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1 TODAY exclusive: Mitt Romney receives Profile in Courage Award
2 Letter: Mitt Romney has disappointed twice in the past few weeks
3 Romney receives JFK 'Profile in Courage' award for impeachment vote
4 Romney blasts end of filibuster, expansion of SCOTUS | TheHill
5 Should Rep. Chris Stewart have Sen. Mitt Romney’s back?
6 Watch: Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said he will not vote for new federal gun laws
7 How Mitt Romney sees the Biden administration so far, future of the GOP
8 Low birth rate, COVID-19 help drive Romney plan to bipartisan support
9 How Mitt Romney proposes to encourage Americans to have more children
10 Mitt Romney welcomes Chinese grad students to U.S. but with a caveat
11 new attempt is underway to censure Sen. Mitt Romney for his impeachment vote
12 Mitt Romney Says Republicans Need to ‘Make It Real Clear’ COVID Vaccines Work As Some Lawmakers Decline Shots
13 Mitt Romney Wins 'Profile In Courage' Award, For Defying A Party Of Cowards
14 Mitt Romney says Congress too old to make plan to counter China’s power
15 Sen. MItt Romney and Rep. Chris Stewart, both Utah Republicans, blame the Biden admininstration for the surge of immigrants at the border.
16 Mitt Romney: Science not teachers unions should dictate schools opening
17 Senator Mitt Romney asks deputy education secretary nominee why schools are closed
18 Romney says he cares about racial justice. Now’s his chance to vote that way.
19 Mitt Romney Wants To Incentivize Americans To Have More Children With New Proposal
20 Mitt Romney won the JFK "Profile in Courage" award because of his colleagues' cowardice
21 Mitt Romney wants US athletes to compete in the Beijing Olympics, instead calls for an economic boycott
22 Republican affiliation in US at lowest level since after Mitt Romney's 2012 loss
23 What questions do you have for Senator Mitt Romney?
24 Mitt Romney pitches his per-child government stipend plan as essential to encouraging childbearing and families.
25 ‘Why Are Schools Still Closed?': US Senator Mitt Romney Questions SDUSD Superintendent
26 Mitch McConnell and Mitt Romney lead fury at Biden's 'court-packing' commission
27 Mitt Romney, Mike Lee vote against Biden’s interior secretary nominee
28 Romney pushes Biden to 'live up to the bipartisanship he preached' | TheHill
29 Oklahoman charged with threatening federal officials
30 Gun control activist who lost daughter in school shooting takes Romney to task for complaining Biden not 'bipartisan'
31 We all want same thing, Interior Secretary says after Bears Ears tour
32 Mitch McConnell Learns It Isn’t Personal—It’s Strictly Business
33 If it ain’t broke, Joe Biden will break it: Goodwin
34 Update: Two deputies wounded, suspect dead, after shooting near the Salt Lake County Metro Jail
35 Secretary Deb Haaland Visits Utah Monuments | UPR Utah Public Radio
36 How Mitt Romney showed what real leadership looks like
37 Rich Eisen: Less Than 1% Of New York Jets Fans Have Seen BYU Play Football
38 Utah leaders react to MLB moving All-Star Game away from Atlanta
39 Biden’s Stimulus Bill Is a $1.9 Trillion Clunker
40 VICTOR JOECKS: The national media is out to destroy Ron DeSantis. So far, he’s winning.
41 Congressman-turned-Fox News pundit Jason Chaffetz talks about liberals using crisis to leverage massive policy changes.
42 Romney treated at hospital after fall over the weekend but 'doing better'
43 Will the U.S. boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics?
44 Romney stands out, but doesn't surprise, in Trump rebuke
45 JP Devine Movie Review: 'Ted Lasso'
46 Mitt Romney calls Trump's attempt to overturn Michigan election 'undemocratic'
47 Why Mitt Romney loses points with Utah Republicans, but big with Dems
48 Student body presidents urge Utah's federal lawmakers to support carbon dividends plan
49 Sen. Mitt Romney calls out fellow Republicans for pushing stolen election myth, says it makes achieving unity more difficult
50 Utahns react to Pres. Biden’s gun control executive orders
51 WATCH: Romney says misinformation from Trump makes it difficult to convince voters of the truth
52 Mitt Romney Will Support Taking Up Trump's Supreme Court Nominee
53 Mitt Romney says Donald Trump would win Republican nomination if he ran in 2024
54 Mitt Romney decries US politics: ‘The world is watching with abject horror’
55 Mitt Romney's Party of One
56 'Clear the Capitol,' Pence pleaded, timeline of riot shows
57 Mitt Romney says ‘new faces’ like Charlie Baker are key for the future direction of GOP
58 Mitt Romney speaks up on impeachment, saying a trial for President Donald Trump can be handled simultaneously with the Senate preforming its other duties.
59 Utah GOP defends Romney amid criticism over impeachment vote
60 Mitt Romney calls Donald Trump '900lb gorilla in the Republican party'
61 Romney says he can't imagine 'a more undemocratic action' than what Trump's done
62 Report: Sen. Mitt Romney voted, not for President Trump
63 'I'm very fortunate': Capitol officer saved Sen. Mitt Romney from the mob
64 Resolution to censure Senator Mitt Romney issued by Utah Platform Republicans
65 Mitt Romney says time for Trump to move on from election fraud claims
66 Mitt Romney: President Trump's push to overturn the election is 'really sad' and 'embarrassing'
67 'Goldilocks moment' prediction accurate for US economy | Cornell Chronicle
68 Mitt Romney calls Day 2 of impeachment trial ‘distressing and emotional,’ while fellow Senate Republican Rick Scott labels it a ‘waste of time’
69 Romney calls Trump's leadership on Covid-19 'a great human tragedy'
70 Election 2020: Mitt Romney Says Was Endorsement of Conservative Principles
71 GOP Senators Say They Want To Work With Biden – But He Hasn’t Called
72 Mitt Romney: GOP has "strayed" from core values
73 Mitt Romney, once standard-bearer of party, is now the lone GOP voice willing to stand up to Trump
74 Mitt Romney isn't the future of the GOP. He's the past.
75 Republican attempt to overturn the presidential election is a 'ploy,' Mitt Romney says
76 Politics Mitt Romney says Trump is threatening relief deal with demand for $2K checks
77 Sen. Mitt Romney is an example of a strong leader | Letters
78 Politics Mitt Romney scolds Trump for damaging democracy by making claims that election was rigged
79 Politics Mitt Romney says he knows losing hurts, but blasts Trump for claiming fraud
80 Benson: Sen. Mitt Romney, traitor or patriot? History argues the latter
81 Sen. Mitt Romney crossed party lines, voted to convict Trump in impeachment trial
82 Mitt Romney not among GOP senators favoring $2,000 stimulus checks
83 Mitt Romney proposes giving American families an extra $3,000 a year
84 Making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows, Utah Sen. Mitt Romney said while he doesn't how he'll vote on a second inmpeachment of Donald Trump, he believes the former president must be held to account for his role in inciting a mob to attack the US Capitol.
85 Why Joe Biden and Mitt Romney both want to give you thousands of dollars
86 Sen. Mitt Romney backs effort to slow down ‘misdirected’ relief bill
87 Sens. Mitt Romney And Mike Lee Divided On Trump's Hold Over The GOP
88 Mitt Romney Fast Facts
89 Fact check: Utah Republican Party is not officially recalling Mitt Romney
90 Potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates include Pence, Romney
91 Romney: Trump has a 'blind spot' when it comes to Russia
92 Some Utah Republicans want to censure Mitt Romney for his impeachment vote
93 Mitt Romney scolds Republicans: 'This is what you've gotten'
94 GOP Sens. Romney, Cotton to propose minimum wage hike coupled with immigration enforcement
95 Mitt Romney can still hold some clout, but Utah just lost a lot of influence in DC
96 Texas GOP official suggests guillotine for Mitt Romney but calls it bad metaphor, not a call for beheading
97 Romney calls casting doubt on election integrity a self-inflected wound for GOP in Georgia
98 Mitt Romney Says Trump Won’t Disappear: ‘He’s The 900-Pound Gorilla When It Comes To The Republican Party’
99 Utah Sen. Mitt Romney writes about healing America’s ‘social sickness’
100 Mitt Romney says consequences of lame duck period are 'potentially more severe' than delayed transition