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1 McConnell vows Trump's nominee to replace Ginsburg will get Senate vote, setting up historic fight
2 Mitch McConnell is going to win (again)
3 'There will be an orderly transition': McConnell dismisses Trump's refusal to commit to peaceful transfer
4 Mitch McConnell is the apex predator of U.S. politics
5 Mitch McConnell is going to turn me into a socialist
6 Letter: The contradictions of Mitch McConnell
7 Timing is everything as McConnell flexes muscle on Trump court pick
8 Why Mitch McConnell intends to confirm a new Supreme Court justice now, when he wouldn't in 2016
9 Mitch McConnell speaks out on Breonna Taylor grand jury decision
10 McConnell under pressure from conservatives to fill Supreme Court vacancy before election
11 4 Reasons to Doubt Mitch McConnell’s Power
12 "Wake-Up Call" Protests Are Becoming a Thing. Mitch McConnell Got a Rousing One This Morning.
13 Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign slapped with FEC flag over suspected accounting errors
14 Mitch McConnell’s campaign flagged by FEC for alleged accounting errors
15 If Biden wins, he'll have to get around Senator Mitch McConnell
16 McConnell, GOP dispute Trump, say they'd accept if he loses
17 Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky home targeted in Supreme Court vacancy protest
18 Republicans Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy Skip Ruth Bader Ginsburg Ceremony Despite Invites
19 Senate 2020: Mitch McConnell Now Admits Human-Caused Global Warming Exists. But He Doesn’t Have a Climate Plan
20 'Firewall against Nancy Pelosi’s agenda': How Mitch McConnell became one of Donald Trump's key confidantes
21 Demonstrators, GoGo band stage 'wake-up' call at Mitch McConnell's home to fight back against filling Justice RBG seat
22 McConnell on why Trump nominee is different than Obama's in 2016
23 McConnell’s fabricated history to justify a 2020 Supreme Court vote
24 The only thing Mitch McConnell craves is power. Democrats must respond in kind
25 Poll shows Mitch McConnell up double digits on Amy McGrath in Senate race
26 Amy McGrath: McConnell is threatening Kentuckians' health care with political SCOTUS vote
27 Here's what has to happen for President Trump and Mitch McConnell to seat a new Supreme Court justice before Election Day
28 McConnell touts political power: ‘Every lefty in America would like to see me lose.’
29 Mitch McConnell Is About to Punch America in the Penis
30 Editorial: Ron Johnson abandons Wisconsin to serve as Mitch McConnell’s errand boy
31 Majority of Kentuckians are not sorry for the leadership of Mitch McConnell
32 Mitch McConnell's campaign releases new ad featuring local miners
33 Amy McGrath calls on Kentucky AG for jury report on Breonna Taylor case
34 Mitch McConnell Defends His Turf
35 Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer clash on supreme court nomination – video
36 Gergen: Mitch McConnell has just thrown down gauntlet
37 Mitch McConnell Raises Doubts on New Stimulus
38 Mitch McConnell says there will be a transfer of power in US election
39 What Mitch McConnell must weigh in SCOTUS decision
40 Gov. Andy Beshear endorses Amy McGrath in Kentucky Senate race against Mitch McConnell
41 Mitch McConnell: There will be 'orderly transfer of power' if Trump loses election
42 Mitch McConnell Has Seen the Promised Land
43 Harry Reid: I do not regret changing the Senate rules
44 US Sen. Mitch McConnell visits small business in Ashland
45 Sen. Mitch McConnell encouraged Churchill Downs to play 'My Old Kentucky Home'
46 Sen. Mitch McConnell weighs in on moving forward with Supreme Court nomination
47 USPS board Chairman Robert Duncan serving as a director for Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC
48 Watch: Sen. Mitch McConnell speaks in Montgomery County
49 Mitch McConnell Now Admits Human-Caused Global Warming Exists. But He Doesn’t Have a Climate Plan
50 How will Mitch McConnell handle Supreme Court battle? Ohio’s Robert Taft offers clues: Larry Tye
51 Sen. Mitch McConnell proposes bill to combat doping in horse racing
52 Even if Joe Biden wins, Trump and Mitch McConnell’s judges could block U.S. progress for decades | Will Bunch
53 AOC, Schumer unite to condemn Mitch McConnell's 'blatant, nasty hypocrisy'
54 Mitch McConnell: No need to 'worry about your vote not counting'
55 Merrick Garland Sitting in Parked Car in Mitch McConnell’s Driveway
56 Protesters at Mitch McConnell's Washington home call on him to honor Ginsburg's 'wish'
57 Ravens Call On Majority Leader Mitch McConnell To Bring George Floyd Justice In Policing Act Of 2020 Up For Vote
58 Baltimore Ravens Send Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell
59 Millions of Children Go Hungry as Mitch McConnell Blocks Stimulus Bill
60 Commentary: An open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky Voices for Health, advocating for relief
61 Mitch McConnell rams through six Trump judges in 30 hours after blocking coronavirus aid for months
62 Amy McGrath: Mitch McConnell was 'desperate' to criticize her on 9/11
63 Jane Fonda urges Dems to be 'as tough as Mitch McConnell,' block RBG successor
64 McConnell refocuses on Trump's judicial nominees as coronavirus talks stall
65 Doug Jones touts absentee voting, attacks Tommy Tuberville, Mitch McConnell
66 Ravens Sign Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell for George Floyd Justice in Policing Act
67 Matt Gaetz calls on Mitch McConnell to prove his 'utility' with Supreme Court nomination
68 Protesters Circle Mitch McConnell's Lexington Office
69 POLITICO Playbook: What Chuck Schumer wants vs. what Mitch McConnell wants
70 Sen. Mitch McConnell says Senate will vote on replacing Ginsburg
71 Sen. Mitch McConnell will introduce bill to reform horse racing
72 How a Biden win can sink one of McConnell's top priorities
73 Mitch McConnell wins GOP nomination in bid for 7th term
74 WATCH: President Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Rudy Giuliani speak at Republican convention
75 Did Mitch McConnell Spill the Beans on a Second Stimulus Package?
76 How Mitch McConnell Became Trump’s Enabler-in-Chief
77 Mitch McConnell warns Kentucky about coronavirus surge as Trump downplays pandemic
78 Coronavirus clash hands Mitch McConnell his 'toughest challenge as majority leader'
79 Mitch McConnell Could Rescue Millions. What Is He Waiting For?
80 McConnell on masks: 'I'm here to tell you, put it on'
81 Mitch McConnell to deliver remarks at RNC, a reversal of an hours-earlier position that he would not speak
82 125-day countdown: Mitch McConnell is dusting off tried-and-true reelection playbook
83 An economic crisis in Kentucky has workers, businesses furious with McConnell
84 Mitch McConnell's warped priorities
85 EXCLUSIVE: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discusses more stimulus relief
86 McConnell contrasts Trump to encourage wearing masks
87 Mitch McConnell got ‘rich’ the old-fashioned way
88 Why Mitch McConnell could be in for a long run in the Senate minority if Republicans lose in 2020
89 Mitch McConnell: 'We must have no stigma' about wearing masks in public
90 In Stimulus Talks, McConnell Is Outside the Room and in a Tight Spot
91 Senate Tracker: Mitch McConnell Faces Challenge From Democrat Amy McGrath
92 Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul at odds over new coronavirus relief package
93 Mitch McConnell could yet pay price for 'tone deaf' coronavirus response
94 Mitch McConnell isn’t a ‘stable genius,’ either
95 Mitch McConnell, unlike Trump, says he has 'total' confidence in Anthony Fauci
96 McConnell strangles the states: So much for a quick recovery and Trump’s reelection
97 Mitch McConnell Insists On Liability Protections For Businesses During The Pandemic
98 Kentucky Newsmakers 7/26: US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky's next education commissioner Dr. Jason Glass
99 Meet the candidates trying to unseat Mitch McConnell
100 Mitch McConnell Wasn’t Always Loved by Republicans. He Is Now.