous people in Nova Scotia exercised their right to catch lobster. Now they’re under attack.
38 NB Group Launches Online Marketplace For Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs
39 Halifax picks 3 housing projects to share $8.6M in federal funding
40 Mi'kmaq tackle decades-old standstill on fishing rights with historic, self-regulated lobster fishery
41 Mi'kmaq push for legal lobster sales for non-Indigenous buyers
42 RCMP investigating incidents in relation to Mi’kmaq fishery dispute
43 Mi'kmaq lobster boats surrounded by Acadian commercial fishing vessels as traps are stolen, cut
44 Mi’kmaq fishers intend to fight federal charges alleging illegal lobster catch
45 Hundreds gathered at Halifax Waterfront to stand in solidarity with Mi’kmaq fishers
46 Dear non-Mi'kmaw fishers: Mi'kmaq have an inherent right to fish, you do not
47 Halifax projects approved by city council for federal housing program
48 P.E.I. Mi'kmaq chiefs say they will launch a livelihood fishery after community consultation
49 Mi’kmaw lobster fishery in Nova Scotia grows to 10 boats
50 Indigenous-led alert system for N.S. Mi’kmaq communities ready to roll out
51 The Canadian government needs to respect Mi'kmaq fishing rights
52 Mi’kmaq fishers won at the Supreme Court. But they’re still fighting for their livelihoods.
53 Indigenous Committee releases statement in solidarity with Mi'kmaq fishers
54 Mi'kmaq secure injunction against interference with lobster fishery
55 In Search of Common Ground: An interview with Arthur Bull about the lobster fishery crisis in St. Mary's Bay
56 Mi'kmaw community says rights-based fishery regulations rival those of DFO
57 Two decades after landmark ruling, Mi'kmaq still battling prejudice over fishing rights
58 GUEST OPINION: Inaccuracies about Mi'kmaq culture
59 Mi'kmaq fishers are facing violence for practicing treaty rights
60 Mi'kmaq senators continue call for livelihood definition
61 Mi'kmaq caught up in forced relocation say 'apology is essential'
62 Dalhousie faculty association investigating president’s letter on Mi’kmaq fishery
63 Alert system for Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq communities to go live September 1
64 Kingston group rallies in solidarity with Mi’kmaq lobster fishers: ‘It’s time to step up’
65 Halifax restaurants take lobster off the menu in solidarity with Mi’kmaq fishers
66 Mi'kmaq lobster fishery signals new wave of Indigenous resource activity
67 Nova Scotia restaurants boycott lobster in support of Mi’kmaq self-regulated fishery
68 Adsum House, Mi'kmaw group recommended for federal housing money
69 Sipekne’katik fishery about Mi'kmaq asserting right to self-governance
70 UBC fisheries department supports Mi'kmaq lobster fishermen
71 Inside Canada's decades-long lobster feud
72 After a week of violence, Mi'kmaq Warrior Peacekeepers arrive at wharf in Nova Scotia
73 Mi'kmaq say sacred Cape Breton site needs protection
74 Second Mi'kmaq fishery creating 'a big excitement' in small Cape Breton band
75 Mi'kmaq planning their own moderate livelihood fishery outside DFO seasons
76 Second Mi’kmaq lobster fishery launched in Nova Scotia
77 Traditional Mi’kmaq birch bark canoe project underway at Kejimkujik National Park
78 Hundreds gather in Halifax in solidarity with Mi'kmaq fishers
79 Support for Mi'kmaq fishers growing as mass attends Halifax rally | Watch News Videos Online
80 3rd Mi'kmaw community launches moderate livelihood fishery in N.S.
81 VIDEO: Hundreds raise their voices to support Mi'kmaq people at downtown Halifax rally
82 Chief Paul leaves Assembly of Mi'kmaq Chiefs in split over moderate livelihood
83 Black Diamond and Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaq Communities, in Partnership, Receive Letter of Award for $720 Million Workforce Lodge
84 Union of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq warn Indian Day school settlements may be targets for scammers
85 Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq chief threatens legal action if fishery not protected
86 Squamish Nation send letter of solidarity to Mi'kmaq fishers: 'we have your back'
87 Carrier Sekani Tribal Council condemns violence directed at Mi’kmaq lobster fishers
88 Mi’kmaq harvesters in N.S. propose joint federal-Indigenous study on lobster stocks
89 United We Fish
90 Lobster catch dropped in N.S. bay in years leading up to launch of Mi’kmaq fishery
91 Filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin reflects on documenting Mi'kmaq fishing rights over 4 decades
92 Conflicts over Mi'kmaq livelihood fishery continue in Nova Scotia
93 Mi'kmaq band finds buyer for portion of lobster catch after alleged blacklisting
94 Traditional moccasin making workshop will teach more than the handcraft
95 Federal delay in defining fishing rights frustrates Mi'kmaq and commercial industry on P.E.I.
96 Mi'kmaq lobster boat in self-regulated fishery destroyed in suspicious fire
97 Hundreds plan to gather at Vancouver Art Gallery to stand in solidarity with Mi'kmaq fishers
98 Inuvialuit Regional Corporation speaks out in support of Mi’kmaq fishing rights
99 In solidarity with Mi'kmaq Nation
100 9 P.E.I. communities to have new signs in Mi'kmaq language