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1 Hiltzik: The danger of Trump's vendetta against the USPS
2 Mailing Packages Overseas? New Rules Starting Soon
3 More Than 39000 Federal Employees Have Tested Positive for COVID-19
4 U.S. Postal Service says it is prepared to handle mail-in ballots in Nevada
5 Military Post Offices implementing changes for international mail
6 OPM sheds more light on new paid parental leave for feds
7 Fact-checking claims about vote-by-mail turnaround times
8 Pandemic hit Postal Service finances hard, and Senate GOP is offering no rescue funding
9 Agencies may not have gotten the best deals on coronavirus contracts
10 Trump's Ongoing Effort to Stamp Out the USPS –
11 Over 20k military members have now been diagnosed with coronavirus
12 'A Combination of Forces Puts Our Postal Service at Grave Risk'
13 Travel Advisory & Voting Information– US Embassy Vientiane, Laos
14 Mail carriers deliver medicine and mail till dark, thanks to COVID-19
15 Federal employees may have voice in agency reopening efforts if Senate bill passes
16 How troops can avoid problems with absentee ballots
17 VERIFY: Are federal employees eligible for hazard pay during the COVID-19 pandemic?
18 AFGE renews legal effort to secure hazard pay for frontline feds
19 Lawmakers hope to secure more funding for NIH’s coronavirus efforts
20 USPS halts mail delivery to select military bases in Iraq
21 What Are Federal Agents Doing in Portland?
22 Mail delivery to military bases in Iraq temporarily suspended to clear backlog
23 Thousands of feds apply for coronavirus workers’ compensation
24 8 charts about the USPS
25 US withdrawal from international mail treaty could alter delivery for APO-FPO addresses
26 Fight Over Postal Service Funding Leaves Future of Mail in Limbo
27 The Postal Service needs a bailout. Congress is partly to blame.
28 Facing Privatization Battle And Economic Trouble, What's Next For The Postal Service?
29 GSA puts out guide for navigating new rules banning Chinese telecoms equipment
30 These Federal Agencies Have Seen the Most COVID-19 Deaths
31 Military Mail Changes Will Save $4 Million Annually, Official Says
32 USPS requests $75B amid pandemic to recover from ‘steep’ drop in mail volume
33 Viewpoint: Save the Postal Service
34 OPINION EXCHANGE | The USPS needs, and deserves, aid in this pandemic
35 USPS forecasts push back timeline of when it expects to run out of cash
36 Americans Support Postal Service Bailout, Polls Show
37 Bipartisan Senate Bill Would Provide $25 Billion to Postal Service
38 'Trump Is Having His Own Brexit': The Race to Prepare for a Potential U.S. Exit From the World's Mail System
39 USPS package ‘surge’ amid pandemic not expected to help bottom line
40 8 Big Reasons Election Day 2020 Could Be a Disaster
41 USPS could privatize as early as next year
42 Postal Service Doubles Annual Losses to $8.8 Billion
43 Want to Vote? The Federal Voting Assistance Program Can Help
44 Pressure for USPS Funding Ramps Up as Budget Outlook Worsens
45 Trump Rejects Calls for USPS Stimulus as Agency Sounds Alarm Over Its Future
46 Trump Proposes $97 Billion USPS Savings Package, Including Pay and Service Cuts
47 USPS Board Nominees Vow to Protect Agency but Offer Little Expertise on Postal Issues
48 Threatened cutbacks to the U.S. Postal Service would hit rural Pennsylvania hardest
49 USPS reports postal employees’ deaths from coronavirus, ‘not immune’ to financial downturn
50 Know when and how to ship
51 With Dozens of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases, USPS Launches New Measures to Protect Employees
52 Postal Workers Increasingly Concerned the Agency Isn't Protecting Them From Coronavirus
53 U.S. Postal Service faces extra coronavirus financial woes
54 Updated: House coronavirus spending bill gives USPS $25B, wipes slate on its Treasury debt
55 It’s not just privatized military houses with issues
56 Wonder How You're Going to Go Back to Work? Watch the Postal Service
57 Trump rejecting USPS bailout could harm voting by mail: coronavirus
58 USPS operating costs not dropping as fast as mail volume
59 Thousands of Federal Employees Have Contracted COVID-19
60 Postal Service Sees More Cuts to Workforce Costs to Avoid Running Out of Money by 2024
61 House-passed infrastructure bill gives USPS $25B for e-vehicles, facility updates
62 USPS sets up coronavirus supplies command center
63 USPS urges supervisors to grant ‘liberal sick leave’ during coronavirus pandemic
64 How the Postal Service Helped Stamp Identity on America – and Continues to Deliver a Common Bond Today
65 US Postal Service Status on International Mail Shipments (7/14/2020)
66 Daines asking postal service inspector general for 'full investigation' after Billings vet's remains go missing
67 Postal Service Fails To Properly Internally Mail Seized Marijuana Packages, Audit Reveals
68 Senate Bill Proposes Postal Service Bailout
69 Large increase in military members diagnosed with COVID-19
70 Postal workers rally in Philly to call for saving the Postal Service
71 Postal Service Police Release Masks Seized En Route to Protesters
72 Don't tie Postal Service fees, funding to politics
73 Postal Service Remains Most Favorably-Viewed Agency
74 USPS named America's favorite government agency according to Pew survey
75 A Brief History: 100 Years of U.S. Military Mail Services
76 Postal Service Delays Production Contract for New Mail Truck
77 Unsanitized Bathrooms and Working While Sick: Postal Workers Flood OSHA With Coronavirus Complaints
78 Holiday Mail Call for Diplomatic and Military Members Worldwide
79 The Postal Workers Strike, 50 Years Later
80 House Votes to End Controversial USPS Payments for Future Retirees' Health Care
81 Members of Congress demand more action to protect federal workers
82 USPS preps for coronavirus with updated pandemic flu plan
83 The Postal Service is Exploring Big Ideas for Small Drones
84 Hundreds of USPS mail trucks are catching on fire, perhaps due to age
85 Postal Regulators Lay Out New Proposal to Enable Larger USPS Rate Hikes
86 Postal Service Agrees to Convert 5000 Letter Carriers to Career Positions
87 Dismantling of US Postal Service is a national crisis
88 ‘Postal Service will not survive the summer.’ Lawmakers warn it could go bankrupt
89 House passes smaller USPS reform bill to eliminate pre-funding benefits
90 Coronavirus bill lets US Post Office make Amazon-like delivery points
91 Will the USPS Stop Delivering or Shut Dow? The Cares Act Gives Postal Service $10 Billion to Help it Stay Open.
92 House GOP Leaders Balk at Need for Postal Subsidy
93 Congress Should Deliver Postal Reform – Not Gimmicks – in the Next 12 Months
94 As Battle Lines Are Drawn for Successor, USPS Chief Delays Retirement Indefinitely
95 USPS is subsidizing Bezos' quest to make Amazon a delivery machine
96 As More Americans Prepare To Vote By Mail, Postal Service Faces Big Challenges
97 'The Postal Service is holding on for dear life': Maloney calls on federal government to provide relief for USPS
98 CU grad installed as Army's TAG
99 U.S. Postal Service Chief to Step Down
100 Commentary: Postal Service needs new pricing policies, not a bailout