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1 Great Expectations: Origins in Science Education
2 Prebiotic chemistry: In the beginning, there was sugar
3 Primordial soup was edible: abiotically produced Miller-Urey mixture supports bacterial growth
4 New study revisits Miller-Urey experiment at the quantum level
5 A 21st century adaptation of the Miller-Urey origin of life experiments
6 Dawson honored with Helen B. Warner Prize for Astronomy
7 Researchers produce all RNA nucleobases in simulated primordial Earth conditions
8 Textbooks Still Misrepresent the Origin of Life
9 Cooking Up Early-Earth Conditions
10 Early Earth Was No Inviting Blue Planet—It Was More Like Venus
11 Possible Key to Life's Chemistry Revealed in 50-Year-Old Experiment
12 'Lost' Miller-Urey Experiment Created More Of Life's Building Blocks
13 On the Miller-Urey Experiment, Wikipedia Offers a Citation Bluff
14 Mary Jane Black, Hermitage, PA
15 Miller-Urey Experiment “Icon of Evolution” Alive and Well in Proposed Texas Instructional Materials
16 Midland University Announces Academic Award Recipients for Fall 2020 Semester
17 Life's Origin — A “Mystery” Made Accessible
18 Which Came First? An Experiment in Recreating Primordial Proteins Solves a Long-standing Riddle
19 Origin of life: Which came first? An experiment in recreating primordial proteins solves a long-standing riddle
20 The First Gene on Earth May Have Been a Hybrid
21 Skeptic Magazine Unskeptical about Miller-Urey Experiment
22 What Astrobiology Teaches about the Origin of Life
23 Still Clueless about the Origin of Life
24 Astronomers Report They’ve Detected the Amino Acid Glycine in the Atmosphere of Venus
25 First evidence that amino acids formed soon after the Big Bang
26 Reed Magazine | The Catalyst in the Chemistry Department
27 Study indicates that primitive proteins could have progressed to form living cells
28 What was early Earth like? Almost like Venus, research shows
29 In the Soup | by Tim Flannery
30 Astronomers Report That Venus' Atmosphere Contains a Building Block of Protein
31 Glycine Can Form In Interstellar Clouds
32 Clyde W. Neal, Sr. | Obituaries |
33 Concocting the primordial soup
34 New Clues to Chemical Origins of Metabolism at Dawn of Life
35 The Origin of Life: "Chicken or Egg" or Red Herring?
36 Top Five Problems with Current Origin-of-Life Theories
37 Almost like on Venus
38 Experiment mimicked Earth’s early atmosphere hit by extraterrestrial impact. It produced all four RNA bases
39 Rebekah Dawson awarded 2020 Harold C. Urey Prize | Penn State University
40 Researchers Cook Up Chemical Reactions in Primordial Soup
41 New study identifies possible ancestors of RNA
42 Biology Textbooks Wrong? New Research Reveals the Secret Behind a Key Cellular Process
43 Calculations favor reducing atmosphere for early earth | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis
44 In Retrospect: The Origin of Life
45 Mimicking an impact on Earth’s early atmosphere yields all 4 RNA bases
46 Origin of Life: Study Suggests Only 2 Ingredients, Plus Heat, Were Needed
47 “The Miller Volcanic Spark Discharge Experiment”
48 Harold Urey
49 May 15, 1953: Cookin' Up Some Primordial Soup
50 Student to Student: Chiral resolution of cyclopropyl esters
51 Uncovering Mysteries of Earth's Primeval Atmosphere 4.5 Billion Years Ago and the Emergence of Life
52 Deuteration of classic origin of life experiment throws up surprises
53 Theory Of Chemical Evolution Of Molecule Compositions In The Universe
54 The Origins of Life | Science
55 A safer recipe for primordial soup
56 New Insights On Prebiotic Chemistry From Plasma Kinetics
57 Life finds a way: The origins of life on Earth – The Oxford Student
58 Richard T. Miller, Warren, Ohio
59 New insights into the origin of life
60 Was Earth once a bit more like Venus?
61 From bomb to Moon: a Nobel laureate of principles
62 The secret of how life on Earth began
63 The origin of life as a planetary phenomenon
64 New theory for life on Earth
65 A Quest to Understand Life on Earth
66 Stanley Miller, Who Examined Origins of Life, Dies at 77 (Published 2007)
67 Ralph A. Miller, Jr., Warren, Ohio
68 Hunting The Replicators: How Did Life Begin? : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture
69 Asteroid 'time capsules' may help explain how life started on Earth
70 New study reveals common table salt may have been crucial for the origins of life
71 On the Origin of Life, Why Listen to James Tour?
72 Building blocks of life could be formed on comets
73 Mystery of Life's Origin — Intelligent Design's Original Edition, Greatly Expanded, on Sale Now!
74 Researchers find that life on Earth could have originated from space ice dust
75 Extraterrestrial Enigma: Missing Amino Acids In Meteorites
76 Calculations Favor Reducing Atmopshere For Early Earth
77 How can life emerge from nonliving matter? UNC scientists find new evidence.
78 The Origins of Life
79 Origin of Life, Public Education, and Religious Neutrality
80 Israeli scholars reveal structure of 3.7 billion-year-old proteins
81 Commentary: An open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky Voices for Health, advocating for relief
82 Researchers claim that life arrived on Earth via asteroids and comets, but not in the way you think
83 Ridley Scott's Prometheus: The origin of us
84 NLMK, union move apart; negotiations fail to yield progress
85 Stanley Miller, 77; chemist was a pioneer in studying the origins of life
86 Scientists increasingly think life on earth originated from another planet
87 A billionaire’s plan to search for life on Enceladus
88 Stanley Miller's forgotten experiments, analyzed
89 Dividing Droplets Could Explain Origin of Life
90 Beyond the Elements: Life | NOVA
91 Earth Is Among the Lucky 1%: The Solar System Follows the Galactic Standard – But It Is a Rare Breed
92 Did man form from earth? New research suggests early life began in wet clay.
93 Bill Nye Insults the World: “Creationists” Have “Small Brains”
94 How the Building Blocks of Life Can Form in Space
95 What Are Tholins? The Mysterious Substance That Turned Ultima Thule Red
96 New Origin of Life Proposed: Zinc & Zap
97 Common Table Salt May Have Been Crucial For The Origin of Life
98 Live – Crispr wins the 2020 chemistry Nobel prize | News
99 There are over 100 definitions for 'life' and all are wrong
100 Cosmos Episode 6 — That's Entertainment! (But Is It Science?)