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1 Mitt Romney Says Donald Trump’s Leadership During COVID Pandemic Has Been a 'Great Human Tragedy’
2 Sen. Mitt Romney and allies block Trump proposal to pull many troops from Germany
3 COVID-19 relief: Sen. Mitt Romney talks chance of deal before Christmas
4 Mitt Romney lashes Trump for trying to ‘subvert the will of the people.’
5 Mitt Romney among bipartisan group proposing $908B COVID-19 relief plan
6 Unemployed Utahns would get an extra $300 each week if Mitt Romney is right and Congress passes this bill
7 Mitt Romney calls Trump's attempt to overturn Michigan election 'undemocratic'
8 Romney: Time to 'get behind the new president,' calling Trump '900-pound gorilla' for GOP
9 Mitt Romney, other Utah leaders seeking more COVID-19 economic relief
10 Mitt Romney Says Trump Won’t Disappear: ‘He’s The 900-Pound Gorilla When It Comes To The Republican Party’
11 Mitt Romney criticizes Trump for withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan, Iraq
12 Bipartisan support is growing for an economic relief bill
13 Mitt Romney scolds Trump for damaging democracy by making claims that election was rigged
14 Sen. Mitt Romney says he sees no scenario where he would serve in Biden administration
15 Romney Says Election an Endorsement of Conservative Views
16 Keller @ Large: Could Mitt Romney Be Eyeing Another Run For President?
17 Mitt Romney's inspirations for bucking his party: his dad and his Black grandson
18 Mitt Romney says consequences of lame duck period are 'potentially more severe' than delayed transition
19 Romney congratulates President-elect Biden
20 Republicans must follow Mitt Romney’s example and rebuke Donald Trump
21 Why is Sen. Mitt Romney the only one alarmed about Trump's push to overturn the election?
22 Sen. Mitt Romney opens 2 new offices in Utah
23 Sen. Mitt Romney says Trump’s election fraud claim wrong, ‘reckless’
24 Mitt Romney won't end up in Biden's Cabinet, but other Utahns might
25 'Utah Politics' podcast: Mitt Romney on the election, conspiracy theories and more
26 The seven most important relationships Biden will have on Capitol Hill
27 Romney: 'Don't expect' Trump 'to go quietly in the night' | TheHill
28 No, Joe Biden hasn't asked Mitt Romney to be his health and human services secretary
29 Mitt Romney congratulates Joe Biden, praises his 'good will and admirable character'
30 David Brooks: I asked Mitt Romney how Joe Biden might get some things done
31 Guest opinion: Protecting Utahns during this lame duck session
32 2020 Latest: Romney congratulates President-elect Biden
33 Presidential Transition: Georgia Completes Full Recount, Reaffirming Biden’s Win
34 Romney: Trump still 'most powerful voice' in GOP | TheHill
35 The 2020 popular vote puts Biden's win over Trump in a new light
36 Senator Chachi? Actor Scott Baio challenges Romney on Twitter
37 US Senators Propose New Bipartisan Coronavirus Aid Relief Deal
38 Some GOP Senators Pressure Trump to Wind Down Election Disputes
39 Donald Trump is not a political genius
40 Why conservatives in the US today are really libertarians
41 Republicans who have broken with Trump to congratulate Biden on his win
42 Bernie Sanders opposes emerging coronavirus aid deal, Ocasio-Cortez is open to it
43 Roger Terry: Romney can be the balance by leaving the GOP
44 Tribune Editorial: COVID vaccine hasn't come to Utah's rescue yet
45 What’s in the $908 billion economic relief proposal
46 National Guard's Funding For COVID Relief Work Extended By Trump
47 Sohn: A new government shutdown? His name is Mitch McConnell.
48 Mitt Romney reprimands Trump, Democrats for 'vile' and 'hate-filled' politics
49 Mitt Romney, once standard-bearer of party, is now the lone GOP voice willing to stand up to Trump
50 Romney Group Pairs Up With Missouri Developer on $1 Billion Industrial-Office Campus in Salt Lake City
51 Stimulus talks end week on optimistic note
52 Mitt Romney Will Support Taking Up Trump's Supreme Court Nominee
53 Ex-teacher’s union boss makes play to be Biden’s Education chief
54 Mitt Romney says he did not vote for Trump in the 2020 election
55 'The only Republican with morals is a former Republican': Mitt Romney gets full Twitter treatment
56 Mitt Romney Condemns Trump's Roger Stone Commutation
57 President Donald Trump says he isn’t mad at Mitt Romney anymore
58 American democracy needs Mitt Romney to reconsider
59 Sen. Mitt Romney To Support A Vote On A SCOTUS Nominee
60 Trump says Mitt Romney couldn’t be elected ‘dogcatcher’ in Utah
61 GOP primary ads use Romney as cudgel
62 Mitt Romney Is a ‘Judas’ to Many Republicans. But Not in Utah.
63 Mitt Romney Calls Roger Stone's Commutation 'Historic, Unprecedented Corruption'
64 Mitt Romney, a Man Alone
65 Romney is only GOP senator not invited to join new White House task force
66 Mitt Romney among the Republican Lilliputians
67 Romney, Defying the Party He Once Personified, Votes to Convict Trump
68 Burgess Owens said Mitt Romney should become a Democrat for voting to remove Trump
69 What did Romney get right/wrong in his infamous speech against Trump?
70 Mitt Romney is sole GOP senator to criticize latest string of inflammatory Trump claims
71 Some Utah Republicans Say They Felt “Tricked” Into Voting For Sen. Mitt Romney
72 Mitt Romney slams politicians attacking mail-in voting
73 Mitt Romney should take his own advice
74 No, Mitt Romney is not leading the resistance
75 Trump says Mitt Romney now 'couldn't be elected dogcatcher'
76 ‘Judas, Brutus, Benedict Arnold’: Romney stepped out of line and pro-Trump media isn’t happy
77 'Appalling abuse': Sen. Mitt Romney votes to convict President Trump on abuse of power charge
78 Mitt Romney Plays Lone GOP Trump Critic, Coronavirus Edition
79 Mitt Romney calls Trump's IG firings 'a threat to accountable democracy'
80 Mitt Romney questions postmaster general on delivering election mail
81 Bush, McCain and Romney presidential staffers unite behind effort to elect Joe Biden
82 Mitt Romney and the club of GOP political heirs pushing back on Trump
83 Mitt Romney is owed an apology for 2012 | COMMENTARY
84 Romney: Give Every American $1,000
85 Nebraska Senator Is Latest Republican To Acknowledge Biden’s Victory – The Full List
86 Thank you, Mitt Romney
87 Samuel Benson: Romney, the ‘guy who can’t please anyone,’ just won fans
88 Mitt Romney, in marching for Black Lives Matter, was inspired by his father’s 1964 SF battle
89 Trevor Noah: You Still Think Mitt Romney Is a Moderate?
90 Mitt Romney calls for US commission to deal with wildfires
91 Opinion | How I Learned to Recognize the Real Mitt Romney
92 Mitt Romney asks feds to battle 'anti-vaxxer' claims
93 How do Utahns rate Mitt Romney, Mike Lee job performance amid pandemic?
94 Romney's job approval rating climbs in Utah, according to new poll
95 An Open Letter to Mitt Romney
96 Mitt Romney doesn't deserve an apology for 2012
97 5 Things Utah: Senator Mitt Romney, Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost, Jim Capretta
98 Utah Sen. Mitt Romney injects himself into growing vaccination debate
99 Mitt Romney tweets cutting remark at Nancy Pelosi
100 Mitt Romney, Onetime #Resistance Hero, Will Help Ram Through RBG Replacement