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1 Characterizing hydrostatic mass bias with Mock-X | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
2 Optimizing serendipitous detections of kilonovae: cadence and filter selection
3 Magnification bias in galaxy surveys with complex sample selection functions
4 tale of two tails: insights from simulations into the formation of the peculiar dwarf galaxy NGC 1427A
5 Mysterious hydrogen-free supernova sheds light on stars' violent death throes
6 Astronomers keep finding mysterious circular rings in the sky and don't know how to explain them
7 'Oddball' star shocks scientists with strange supernova
8 Black hole is closest to Earth, among the smallest ever discovered
10 'Spaghettified' star wrapped around a black hole spotted for the first time
11 Mysterious Hydrogen-Free Supernova Sheds Light on Massive Stars’ Violent Death Throes
12 TESS Finds Massive Exoplanet around 10-Billion-Year-Old Dwarf Star | Astronomy
13 A black hole dubbed 'the Unicorn' may be galaxy's smallest one
14 Astronomers Catch 'Spaghettified' Star As It Wraps Around Black Hole For First Time
15 Radio Astronomers Discover 8 New Millisecond Pulsars With MeerKAT Telescope
16 Astronomers Spot Signs of 'Spaghettified' Star Wrapped Around a Black Hole
17 A proliferation of space junk is blocking our view of the cosmos, research shows
18 A breakthrough astrophysics code rapidly models stellar collisions
19 Barnstable High grad overcomes challenges to become top astronomer
20 Ares Dynamic Credit Allocation Fund Declares a Monthly Distribution of $0.0975 Per Share
21 Multifrequency observations of SGR J1935+2154 | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
22 New Study Detects Existence of Dark Energy at 11 Sigma Significance
23 Colorado employers
24 Mysterious rapid radio burst captured live
25 Dust entrainment in galactic winds | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
26 ALMA discovers rotating infant galaxy with help of natural cosmic telescope
27 Astronomers See First Hint of Silhouette of Star Spaghettified by Black Hole
28 Determination of strewn fields for meteorite falls | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
29 infancy of core-collapse supernova remnants | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
30 Taking Stock of Cosmic Rays in the Solar System
31 Space Junk Is Literally Making the Sky Brighter, Astronomer Say
32 Public Notice | Public Notices |
33 phase-space structure of dark matter haloes | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
34 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters | Oxford Academic
35 Discovering strongly lensed QSOs from unresolved light curves
36 Mississippi revenue collections are on record pace
37 Very low-frequency oscillations from the 11 Hz pulsar in Terzan 5: frame dragging back on the table.
38 Determining star formation rates in active galactic nuclei hosts via stellar population synthesis
39 US Foreclosure Activity Declines As Government Moratorium Passes One-Year Mark
40 Anomaly detection in the Zwicky Transient Facility DR3
41 Unexpected LIGO events and the mirror world | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic
42 Foreclosures up in 24 in April despite CARES Act moratorium
43 ESO telescopes record last moments of star devoured by a black hole
44 New study finds satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
45 Spectacular 'honeycomb heart' revealed in iconic stellar explosion
46 Seeing dark matter in a new light
47 The GRANTECAN discovers the largest cluster of galaxies known in the early universe
48 Brunswick sewer systems so maxed out, a 'pump and haul' operation interrupted school pickups
49 New study suggests supermassive black holes could form from dark matter
50 The secrets of 3000 galaxies laid bare
51 Big Data to model the evolution of the cosmic web
52 Cosmic X-rays reveal an indubitable signature of black holes
53 Satellites contribute significant light pollution to night skies
54 Astronomers find the first galaxy whose ultraviolet luminosity is comparable to that of a quasar
55 Milky Way family tree
56 Supersonic winds, rocky rains forecasted on lava planet
57 Galactic bar paradox resolved in cosmic dance
58 Smile, wave: Some exoplanets may be able to see us, too
59 Stellar flares can lead to diminishment of a planet's habitability
60 Astronomers discover new 'fossil galaxy' buried deep within the Milky Way
61 Study finds nowhere on Earth is safe from satellite light pollution
62 UMD astronomers find x-rays lingering years after landmark neutron star collision
63 Largest cluster of galaxies known in the early universe
64 Astronomers model, determine how disk galaxies evolve so smoothly • News Service • Iowa State University
65 Astronomers spot bizarre activity from one of the strongest magnets in the universe
66 RAS warns of growing light pollution as satellite fleets expand – Astronomy Now
67 Cosmic beasts and where to find them
68 STORY UPDATE: Astronomer maps and studies the stars from afar
69 Solved: the mystery of how dark matter in galaxies is distributed
70 Hapless star 'spaghettified' by black hole. And astronomers capture the gory show in a first.
71 Brazilian researcher proposes universal mechanism for ejection of matter by black holes
72 NASA's James Webb telescopes will reveal hidden galaxies
73 Sensing suns
74 Image release: Galaxies in the Perseus Cluster
75 Today's Top 5 From Purdue University
76 New light on baryonic matter and gravity on cosmic scales
77 Graduate student's BADASS code has astronomical benefits
78 Distant, spiralling stars give clues to the forces that bind sub-atomic particles
79 Astronomers offer possible explanation for elusive dark-matter-free galaxies: Extreme tidal mass loss in dwarf galaxies formed in a simulation
80 A Black Hole’s Lunch: Stellar Spaghetti
81 Student astronomer finds galactic missing matter
82 Research from Joshua Pepper Explores How Other Planets Might Find Earth
83 NYUAD study finds stellar flares can lead to the diminishment of a planet's habitability
84 Astronomers solve dark matter puzzle of strange galaxy
85 Scientists peer into the 3D structure of the Milky Way: Survey of the sky pushes the boundaries of what we know about the structure of our galaxy
86 'Black dwarf supernova': Physicist calculates when the last supernova ever will happen
87 True identity of mysterious gamma-ray source revealed
88 Proposition 65 Notices of the Month – June 2020: Over 70 Seafood Products, Chips, Pretzels, Bread, Popcorn, Cookies, Dietary Supplements and Wheel Chair Components Attacked by Citizen Plaintiffs as COVID-19 Summer Begins
89 Star’s Death by Spaghettification: Shredded by Black Hole As Astronomers Record
90 Thermonuclear blast sends supernova survivor star hurtling across the Milky Way
91 Researchers discovered solid phosphorus from a comet
92 Binary stars are all around us, new map of solar neighborhood shows
93 Scientists discover hell-like planet with oceans of lava, perpetual sunlight and rock rain
94 Supercomputer simulations could unlock mystery of Moon's formation
95 27 million galaxy morphologies quantified and cataloged with the help of machine learning | Penn Today
96 A mission to Uranus and Neptune could act as massive gravitational-wave detector
97 When galaxies collide: Hubble showcases six beautiful galaxy mergers
98 Stupendously Large Black Holes Could Be Hiding in Universe | Astronomy
99 Astronomers are bulging with data
100 FSU computational scientist demonstrates how supernovae detonate